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    Down Syndrome
    no1phillygirl posted:
    I rec'd the call yest afternoon that the results were not good. They were 100% sure that it was Down Syndrome. My OB called this morning and said that he can't do the dnc since it is 13 wks and still alive. I'm waiting for the referring dr to call me. I'm hoping that they can get me in for tomorrow to get this over and done with. I just can't believe that this is happening to me.

    Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers! I'm so glad that I had all of your support.
    I will definitely follow your posts!

    hoping4ourfirst1 responded:
    I cannot tell you how sorry I am. I just can't believe that you going are through all this it is just not fair. I really wish there was more I could do for you.I wish I could you a big hug right now!.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you!!
    booklvr04 replied to hoping4ourfirst1's response:
    Marla -

    I am so, so sorry. My heart just aches for you and your DH. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. And I wish I knew why something so tragic can happen to such a wonderful couple. You are in my prayers and I hope that and your DH can support each other through this difficult time. Please know that God is with you, and so are we... (((gentle hugs)))
    NervousBride responded:
    Oh Marla I am so very sorry. We are all praying for you and your DH. Please know we are always here for you. ((((((((HUGS)))))))) Jen
    JennaG1983 responded:
    ((((MARLA)))) I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Please know that we are here to support you in this hard time. My thoughts are with you and DH.
    JakeFan2 responded:

    There are no perfect words to comfort you...just know you have my love, prayers and support to get through this very trying time.

    JJMarie responded:
    (((Marla))) I am so sorry for the awful news. I am praying for you and dh in your time of grief. I hope to see you back here soon with a healthy baby.
    PGinSJ replied to JJMarie's response:
    (((Crying))) I am in shock and can not believe you have to go through this nightmare Marla. It's all so unfair. I don't know what to say. I am just so saddened. Please let us know how we can continue to support you. (((Group Hug)))
    michigan29 responded:
    ((((Marla)))), I am so so sorry for you and your DH. Sending all my love and support your way in this awful time. Hope to see you here again.
    PinkPanther444 responded:

    I just can't believe this is happening. I am so incredibly sorry for you and DH. You must be the strongest couple alive to have endured what you have already. Please know you continue to be in my prayers.
    Taylove11 responded:
    I am so sorry Marla. I wish that there was something I could say to comfort you. I hope that you and your DH are able to heal soon. My heart is breaking for you. It's so unfair. I hope that you have somebody to comfort you in this difficult time. Many thoughts and prayers are with you. (((Big hugs)))
    Briarrose31 replied to Taylove11's response:
    So sorry Marla. ((hugs))
    crescent0513 responded:
    Oh Marla, I'm so sorry this has happened to you and DH after all your struggles. I'm praying that you both have the strength to get through this terrible time and find some peace. I'll be thinking of you...

    sarahw06219 responded:
    Marla, I don't have words for how much my heart breaks for you and your DH. It's just not fair. Not any of it. I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. My thoughts are with you and your family. (((hugs)))
    bflkeeper responded:
    Oh Marla, I'm so sorry!!! My thoughts are with you. I can't believe this has happened. Sending (((((((HUGS)))))))

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