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    35 and Trying for baby #2
    Anon_4741 posted:
    I'm looking for some thoughts/opinions from anyone who's knows about this or who has dealt with it before. I will be 35 this year and DH and I have been trying for #2 since January. We've also had a 26 YO female "roommate" living with us since then. She spends a lot of time with us instead of in her basement apt that she rents from us for the time being. She has been a bit of a succubus, for lack of a better word, for me lately and is taking up a lot of my "home" time talking about her life, her problems, her dating drama's. I like being there for her and DH and I both like the extra $$ she brings in for us, especially when times are a little tighter than we'd like. Her monthly schedule seems to always be off. She used to manipulate her pills so she didn't have a period and have since gotten off the pill and is now on a mini-IUD so her schedule is all messed up. I'm afraid that her messy monthly schedule...and just the added stress of a roommate that won't give us some space, could possibly be hindering our monthly tries for baby #2. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Could this be real or am I just fishing for another reason why I'd love to have her out of my house? Any responses are appreciated.
    azfrelov21 responded:
    I just gave birth to a baby boy he will be 3wks old on Tuesday July 15, 2014 I got pregnant at 35 gave birth 3 days after I turned 36. If you ask me it would not be rude if you as the woman/lady of your household to appropriately let the young lady know you need some personal time with your husband. No explanation necessary some times we have to put yourselves our own wants/needs/desires before putting others first it shows you are a good person with a good heart. But if you don't take a stand soon and make time to fulfill your desires you will become angry and maybe bitter . Time waits on no one. O yeah both you and your husband both taking a multivitamin helps trust me. And sex everyday after your period . Good luck it will all work out fine
    kristine403 responded:
    Hi there, my cousin who was 37 when she gave birth with her first child never had any complications in giving birth. I think you should really talk to your roommate because stress does affect a woman in conceiving. I think you should kick her out if you have doubts about her or something, trust your woman instinct. Anyway you should also take folic acid, vitamin e and multivitamins that can help you conceive. And let me share here with you a site I've been using to track my ovulation for me to know when my safe days are. With your situation I know it could help you also to track when you are ovulating to get pregnant quickly, good luck.

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