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    Birth Story
    deliela999 posted:
    So I went to my OB on Thursday 9-20 for a growth ultrasound and checkup. She had gone from 40% percentile to 20% percentile and he didn't have a good gut feeling. He gave me the ok to go home and pack before sending me on to one of our local top notch women's hospitals to the high risk OB's. As they admitted me they started me on meds to prepare for delivery just in case and had a nicu doc talk to us. Our heads were spinning. The next morning the docs told us to plan to be here until she arrived, probably at 32-34 weeks and they wouldn't go past 34 weeks. The following afternoon the MFM doc did an ultrasound of her blood flow and was concerned about the flow through the cord. He offered options to either immediately deliver or watch carefully and deliver when it gets worse. We opted to watch it carefully. Sunday morning 9-23-12 they woke us at 5 am because of a couple of heart rate drops on the monitor. The regular ultrasound looked ok, but the cord flow one showed it had worsened. They immediately started gathering the team for my c-section. Delaney Margaret was born at 8:36 am on 9-23-12 weighing in at exactly 2 pounds and 13.5 inches long (28 weeks 5 days gestation). She is currently off the ventilator and oxygen and only using CPAP with room air. The doctors and nurses tell us she's feisty. Yesterday they started feeding her a little donated breast milk mixed with the little cholestorum I had produced. This morning I was able to send about 2ml of milk over so hopefully she'll be off donor milk soon. They are providing all nutrition through her cord IV, but they want to start her stomach practicing. I hope everyone else is doing well and has much calmer births than ours. I know the support on these boards has helped me through this journey. If someone knows the link for the PAIF grads board please send it.
    booklvr04 responded:

    Hi! I am a grad of this board and the support has continued at PAIF. Sending you prayers for your little Delaney and looking forward to getting to know you better! Take care and keep us posted!
    Emily(31); DH(32) - After 4 failed IUI's we conceived on our own prior to our IVF cycle! Alexander Edward was born on 9/1/2010; 5lbs 15oz, 20; God is Great!
    rooni134 responded:
    congratulations!!! sounds like your little girl is a fighter i bet she is beautiful!!

    i had a c-section too so if you have any questions, please ask. congratulations again and i pray that everything goes well for you and your little one!
    no1phillygirl responded:

    Wow congrats on the birth of your little girl. She has a beautiful name. I hope you are recovering well and that the baby continues to strive. See you over at Paif.
    Marla(43) DH(33) BFP 10/08 m/c 11/08
    ivf1 9/09 BFP m/c 6 wks
    ivf2 2/10 BFP trisomy d
    deliela999 replied to rooni134's response:
    Thanks! Rooni, How long before you could walk standing up straight and at a normal speed? My hubby laughs at me because normally I'm walking too fast for him and he has to keep telling me to slow down, but right now he's running off and leaving me.

    Also, how long did you wear a belly binder? They gave me one and it needs washed, but without it I feel like my insides are going to fall out. I don't feel like I can go without it to let it hang to dry so we're debating getting a second but hate to waste money.

    Last night we went to visit and they decided to leave off her cpap to see how she does. I got to take her temperature and change her diaper, then my hubby got to lift her to help weigh her and change her bedding. It was so exciting to do something other than stare at her and to see her face without the cpap and her eyes open.
    KL0124 responded:
    Congratulations on Delaney! She sounds like a fighter. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as she continues to grow stronger and work towards going home.
    westsidebee responded:
    Thanks for updating here -- it sounds like a scary situation, but also sounds like it's going really well. Tough little girl, good for her to be already on room air, and eating some milk. Hang in there, and good luck with everything -- can't wait for you to watch her grow.
    ninjarbaby responded:

    Congrats! I'm glad everything's going along well. Like everyone said, she is a fighter. Will be thinking and prayer for you! and yes join us at the PAIF grad board!
    Jane(30), DH(30), DSD(12) - TTC 1 since 2008 after m/c in Feb 2008 - Stopped actively TTC'ing in mid 2009 after unexplained IF. Surprise BFP 8/31/11! EDD 5/4/2012 Blue Team!
    deliela999 replied to ninjarbaby's response:
    Thanks for the support everyone! It's been a rough road but I think I'm finally doing better. I went in Monday to have my staples removed and ended up admitted for 2 nights again. I ended up with blood clots in my scar that kept it from healing. I now have a wound vac on it and get to carry this awesome pump the size of a purse 24/7 for the next couple of weeks. Everyone keeps telling me this is the magic answer and it will heal great now.

    We've decided my body isn't made to make babies and we aren't going to have another, but we are thrilled to have our sweet tiny baby girl. She's doing awesome and yesterday's nurse kept calling her a rock star because she's doing so much better than they'd expect for her size. We were able to start kangaroo care last night and that was amazing!
    rooni134 replied to deliela999's response:
    o yea, walking was tough. A lot depended on how much energy i had. my MIL and husband pushed me and and on the 4th day they had me go to a park and do a couple of laps. i did the best i could but i was slow. i think the more you walk the better, BUT DONT PUSH YOURSELF, if you dont feel upto it. your body just went through a tremendous change and it'll take a while till you feel like yourself again. as for walking, i think by the end of the second week i was walking much better. i wasnt fast, but i wasnt hunching over. that feeling of hunching over takes a while though...sometimes i'll still find myself hunching over when i walk and have to tell myself to stand up straight.

    those binders are great. i actually requested a couple more when i left the hospital. i washed them everyday and then used the other one when one got dirty. it was a pain to wash them everyday, but i would def recommend it. it gives a lot more support. i used them for a good 2 weeks or so. once you lose the water weight you will also feel them getting looser so i think you will be able to tell when you dont need them anymore.

    for me some days i felt like i was never going to get better and breast feeding makes it more difficult because it takes a lot out of you, but i promise within 3 weeks you will feel much better.

    im surprised they used staples for you. i had some sort of internal stiching that was supposed to dissolve on its own.

    i hope you and your baby girl are doing great.

    btw, the wanting to have another baby thing. thats wht i thought too the first few weeks. that i was never going to have another baby because of wht i went through, but the human mind and body have amazing healing powers i guess. i look at my daughter and totally think i can do it again.

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