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    3 Recurrent Miscarriages at 36, no children
    AWhite75 posted:
    Has anyone gone on to have a successful pregnancy after 3 early recurrent pregnancy losses over 35 years of age? This has just been torture. My fertility doctor has done all of the testing and they cannot find anything wrong with us.
    foilhatgrrl responded:
    I had a similar situation - ectopic pregnancy at 35, then back to back early miscarriages at 36 & 37 years old. I'm 39 years old now, and ready to give birth to my first child any day now (due in a week!). So not exactly the same as the situation as 3 early losses, but 3 losses before my older but basically healthy body got its act together to carry to term.

    I have a neighbor who is about my age who also had 3 early miscarriages before sucessfully carrying a lovely boy to term last year. No doctor found anything "wrong" with me or my neighbor. But the odds of a bad egg are higher over 35 so just like winning $5 in the lottery, some people are "luckier" than others in the law of averages.

    Good luck. It does happen, at least sometimes! I hope you're up for a little more trying if it's something you really want!
    AWhite75 replied to foilhatgrrl's response:
    Thank you so much for your post. Your success is very encouraging to me. I don't have anyone that I know that has been through what I am going through which make it very isolating. All of my friends & family get pregnant easily which is very frustrating. I also think I am frustrated because I have been the most healthy my whole life out of everyone. I guess that does not matter. I pray our next pregnancy is a success just like you and your neighbor.

    It was funny you related good eggs to the lottery, that is the only analogy that I can think of too. I relate it to black jack though, sometimes you have a good streak and sometimes you have a bad streak but you are bound to have a good one at some point. I hope!!!!
    mlk240 replied to AWhite75's response:

    I'm not 35 yet but I had 2 early losses and an ectopic. The ectopic was my bad lottery draw, but the two early losses have been attributed to low progesterone levels once I get pregnant. The doctor tested my egg health, and the fact that I was ovulating, and my husband's sperm were also healthy, but when I went in for initial bloodwork, my progesterone levels were really low. With my current pregnancy, I believe it stuck because the doctor had me take a pregnancy test on day 30 of every cycle, and gave me progesterone supplements to take as soon as I got a positive test. I did with this pregnancy, and everything is going well. I really would talk to your doctor about your progesterone levels, and see if they are measuring normally.

    Good luck to you!
    jenl1125 responded:
    I lost one beautiful baby at 29 in 1st trimester. Lost 2nd at 33 and 3rd at 34, also in 1st tri. Lottery theme is amazing because I always say I hit the lottery for the 1st time at 35! We were blessed with our 1st daughter! Used Artificial Insemination to speed up the process and to have a doctor monitoring from the moment of conception. I used daily progesterone suppositories, but that was it. At 37, we did the same thing again. Conceived two beautiful babies, but sadly lost one. We hit the lottery again when we were blessed with the birth of our 2nd daughter when I was almost 38. It's so hard and draining and heart breaking. There are so many appointments and days crying over only one line on a pee stick. I know your pain very well, and I hope your prayers are answered and your wishes are fulfilled very soon:) They never found anything wrong with us either, although there was some wuestion about my body's production of progesterone and the luteal phase. It's impossible to say one way or the other, and it's a subject of great debate, apparently. it's a chicken/egg thing. All I know is that I kept losing pregnancies until I was put on progesterone SUPPOSITORIES from day one on until the end of the first trimester. I was told that the loss of the fraternal twin that I was carrying was common in IUI procedures, and resulted because an egg that was not ready for fertilization had been fertilized, but that the baby would likely not go on to develope a heart beat, and he/she never did. I hope that, if you get some great news, you'll come back and update! Best of luck!
    AWhite75 replied to jenl1125's response:
    I am so angry because I asked my fertility doctor about progesterone after my 2nd loss. He seemed wishy washy about it. My 3rd pregnancy loss was a trisomy 16 so we know we could not have saved that one.

    Well, we got pregnant for a 4th time recently and again my doctor did not suggest progesterone. I even emailed him the day I got pregnant telling him I want to do everything possible for this pregnancy. I went in for my 7 week ultrasound and we saw a healthy strong heartbeat and left the ultrasound thrilled. I then got my bloodwork results later that afternoon and found out all of my levels were low. I miscarried 3 days later. How is this possible? I am sooo angry they did not put me on progesterone right when I got pregnant. He tried putting me on it when we got my bloodwork back but obviously it was too late. Now my doctor is going to try it on my 5th pregnancy and now seems to be an advocate of it. I am just beside myself wondering why he would not have tried this on my 4th pregnancy. I am just sick about it. I am now 36 1/2 and have no children. The clock is just ticking away and they are just messing around with me each pregnancy. It is a miracle in itself each time I get pregnant and they just take it for granted that I will just get pregnant again. AHHHHHH!

    Well, you give me hope that progesterone will work. I have heard this from so many other people too. I should have never listened to my doctor. I just hate this miserable waiting game to be able to try again and to see if I get pregnant each month.
    trinionboard replied to AWhite75's response:
    AWhite75 am so terribly sorry to hear of your loss it saddens me because i too have had suffered from miscarriage you still have time your younger than I.I am 40 going on 41 and have'nt been successful since I had the last miscarriage which is almost 17mths now.I wish you all the luck and blessings that God has to offer to your body and hope that one day we can both be indoctrinated into motherhood.
    Keep on trying ,be Blessed

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