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    Getting Pregnant at 39
    DJG69 posted:
    I would love to have another child, I have a 17 year old son, and I'm in a wonderful relationship and I am so happy. I am stressing over getting pregnant because of all the information about women my age having children. I'm a healthy woman, I have never smoked and I hardly drink, I take my vitamins on a daily bases. If there is anyone out there with any words of encouragement, please let me know. We have been trying for 5 months now, using the 14 day ovulation cycle, and we seem to have no results. Thanks for any words of advice.
    kirsten1971 responded:
    Go for it! Perfectly healthy 39 yr women have healthy children all the time. I'll be 38 when I have my 1st. Just make sure you see your doctor ahead of time to talk about getting pregnant and the needs of women who are our age. There are some risks but for me and my husband, the rewards far out way the risks. as for TTC, it may take a longer time to get pregnant. We charted my BBT & used ovulation kits. Its still took me longer than 5 months to get pregnant. Most doctors won't be concerned unitl you've been trying for 1 yr.

    Good luck!
    kerrib1971 responded:
    Your age is only one factor in getting pregnant. If neither side of your family has any history of defects or problems then I would say that is a far better thing to base your decision on. I'm 37 and even being overweight my numbers were "off the charts" after all my screenings. You will be considered high risk due to AMA(advanced maternal age), but I think it is a benefit. I get seen as soon as I know I am pregnant and get monitored very closely. Don't forget the extra u/s you can get, it is so nice to see the LO.

    Fertility is decreased though and I would think at 39 they might not wait a year to start more proactive measures. You could at least start the ball rolling and have the basic tests started. Sometimes a round or 2 of cholmid is all it takes.

    Good Luck and hope to see you soon with your BFP!
    belle38671 responded:

    I was 35 when I decided to try again. It took us 3 years but here I am ready to deliver! I would check with your regular OB as mine helped me and not just because of age. Age does and does not have a factor... but they will closely monitor you and that is just fine, you will get more U/S. I found out that I am not on a normal 14 day cycle but rather a 9 day. So buying ovulation kits and testing for a month or 2 will help you in determining when you actually ovulate. My dr also helped me by drawing my blood in the end since we took over a year to get pregnant. Good Luck. Hope you get that BFP!

    kelsaifi responded:
    We tried to get pregnant at 43 and 46. We got pregnant 5 months later. It also happened that it was the month we both got our acts together and were able to coordinate.

    First one is a beautiful, healthy baby boy. This one we'll be doing all the tests as well.

    Good luck!
    sliderswife responded:
    Im 40. and still a long way to go, but It took us over 2 years. I would recommend going to the dr. to ask questions at least. We just thought if it happens it happens? My DH and I had actually given up the thought. Boy! we got a surprise. edd is 10/25/09 Good Luck!
    crystalle071 responded:
    Hi DJG69 This is my first time on this site and I just wanted to say good luck to you> . I too am trying to have another baby. I have just turned 38 and have a 20 year old daughter. I am in a great relationship going on 4 years now. I actually did get pregnant the first time in trying back in July, but miscarried in my 12th wk. They said the baby stopped growing at 6 wks. Still trying though and will know for sure in about 2-3 weeks. Lots of luck!
    dwaw02 responded:
    I'm lurking (b/c I'm a wanna be) but just wanted to say that 39 is not too old. One thing I wanted to ask though is, are you sure you're ovulating at 14 days? If you're just guessing you might want to try an ovulation kit. I did that with my DS and was surprised to find that it was 11 days for me, and now I think it might even be earlier.

    If you're sure then keep trying! I would probably talk to the doc after next month though - I think they'll see us older ones after 6m.

    Good luck!

    Angela & Devin 10/7/04
    clarex5 responded:
    I understand how you're feeleing. I'm 41 and just found out i'm pregnant. I was not trying....I've had 3 miscarriages in the last year and a half. I have no problem getting pregnant I just can't stay pregnant! The heartbeat always stops at 7 weeks. I'm very angry at myself for even getting pregnant again. My doctor says they will all probably end the same. I will see her in a week and I'm afraid there will be no heartbeat again. Help, I feel horrible.
    MontanaMama2008 responded:

    [[[[[[Hugs>>>>>> and [[[[sticky baby vibes>>>>>> to you.

    Keep us updated.

    MontanaMama2008 responded:
    I wanted another one at age 36, and my doctor told me it might take over a year to conceive.

    At at 39, I would expect that it might take just a bit longer.

    They say that a woman's chance of Down's Syndrome baby at age 45 is one in ten...but that's still a 90% chance that your baby will be healthy and normal.

    I think those are GREAT odds...just might take a while longer to get pg, is all.

    Good luck to you!
    mrspwpongo responded:
    hi I'm 39 and yesterday discovered I've had my second miscarriage in 9 months. It's heartbreaking, can't stop crying go in for D&C today. I had a scan following spotting only a week ago and all was fine, saw baby's heartbeat, got piccy too but then another lot of spotting happenned friday and baby still there but, like yours, no heartbeat. We intend to try again but I really dont know if I can go thru it again. I just want to know WHY. I have a 8 year old son but suffered the same before that pregnancy too. But that is proof that all can go well. good luck to you and anyone else going thru similar.
    EveD1210 responded:
    Keep the faith! I'll keep you in my prayers
    kelsaifi responded:
    Like pp said, you could be ovulating at a totally different time. I basically got pregnant the 5th day of my cycle. Although we've been trying to get pregnant, we were in shock since we were nowhere near each other during prime time. I had not started temping because I was still breastfeeding and having a hard time taking my temp at the same time every morning. My cervical mucus was also hard to detect since DS was born. Either time it only took 5 months to get pregnant, more due to DH working out of town than anything else.

    I wish you all the best.
    Krista099 responded:
    I suggest trying an Ovulation Prediction Kit (about $12 for one cycle of testing). You'll get an indcation of when ovulation is actually going to happen and you can time BDing better.

    I also suggest buying a Basal Body Thermometer and charting your temperature. Try using the free site Fertiltiy Friend for tracking your cycles. You'll get an idea what your body normally does.

    If you need more advice, the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility is great.

    Lots of women don't ovulate on day 14. My normal day is day 18 of a 30 day cycle. Good luck!!!!

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