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    New and Nervous
    booklvr04 posted:
    Hi Ladies! I am so excited to join all of you!! I see so many familiar names, and honestly, those of you I don't *know*, I feel like I know you b/c I have been lurking over here for quite some time! You all truly inspire me and gave me hope throughout my journey! A little background: We have been TTC for about 25 C's, went through 4 IUI's since July of 2009. We had to take a break from treatment b/c of the holidays and I was supposed to start BCP this week for our IVF cycle in January. Well AF never showed and I got a positive test on Monday, and again today. My nurse just called and said my beta is 48.3... I am 15DPO according to fertility friend. My nurse said it is hard to know anything from the first beta since we are sure exactly when we I conceived and I wasn't doing any treatment. Ugh. I'm so nervous. What is a good first number? I am not able to repeat my beta on Thursday due to the holidays - my DH and I will be traveling until next Monday, so I am going next Tuesday for another beta. Again, I am so excited to get to know all of you and follow your progress. Many thoughts and prayers...
    MrsNealsWheels responded:
    So glad you're here!! I've been waiting for this day!!! :grin:
    Taylove11 responded:
    A huge congratualtions to you and welcome! That is a great 1st beta number. I have read that anything between 15-350 is normal for a first draw. I am sending you a ton of (((doubling vibes))). I hope that you have a wonderful holiday!
    mpaul159 responded:
    Hey girl! You did it !!! Wow that was a shocker, I didn't plan to see a post from you. :sillygrin: Congrats Girl!!! Now the fun of doubling betas, soooo much fun. NOT Well I guess, if yours are more than doubling its easy peasy, mine sure aren't. No more betas for me and HCG therapy from hereon out!
    KateIM responded:
    YAY!!!!! You're here - congratulations!!! Welcome and have a great holiday!! :cool:
    LLnMS responded:
    :O HOLY SMOKES!!! I'm in complete shock right now!!! :grin: Emily, I'm with Kristin......I've been waiting and wanting to see you over for SO LONG!! You've been so great to me since I joined webmd earlier this year! You deserve this so much and I couldn't be happier for you!!! I am so made my day!!! Wow!!! SUPER HUGE CONGRATS!!!! :sillygrin: :grin: :sillygrin: :grin: :smile: :grin:
    Briarrose31 responded:
    Yeay, yeay, yeay!! Congrats. Glad to see you here.
    VioletBlossom responded:
    Congratulations and welcome! Can you try to locate a lab on your travels? I was on vacation for my betas. My RE's office faxed the orders to a lab near where we were staying. I believe it was Labcorp but there are many others. You might be able to work something out so you don't have to wait so long for an update. So glad you avoided IVF! It is a wonderful thing, but great not to need it. H&H 9 mos!
    Kristy1019 responded:
    Congrats again Emily! Don't worry about the first beta #, it doesn't mean anything on it's own. It has to be above a certain # to be considered positive, but beyond that, there's no set number you should have. What matters is that it is doubling as it should, which you won't know until your next b/w. I'm sure everything is fine though!! Enjoy your trip, sans alcohol, lol, and I look forward to seeing your next update!
    booklvr04 responded:
    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome... I think I am still in disbelief!!! :eek: I just keep telling myself to enjoy the moment and not worry (yeah right), and that I can't control what happens from here on out, so I'm just praying for God's grace. Violet - My nurse mentioned going to the lab while I am visiting my parents, but there is not a Labcorp (which my insurance accepts) in a hundred mile radius! Ugh! Plus she said, due to the fact that it will be Christmas Eve, she could not guarantee result on Thursday, so that would mean Monday. Erin - I wanted to tell you that they didn't check my progesterone levels. My nurse said since this was a natural cycle they don't check progesterone levels - boo! So unless there is a problem, I don't think they will check...
    ilovespeech responded:
    YAY YAY YAY!!!!! Congrats Emily! I have been lurking over on the ttc boards and keeping up with ya'll!!!! (((sticky & doubling vibes))))
    waitingsince2001 responded:
    How awesome???!!!! I was going to follow your IVF in January. I'm so glad you don't have to go through that!!! Tis the season; you got your Christmas blessing!! So happy for you!!!!
    tabss1 responded:
    Welcome and congratulations! Hope your beta #'s keep climbing!!
    cansim responded:
    WOW!!! Emily, we both got our surprise BFPs this month!! I'm so happy for you and excited that you may be able to skip out on IVF!!!! YAY!! Congrats! I'm so thankful for our Christmas miracles this year :grin:
    cansim responded:
    I just wanted to add... There's a cool HCG calculator where you can put in your HCG numbers and it plots it on a graph for you. You can put in your numbers and see where they fall! I think it will only create the graph if you put in both numbers so you might have to make a fake second number until you get your second set of test results. Hope that helps and good luck!!! :grin:

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