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    Location Poll...
    LuV4Autumn posted:
    For those of us who've been on the board for a while, we have an idea of where each other is by region. I thought it would be fun to update and see where everyone is. OF COURSE keeping in mind privacy and safety... so if you aren't comfortable, no worries. For me, I'll list my County and State since my county is so large and I'm not really giving specifics. Even if we just list our state... I know many of us don't have family nearby... and so many of you I consider to be like family to me.

    Oh in a few years we'll have a WebMD reunion... Yes, I'm a dork... but how great would it be to meet each other. We can have Disneyland and Disney World vacations... or The Outer Banks... The possibilities are ENDLESS.

    Vonda, Chris, Mikaelyn and our pups Lacey & Autumn: Sussex County, NJ I'm originally from the Bay Area, born and raised in CA and resident there for 30 years.

    (Can you tell I got some sleep yesterday??? That NAP did wonders!!! Laundry time... Mikaelyn's down for a nap)

    Baham responded:
    Great poll Vonda!

    We reside in northeastern Indiana. I've lived here all my life but I hope to someday retire to western North Carolina in the Smokies...

    Oh, and a WebMD reunion would be awesome! Since we all have or will have little kids I vote Disney World!!
    kirsten1971 responded:
    We're in central Iowa. Great idea, Vonda! I'm happy you're finally getting a little rest.
    blykins67 responded:
    We live in South Florida. Actually the Treasure Coast now, lived in Broward County for many years before this. Originally from the Bronx, NY...(go figure now in the South....ha ha )

    A reunion sounds fantastic....if you pick Disney its only a hop, skip and a jump for us so that has my

    Vonda - glad you were able to get some rest and from the sounds of it, you seem to be doing much better than just prior to having Mikaelyn...keep it one has time to sweat the small stuff, although it may seem big at the time, trust me its for you and YOUR family...take care of yourself...

    jlbragg8 responded:
    I'm in Michigan (Ann Arbor area...yes, UM alumni). Someday DH and I want to move west (I love New Mexico, he loves Colorado), but there are no jobs for us at this point...and we couldn't afford to move now. LOL.

    Vonda, I met some great ladies with my last pregnancy and we started a smaller board on yahoogroups and I've met 2 of them in person. They are two of my best friends. Crazy, huh? They are PG now again too (with #2 for them...#3 for me), but they are a bit younger and don't come on this board.

    Glad you are doing well and got a nap. YAY.

    sheby9201 responded:
    Morning ladies! Mike and I are originally from Long Island, but have been in Louisville, KY for about 10 years. I've been reading through so many of your posts/stories and you all seem like really great people. I look forward to getting to know you over the coming months and who knows, we can all be tearing through Disney together in a few years. Sign me up!

    shanc71 responded:
    Columbus, Ohio - Been here my whole life!!!
    LexyRose1966 responded:
    Hey Jenn,

    I have one thing to say to you this AM - "GO IRISH"!!!!!

    We have plenty of ND shirts with great descriptions about who Ann Arbor really is!! We bleed green around here! We are going to (IN) to ND this summer for DH's 25th reunion. I lived South of ABQ for 2 years (2005-2007)and loved NM. Although, you are right, not too many jobs there. I wanted to mention that my FIL is a PhD in pharmacology and he has an assistant who is an statician (sp), I think that is what you do? My SIL lives near Tulip, MI so we will probably see them as they had a baby boy 5 days before we did..."that other cousin of mine", is what Alex had to say!

    Hope you are doing well.

    Lexy Rose
    Laney0705 responded:
    I'm originally from New Jersey but DH and I moved to Washington State (western side) 5 years ago.
    Cadesmom0924 responded:
    I am originally from West Central Wisconsin (St. Croix River Area), but my husband, 2 sons and I now live near Lexington, KY.

    Wish we were closer to Wisconsin and all of our family, but Kentucky is a nice place to raise a family as well.

    Vonda- Isn't it amazing what a little sleep can do for you when you don't get any!!!!! hope you get another nap today.

    I vote for Outer Banks, I have never been there and love the Ocean!
    QueenOfStarWars responded:
    I love this! Hope you are adjusting well, Vonda!

    I'm originally from Boston, MA but I've lived in the Myrtle Beach, SC area since June of 2001.
    jturns responded:
    Hey Shannon, I am from Columbus, Ohio too and have been here my whole life as well!!

    Jennifer (36) DH (39) DS 2 Shawn (12) Kirk (7), baby #3 Green Team hoping to go Pink, ETA 9-21-2009. God is good, all of the time.
    stacey0203 responded:
    Well, I think most of you already know, (from my moaning and complaining) I am here in the wonderful Southern California!!! Right in the fabulous Los Angeles!!!! Born and raised here my entire life!!! Just as my parents, grandparents, etc, etc.

    Doesn't sound like there is any west coast ladies, We've got Disneyland right around the corner!!! Oh well, it is actually nice here, just am sick of the "Hollywood drama" that is everywhere here. Hard to explain if you don't live with it.......

    So glad to hear you got some rest Vonda. I can't wait til I can feel better, but I know it will be soon!!!
    itcmommy responded:
    Great Poll! We did this last year and it was nice because it put a name in the map for all the regular mommies in the Preg After 35 Board.

    We're all from beautiful and sunny South Florida! I love the weather when is in the 70's or low 80's but when it gets too humid and hot it's brutal down here!

    seeit2 responded:
    I am in Buffalo for another month and then we are moving to the Washington DC area. GO Bills!!

    (OMG, is it only a month?!)


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