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    1st peri appt - not good
    no1phillygirl posted:
    First off, I went for a last min appt with my OB last wed because I still had stuff coming out of me from the subchorionic bleed a few wks ago. He said that was all normal. All was good with the baby but they saw that I may have previa.

    Today was my first Peri appt. Well all was well in the beginning, the heartbeat was 158 and I actually got to see the baby move around. It was so cool. Then the tech called the dr in and I knew immediately that there was something wrong. They told me that the NT scan was showing the muchus memebrane measuring 3.5. They suggested that I don't wait for the amnio at 16 wks so I'm scheduled for the CVS on Mon. He said that I have a 45% chance that something is wrong.
    I feel so defeated!!!!! It's really not fair!!!! After all that I have been through why can't I just start getting some good news. I really don't think this will end well.

    Briarrose31 responded:
    ((Marla)) I am sorry to hear this. I am praying very hard for some good news for you. Just keep remembering that your chance for a healthy baby is outweighing the chance for something being wrong. I know the rest of the week is going to be super hard for you. Try to think positive and hang in there. *Sending you patience and calming vibes*
    VioletBlossom responded:
    I'm so sorry to hear about the possible problem. I'm praying for you that all will be well.

    I hope the time passes quickly and you get the good news you deserve.
    booklvr04 replied to VioletBlossom's response:

    I'm so sorry about your appointment, but like Erin said, there is still a good possibility that everything is just fine with your baby! I'm sending many prayers for you and your baby! Please keep us posted on how you are doing and know that we are here for you!
    ssebby responded:
    Marla, I'm so sorry about your appointment. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope that everything turns out ok next Monday.
    Taylove11 responded:
    I am so sorry to hear about your appointment Marla. I am hoping and praying that everything is okay. You're right, it's not fair that you have to go through so much. There is still a 55% chance that everything is okay. Try to think positive. I know it's easier said than done. Hang in there. Many thoughts and prayers are with you. (((Big hugs)))
    crescent0513 responded:
    Marla - you do deserve some good news, I'm hoping that all goes well on Monday and praying that all is well with the baby...just keep reminding yourself that the chances of there being nothing wrong are a little stronger...keep us posted, I'll be thinking of you.

    JakeFan2 responded:

    I know what its like to keep getting hit in the ovaries...please try to hang in there. U/S are not a definite many things to be considered.

    They really worry about us AMA ladies....always trying to scare us silly. Praying and sending good health vibes to you from across the Ben Franklin!
    JennaG1983 responded:
    I'm sorry your test did not go well. A girl at work, who is due in a few weeks had a poor NT scan. Her amnio came out perfect. So you really never know until you get the next test.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully time will pass quickly. ((((HUGS)))))
    PinkPanther444 responded:

    Girl, you just can't seem to catch a break! I am really hoping that the Perinatologist was airing on the side of caution when he suggested the CVS. Remember, even though there is a 45% chance something is wrong, there is a 55% chance everything is fine. My cousin had a CVS at 12 weeks following IVF at which point the Dr. told her there was a 90% chance the baby wouldn't live past birth. Her baby was born in Nov. and is absolutley fine! I will be thinking of you and sending many prayers your way!!! Stay positive girlie!!!!
    PGinSJ replied to PinkPanther444's response:
    I know it's hard but try to stay positive. Don't assume the worst, wait for the CVS results. I don't believe 3.5 is that far off the norm, I think the cutoff is 2.5, anyone know???

    I have another good story~There was a woman on the 35 pg boards here that said they didn't even bother measuring her LO at the NT Scan because they said his/her neck was so thick and they told her they were positive her baby had severe problems. Welp she did the amnio and her baby is perfectly healthy.

    Also, I hear it's common for women to have previa early on and grow out of it so to speak as they progress in their pregnancy. I've known several that that has happened to. Hang in there, hugs. Keep us updated. GL with the CVS on Monday. Hopefully they do the FISH results that you will get back sooner rather than later.
    RunJessicaRun responded:

    Marla, I am so sorry to hear there could be problems. I hope everything works out ok and what they are seeing is just a fluke. You are in my thoughts.
    hoping4ourfirst1 replied to PGinSJ's response:
    Answer to pp....The cut off is 3.0 and what they are measuring is the back of the baby's neck which COULD indicate some sort of birth defect if greater than 3.0. First off Marla I am soooo sorry that is happening but I do believe that doctors are alarmists (I have been a nurse for 13 yrs.) they always tell you the worst case scenario they have to just incase it is the worst case scenario Espeically in OB (and high risk to boot) they are so afraid of being sued they give you the worst case so that you can't turn around and say nobody told me that. You know what I mean?. I believe that a good doc always looks into every avenue good or bad. So maybe your doc is just being really cautiuos. So many times I have heard of people being told that there is a problem with the baby and there isn't a problem and the baby was perfectly fine.
    beccadita80 responded:
    Oh Marla! I'm so sorry this is happening. Hopefully the tests come back fine and you can move forward from this. Like the pp said, I'll bet they are just giving you the worse case upfront to cover their bases. Hang in there lady and good luck on Monday!! U will be in my prayers.
    terricody responded:
    Marla,im sorry you are going through this and like pp said dr would like to prepare us for the worse case senerio..u/s are not 100% accurate(my last pg with ds was off on measuring and weighing of my ds)

    I also have previa which you already posted to me about and i was scared when the dr told me i might need to have a c-section if it doesn't move but then again preparing for the worse but hope for the best..

    hope all goes well at your appt and will say a prayer for you as well take care

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