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    Baby at 37-38?
    babyharper13 posted:
    I want to throw a few things out here and I'd like your opinions, please.

    I'm 37(hubby is same age) and I have 2 children from previous marriage. I have an older teenager and a younger tween (7 years apart). Both pregnancies were perfect as were the births. No medical problems for either child or myself. My hubby doesn't have any children at all. Due to the cost of adding me to his insurance b/c of the costs (which are unreasonable) and the state of the economy in which I can only find part-time professional work with NO benefits, the medical insurance would be lacking unless I can get state sponsored coverage in which I might actually pay a small premium to carry that would cover me through pregnancy/birth/6wk check up. Then it would cover the baby until it had it's own coverage under Hubs or me (if I'm able to acquire a policy of some sort).

    The baby brain is possibly at it worst. We have some friends that had a baby last year and being around it some has made me realize that I do want a child or 2 more. Preferably daughters and I know you can't choose. : ) But still.

    I've told my Hubs that we are not getting any younger and we need to get on this if we're going to do it. Of course bills are tight in our home like almost every other home in America, right? But, we have almost a year to pay off our debt (which is a very attainable goal) so that we can prepare for my staying home to take care of a Wee One for about a year. I've been collecting things for a baby that can be used and I'm quite thrifty and VERY DIY oriented so we truly only need the necessary items at this point if we do conceive.

    Thing is, hubby is almost on the other side of the fence now. Seems like one week he's all on board and the next week he's concerned about the "age" of my eggs for fear of having a child with DS. I've told him that their are concerns at any age for having babies. There's always risks. I realize that some risks seem to climb the older we get but I see so many successful pregnancies at our age or older.

    If we wait til the "right" or "perfect" time then it may never happen.

    What advice, recommendations, or comments do you all have?

    Spending Valentines 2012 very disappointed and holding back squalling my eyes out.
    VicsEandJ responded:
    You asked for opinions, so here is mine!
    If you have decided that you want a baby with DH then you need to convince him that it really isn't that risky to have a child at 37- It isn't! Fertility doens't drmatically delcine until you reach your 40s but even then many women have healthy pregancies and babies.

    If your DH is the type to respond to cold hard facts, print him articles about the issue ( include statistics!). Have him talk to your gynecologist about it.

    I have 2 children, a boy and a girl. I had my son one month before turning 39 and my daughter at 40. They are both healthy. DH and I had worries with both children because of our ages (he's 2 years older than me) so I had amnios with both because we needed to know. There are less invasive tests that will help ease your mind as well. You can also get a CVS in the frist trimester so that if you aren't prepared to handle a DS baby, you know as early as possible.

    Also, if you want girls, there are no guarantees but you can research on the interenet and find out easy ways to try to tip the odds for one sex over the other in your favor. DH & I wanted 2 and would have been happy with whatever healthy baby we got, but we really wanted a boy, then a girl and that's what we got. All we did was get an ovulation tracking strips ( i used ANSWER) and changed our diet a little to make things moree favorable for one sex. We obviously don't know if it worrked, but we have what we wanted.

    I hope your Valentine's Day wasn't all bad. Don't be disappointed because your DH has concerns- those very traits will likely make him a good father.

    Good luck!
    heartversushead responded:
    VicsEandJ gives very sound advice. I am 38 and expecting my 1st in late August. We had the NT scan today and while we still have to wait a week for the blood results to come in, we were delighted to see a VERY active LO showing off for us in there today! I worked out on a regular basis prior to conceiving so was given thumbs up from the Dr to continue on for as much through my pregnancy as I can, modifying exercises as need be to make sure my body temp doesn't get too high. I eat several small meals a day, and mostly healthy (hard to say no when DH comes home with ice cream or choc chip cookies So as long as you are both healthy and you know this is something you want, perhaps getting yourself checked out with your Dr first, letting him/her know that you're planning to conceive would help alleviate some of your DH's worries? Hoping we get to hear good news from you soon!

    Good Luck!
    babyharper13 replied to heartversushead's response:
    Thanks to both of you. I know he has valid concerns and I spoke with a friend of mine that I graduated HS with and she and her hubby just had Baby #2 in 2011 and all went well. Her Baby #1 (which is not a baby is about 7 or 8 y/o now. I told him about the testing but I'm not willing to take the risks involved with those such as amnio and CVS. I would love the baby(ies) no matter what.

    We've been charting my cycle and ovulation for the past few months and pretty much know when I ovulate. I'm shooting for a Valentine 2013 baby. : ) Today I'm scheduling my yearly gyn visit and dental appt.

    Thanks again! So glad there's places like this for these types of discussions!
    heartversushead replied to babyharper13's response:
    I hear you. I did the NT Scan because it was non intrusive. I have no problem giving them as much of MY blood as they want to collect, and of course any time we get to go in for an Ultrasound, it's exciting to get a sneak peak of our LO!
    Sounds like you're on the right track so far, so stay healthy and keep us posted!

    Best Wishes

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