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    Update! I've got a stubborn little boy!
    Jessi10909 posted:
    So yesterday was the epitomy of hurry up and wait! I was supposed to have a baby shower at work and girls night with a group of friends yesterday but I woke up with some significant bleeding and very mild inconsistent contractions, so much so that I discounted them as braxton hicks. Went to the hospital to make sure the baby was ok because of the bleeding... I had expected to get on the monitors for a little while, have the nurse tell me he's fine, and get on my way to work! The nurse checked me and found out I was 4cm and the contractions were real! (The blood was my mucous plug/bloody show - I felt like an idiot for not thinking of that)To top it all off my doctor is out of town on vacation right now so the fill in calling the shots was very apprehensive since I technically have 2 weeks left to go before my due date. So I walked!! I walked circles around the very small maternity ward for HOURS! Literally 3 hours walking, then on the monitors for a couple hours to find the contractions still weren't consistent, so 2 more hours of walking and back on the monitors for a couple more hours to find out that the contractions had stopped entirely and I was still at 4cm SO after 12 hours at the hospital they sent me back home last night to wait for contractions to start back up or my water to break!

    The nurse told me straight out when I was discharged that if my actual doc would have been calling the shots I would have been on pitocin to regulate the contractions after the first round of walking and monitoring... she said she could feel my bag of water bulging and I swear she was trying to break my water the last 2 times she checked me to force sub doc's hand LOL

    We have an appointment with my regular doc on Monday so hopefully he will have some more definitive answers for us but from everything I've read, women don't go for more than a few days without their mucous plug... anyone heard differently? I feel like a ticking time bomb this morning! I feel so guilty because when we found out we were 4cm we thought there was no going back so we told everyone he was coming! My husband took his vacation from work and now he is debating whether or not to go in on Sunday night because that means leaving me alone for like 18 hours overnight... I don't know what to tell him!

    I keep thinking everything is a contraction and I am ready to do jumping jacks to get this show on the road!! The funniest part is that I was in no pain the whole time at the hospital so the nurse told me that I have a high pain tolerence (woohoo!) so when I do feel pain not to dilly dally around, get right in because I'm already walking around almost halfway to fully dilated!
    codysu responded:
    Wow, that is great that you are so close! I'm sure it's frustrating though to not know how much longer before your LO will decide to arrive. Hopefully your doc will be back by the time you return to the hospital, hopefully for the actual birth. Hang in there, not much longer now!

    I've heard the mucus plug could come out over a week or two before you go into labor. However, I have no personal experience, and it is probably different for everyone. Good luck!!
    Cody 38, DH 45 - IVF 1-m/c @ 6wk, IVF 2 BFP 11-11-11! EDD 7-26-12 PINK Team!!

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