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    Birth Story PGinSJ
    PGinSJ posted:
    So our phenomenal son Connor Allen was born Sun 8/22 at 7:38pm weighing 7lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long. It was a whirlwind birth and we barely made it to the hospital on time. I woke up around 9:30 am that morning and felt more severe menstrual-like cramps but didn't think much of it. Then around 11:00am I started leaking amniotic fluid. I spoke with my doula who said contractions should start within the next few hours or 2-3 DAYS (it could have been a small leak and practice labor) and not to worry because the baby could make more. So I waited and more fluid started around 2:30 pm and I was convinced this was the beginning of labor. My brother came to visit and we were talking about plans for the nite when all the sudden I had a very strong urge to go to the bathroom (it's around 4:45 pm right now). I had another two contractions that were strong and we started timing them (eight mins apart). I kept walking from the bedroom to the bathroom but didn't necessarily recognize what I was having as contractions. It just felt like pressure and the baby descending (remember he was sky high at first). Then I threw up and DH consulted the doula who said to go directly to the hospital. DH didn't think to ask why but she later told me throwing up was a sign of transition. I was fearful that I couldn't tolerate the car ride and spent the duration of the 40 mins hanging over the back seat, on all fours or with my back flush against the door. DH asked if he could help me put my seatbelt on and I said "NO SHUT UP!" LOL. I couldnt hold still.

    I walked up to L&D (only because it sounded WAY better than being in a wheelchair) was quickly admitted and my doula showed up (it's about 6:45pm now). I kept wanting to be on the toilet so I just spent my time there. I asked for drugs thinking it would be a long night. My DH and Mom were talking on the car ride and saying I was probably 3-4 cm, which I concurred with. Doc checked me pretty fast after arrival and said "The good news is you are 9.5 cm and the bad news is it's too late for drugs". Then they hooked up the monitors and noticed that his heart rate was decelerating so they wanted me to push him out fast I was fully dilated 2-5 mins after that first check.

    After 30 mins and an episiotomy (due to what they call precipitous (aka fast) birth that doesn't allow your body to adjust) he had arrived. My Mom, DH and I all looked at one another for an hour afterwards saying "Did that REALLY just happen?" My MIL didn't even make it to the hospital in time to witness the birth as planned.

    I spent the whole first night just enjoying and looking at him and feeding him. I am in complete awe and can't believe how you feel so willing to do anything for this little person. Moreover, every cry is a dagger through my heart. I'll try to attach a pic : ) He's adorable, complete with a huge conehead from being squeezed so much : )
    Christy (38) and DH (37).  2 m/cs and unexplained IF.  BFP on 3rd IUI with injectibles.  Our first, a baby boy!  EDD 8/26/10.
    PGinSJ responded:
    Oh forgot to add the cord was wrapped around his neck which is why we figured out his HR was declerating, luckily I was clueless but DH was soooo scared. And doc said that probably held him up and he might have been born in the car were it not for that. Regardless his apgars were 8 and then 9 : )
    Christy (38) and DH (37). 2 m/cs and unexplained IF. Connor Allen born 4 days early 8/22 7lbs, 9 oz and 20 inches long.
    cansim responded:
    Oh Christy, what an arrival little Connor! I love his name!! So glad he's healthy and that you're loving motherhood. I just got on here to post my birth story and saw yours as well. You'll see a few similarities! Congratulations on your new son!
    CLKidd07 responded:
    Wow - what a whirlwind, indeed! Congrats Christy!!
    Chelsie (25), DH (29), 3 furbabies. TTC since July 2008. Diagnosed with PCOS December 2009. 5 cycles 1 IUI = BFP on 6/17! We're having twins!
    hoping4ourfirst1 responded:
    Congrats!!! Wow what a story!! Love the name you and your dh choose!! I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Me(Kim)37)DH Barry(37)We where ttc for 3.5 year we have unexplained IF.3 IUI's with clomid all BFN.We where finally successful on our first IVF cycle Twin boys born 5 weeks early on May 19TH, 2010
    Erin_Y replied to hoping4ourfirst1's response:
    Congratulations Christy, and I wish you soon recovery from episiotomy! I can't believe it - checking in into the hospital at 9.5 cm, what a day! Enjoy your family and pass my very best regards to Mr. Connor Allen the Phenomenon. :)
    Erin (28), DH (28), BFP after 2 years TTC, EDD - 05 Feb 2011!
    booklvr04 replied to Erin_Y's response:
    Congratulations Christy and Welcom Baby Connor!

    What a fabulous birth story!!! Never a dull moment there! I can't believe how fast everything progressed for you, but I think you said your mom was the same way! I'm so happy for you and your new addition! Can't wait to see your updates!!!

    Emily(31); DH(31) - After 4 failed IUI's we conceived on our own prior to our IVF cycle! EDD of Alexander Edward - 8/29/2010 God is Great! Next Appt: 8/20/10
    beccadita80 responded:
    Oh my gosh Christy!!! Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you and your DH!!! I can't believe you almost gave birth in your car and didn't know it! You're one tough cookie!! Enjoy every second with Conner. So glad he's okay and everything went well. Take care and we'll see you soon on the other side. ((HUGS))
    Becca (29)DH(30) TTC for 18 cycles 3rd IUI was the charm. PINK TEAM!!!! EDD 11/16 which is also my birthday!
    jlbogue responded:
    Aren't they amazing when you finally see them? You def have a wow birth storyy. I am so happy for you and dh. I know conner is a very lucky little guy.
    Julie 34, DH 41, DS Easton 6, DD Alyssa born 4/21/10 with Hydrocephalus.
    PinkPanther444 replied to jlbogue's response:
    Wow Christy!!!! What a story!! Connor didn't want to wait a second longer to meet you! Isn't being a mom fantastic ( not that we thought it would be anything otherwise!)? Can't wait to see more pics as he grows.
    Stacy (30), DH (30). TTC for 13 mos. BFP on IVF cycle 1! DS born July 6, 2010!
    Alohaimee04 responded:
    Oh Christy! I am so happy for you! What a birth story!!!

    Welcome Connor! You have one heck of an amazing momma! ;)
    Aimee(23)DH(25) TTC1 since 2007. MC mother's day 2007 @ 5w4d, MMC 12/23/10 @10weeks, chemical 4/21/10 @ 4w1d. BFP 6/14/10 PLEASE STICK LO! EDD: 02/25/2011 saw LO dancing and happy 9w3d! Next scan:8/10
    no1phillygirl responded:

    Christy I am so happy for you. Congrats on the birth of Connor. I love that name. You must be so extremely happy!! Enjoy every minute with him.

    Take care

    Marla(41) DH(31) 10/08 BFP m/c 11/08; saw RE(stage 2 endo and I'M OLD)ivf1 9/09 BFP m/c 11/09; ivf2 2/10 BFP 4/10 d
    JakeFan2 responded:
    Glad all ended well for you Christy!! May you have many more hours of that beautiful bouncing boy!!
    Carolyn (41) DH (42) DS (4) FET from DE EDD 11/15/10
    Kristy1019 responded:
    Wow, what a birth story Christy!!! It seems like Connor made a crazy entrance, but he arrived healthy and happy and that's all the matters :) A big congrats on your little man! I know it took a lot to finally have him, but it's worth every trial and tribulation without a doubt! Enjoy every second with him <3
    crescent0513 responded:
    Wowza!...thank god you left for the hospital when you glad all turned out well, congrats!
    Me(34) DH (35) 4 failed IUIs, first IVF Jan. 2010- twin boys EDD 10/20/10 - so thankful!

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