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    Short Birth Story : )
    LuV4Autumn posted:
    Since I had written a few updates yesterday and I'm pretty tired.... and waiting for Mikaelyn to be brought from the nursery for BF... I'm just going to write the short of everything so ya'll know she's here, safe and sound and we are OK. They kept her last night for observation because her original apgar score for color was a 0... (which was quickly changed) and wanted to make sure all the mucus was gone and to watch her. She was with us until about 4:30 anyway, so it allowed me to get some sleep without worrying about not hearing her. Chris is here asleep on the couch. He awoke when I was roaming around our room looking for things to go out to check on her at the desk since I didn't want to wake him and had woke up around 6:45 and realized she'd need to be fed again. SO - I'll stop babbling! She was born on 3/12/09 @ 12:30 am (on the DOT!!!) after 19 hours of labor (according to my doula/nurser a very difficult labor). She weighs 7 lbs, 12 oz and is 18.5 inches long. The smallest amount of strawberry blonde hair on her little bruised head (just like her Mommy & Daddy had at birth) and so far DARK eyes (woo hoo... not blue!). Beautiful pink SOFT skin and no joke... she smiled at me once she was put in my arms after the initial cleaning and focusing on me and my speaking to her. Even the nurse saw it!!! I can't believe I'm a Mom and Chris is a Dad. He did do an excellent job in the birthing coach department and followed Mary's (our angel doula/nurse who was married on 10/17/70 and my b-day is 10/17/71!!!) lead. There was a moment I was worried and very upset at the end... but it's been clarified and he made sure to look at me and squeeze my hand and say he's happy. I am exhausted after only getting about an hours sleep the night labor started. Our birth story began with my water breaking at 2:37 am and primarily ended when we reached our room in Maternity at 2:37 am the next morning! We even took a picture of the clock once we noticed. Thanks to ALL of you for your prayers, thoughts, support, encouragement, love, kindness & generosity. I don't know how I'd made it through the last 38 weeks, and 3 days without you!!! :sillygrin: :asleep: :goofy: : ) Vonda
    MissingTexas responded:
    I'm so so very happy for you! I was thinking about you all night long :grin: I'm glad you are all OK and look forward to hearing more. For now you need your rest. ((((hugs))))
    Jen45240 responded:
    Vonda, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. I am so happy for you and Chris. I am so grateful that God was great to you guys. He helped to deliver a healthy and beautiful baby. I'm so glad that everything is going well with Mikaelyn. I can't wait to see pictures of her. Enjoy every single minute with her. Again, congratulations!!!
    Cadesmom0924 responded:
    Vonda Congratulations on the birth of Mikaelyn. I have only been on the boards for a short time but I had chills and tears in my eyes reading your birth story because of all the turmoil you have gone through with your family. You deserved this "peaceful" labor and birth of your daughter and you got it. Enjoy this time with your baby girl as it goes by way to fast. Take care of good luck with the next chapter of your life.... being the best Mom to your beautiful baby girl.
    TracySTB responded:
    I'm so glad! I checked last night and again first thing this morning and here it is! 19 hours of hard labor sounds like NO fun. But it sounds like you and she both came out OK in the end. Congrats and get sleep ANY time they leave you alone for 2 hours.... it may not happen often, so take advantage!
    sliderswife responded:
    I am so happy for you! I agree with PP. sleep when you can. You will be surprised what 10-15 cat nap will do for you.Enjoy your time alone and take advantage of any little break you get for yourself. As for your family. well they dont deserve you. Dont give them a second thought. Congratulations I know you will be amazing!
    soontobewith4 responded:
    Congratulations!! NOW the real fun begins!!! I hope you and Chris and your bundle of love are very happy for a very very very long time to come!
    hokiechookie responded:
    Welcome Mikaelyn!! and Congrats Momma!! You did a great job!! I'm so happy for you both. Definitely try to get some sleep anytime they take her to the nursery to check on her. I know it can be hard to rest with all the adrenalin and excitement with being a new Mommy. {{{Rest well}}} {{{Heal quickly}}} Alice
    jturns responded:
    Vonda, your story has truly bought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you and maybe now with your daughter here, you can have that peace that you so much deserve. I hope everything works out for your family and once again Mikaelyn has one awesome woman as her mother, bless you and your daughter and her father. May God be with you all!! Jennifer (36) DH (39) DS 2 Shawn (12) Kirk (7), baby #3 Green Team hoping to go Pink, ETA 9-21-2009. God is good, all of the time!
    kelsaifi responded:
    Congrats on a healthy and obviously happy little girl. May God bless you and take care of His new family.
    belle38671 responded:
    Vonda! Congrats! Congrats! Happy Birthday Mikaelyn!!! :sillygrin: I know you both are tired. Get the much needed rest while you can in the Hossy, that is what they are ther for! Enjoy, Enjoy, both you and Chris are blessed with such a precious angel! :sheepish: Take care of yourself, and know we are always here for you whatever the need! I guess I am next now?? {{Hugs}} {{Sweet tender kisses for Mikaelyn}} Deb
    Anissa71 responded:
    HUGE congratulations Vonda, Chris, and Mikaelyn!!! So happy, happy, happy that she is here safe and sound! Great job momma! I can't wait to see pictures of this strawberry blonde beauty! :smile:
    jlbragg8 responded:
    YAY Vonda. I'm so happy you are all well. Sorry it was 19 hours. Jacob took 26...UGH. Can't wait to see pictures. I'm SO glad to hear that Chris is stepping up. I was really hoping he would. My DH really changed once we had kids. Makes them have to grow up a little. LOL. ((((HUGS)))) Jenn
    kirsten1971 responded:
    yay! Congratulations Vonda! :sillygrin:
    Momathon responded:
    Congratulations! Hope you get some rest soon, but if you are like me, you are too high up in the clouds to care about sleeping when there is a brand new beauty to gaze at. Glad you are well and baby is healthy!

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