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    New to the board!
    mrs62610 posted:
    I was waiting to join this board until I got my 2nd beta back today. Monday's was 193 and today (done exactly 48 hrs later) it was 496!!! I'm ecstatic!!
    Leah25Brooke2 responded:
    WOW! Those are really high for how early you are!! Are they thinking twins??? My beta 3 weeks 6 days was only 26.. then one week later 626. wow! That's great!! How are you feeling? Any nausea? I had a lot of vomiting for a few weeks there and the nausea was killer... but my OB said nausea is a good sign. When is your u/s? Do you know your tentative due date? Mine is August 7th. Are you going to find out the sex? Sorry Mrs! Loads of questions!!
    Me(26) DH(29) DD 3.5 TTC 2 16 mos. 5 rounds of clomid - unsuccessful. Natural BFP - EDD 8/7/13
    mrs62610 replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    On Monday the NP asked me how many embryos we transferred and I said we planned 2 but 1 didn't make it to transfer. She said well she would be thinking that they both took with the numbers that high, but numbers aren't always a giveaway. It could always have turned into identical twins but probably not. We'll see!! I'm 4 weeks 5 days today and my EDD is October 18th! I have had varying degrees of nausea off and on for almost a week. I haven't thrown up yet though. I have a feeling I won't make it through the entire pregnancy without throwing up, but I'll hope! My U/S is Monday the 25th!!! I'll be 6 weeks 3 days! We haven't decided 100% yet if we want to know the sex. When we first started TTC we said we didn't want to know the sex but I haven't talked to DH about it anymore since then. We may change our minds but for now I'm leaning towards not finding out.

    I don't mind questions!! We haven't told anyone yet so it's nice coming on here and sharing the details, it makes it more real!! We plan to tell our immediate families this weekend. I'm actually kind of nervous about telling the family. Once it's out there we can't take it back!!
    Leah25Brooke2 replied to mrs62610's response:
    That's true that the numbers are definitive one way or the other, it's the U/S that is definitive! How do you think your family will react? Have you shared with a few of them your struggles with infertility, etc? I have such a fat mouth, my close family new all about our struggles. But they were a great support to me and great now to share the joy of expecting.

    We are just two months and one week apart! Which means we will be in the third trimester together for a little bit!

    I was very miserale in the first trimester. I was so grateful, but not only did I throw up five minutes after eating anything, so I was starving and nauseous at the same time, but I kept getting sick with various things from bad colds, the stomach flu, UTI, yeast infection, etc. At one point I was sitting at the table bawling my eyes out. I had just worked a thirteen hour shift all night long and had spent alot of the night throwing up and I was exhausted and starving. My husband just laughed at me and said you finally got what you wanted and now your crying about it! haha It wasn't that I wasn't happy, just miserable. But man, the second trimester has been so great! I'm tired occassionally but have pretty good energy, I still have food aversions, but I don't throw up and can eat all the healthy foods that I want, my belly looks cute now because now I have a baby bump which is so fun! I got some cute maternity clothes and it's so fun to wear them!

    I want to find out the sex, but my husband really doens't want to. I will probably let him win, but it drives me crazy not to know!
    Me(26) DH(29) DD 3.5 TTC 2 16 mos. 5 rounds of clomid - unsuccessful. Natural BFP - EDD 8/7/13
    Leah25Brooke2 replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    I meant the numbers AREN'T definitive!
    Me(26) DH(29) DD 3.5 TTC 2 16 mos. 5 rounds of clomid - unsuccessful. Natural BFP - EDD 8/7/13
    mrs62610 replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    I know our families will be soo excited! I'm just nervous about how to tell! My immediate family knows everything and my FIL knows some things but my MIL knows nothing. (She's really nosy and drives me nuts sometimes!)

    Man, it sounds like you had it all!! Glad you're feeling better finally! I hope I don't have bad MS! I have had varying degrees of nausea for almost a week but haven't thrown up yet. I hate throwing up!!! It's almost like a phobia, I kind of freak out! Who knows though maybe if I do it enough it won't freak me out so much. LOL! I'm not really into sweets right now. (Which is totally not me) I am craving french fries mostly! DH looked at me funny last night when i brought home supper. Burger and fries, imagine that. I told him I had mustard on my burger and he asked if they forgot to leave it off or if I forgot to ask. I said I asked for it!! He said well, you're definately pregnant!!

    That's funny about the crying and what your DH said! I could see that happening to me. The other night we were watching the Discover channel and there were elephants in a drought and the baby elephant calf died. I saw it lie down and it was gone. I started bawling the ugly cry and DH decided it was time to change the channel. Even after he changed it I couldn't not think about it and I still cried!

    I can't wait til I'm showing. I'm so bloated right now and the hormones from the IVF made me put on weight that I just look fat right now. Most people would peg me for someone who would want to know the sex since I'm so impatient but I have this idea of the dr saying "It's a ........." and having a surprise! Kinda like at Christmas when the presents are sitting under the tree but you have to wait until that day to open them and find
    out what they are!!
    booklvr04 replied to mrs62610's response:
    So happy you have moved over to this board! I hope you continue to feel okay (both of you!) Yay!!!
    Emily(31); DH(32) - After 4 failed IUI's we conceived on our own prior to our IVF cycle! Alexander Edward was born on 9/1/2010; 5lbs 15oz, 20; God is Great!
    FrenchBulldogMom responded:
    Those numbers are similar to what mine were and I have twins. Even if it is a singleton, the numbers going up show that the baby is doing great.

    When do you have your first ultrasound?
    mrs62610 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
    I will be completely happy whether it's 1 or 2. I'm just happy to have the opportunity to have 1!! My first ultrasound is February 25th. I'll be 6 weeks 3 days. I can't hardly wait!
    mrs62610 replied to booklvr04's response:
    Leah25Brooke2 replied to mrs62610's response:
    I will try to look at it that way!! Like Christmas!! I'm just such a planner.. I want to have everything ready! We'll see.. I may try to reason with him some more, or I may just let him win. I still really do want to find out though.

    I hope you don't throw up alot! Especially since you have kind of a phobia! But if you do, it's all worth it and it usually doesn't last the whole pregnancy. I think I'm having a boy because with my daughter I wasn't sick at all. That's not a definitive thing either because every pregnancy is different, but I think it would be fun to have a boy! But I'd love another little girl just as much! Really, just as long as he/she is healthy I will be so happy!

    My SIL put on a lot of weight with IVF, but she did three back to back just a couple months apart! I wish she had had your luck that the first time took!! She's getting ready to do her FIFTH! Man.

    That would be fun if you could come up with a fun way of telling that your pregnant! Theres some creative ways out there! I have such a fat mouth though I just couldn't keep quiet for long. haha
    Me(26) DH(29) DD 3.5 TTC 2 16 mos. 5 rounds of clomid - unsuccessful. Natural BFP - EDD 8/7/13
    susan1777 responded:
    Congrats on the second great beta!! Hope you don't throw up since you have such a fear, but when I warned you of the next step of the OCD, that was what I was talking about...whole new set of worries, lol. I was begging to be nauseous or anything since finally getting pg was 4.5 years in the making, but only had one day of nausea and I was freaked out day after day that I wasn't PG anymore. Of course everyone thought i was nuts, only woman that wanted to be sick, but IFers can understand that, lol. I wouldn't have known I was PG for months had I not seen the ultrasounds.
    Beta numbers can definitely widely vary, we transferred 2 and got a first beta of 276 at just 12dp3dt, and exactly 48hrs later, had 770. Even my doctor said to be prepared for twins, and I got really excited about that, but the u/s just showed one. Felt bad that I felt sad about that, but everyone put so much stock into the #'s that all I was thinking was twins. I've seen much lesser numbers be twins also, just a toss up. Those are good, strong betas though, so that's awesome for you....and I'm sure if it split you would take the twins too.
    Good luck on holding out on the gender reveal . I think I was the only one on the whole board at my time of PG that was a yellow team member til the end. I wanted that "it's a...." moment too, but what's really funny is, we held out, and I still didn't get that moment, lol. I pushed for 2.5 hours, and when Shelby finally came out (scraped head and all), I was so exhausted that I just fell back on the table and couldn't even open my eyes. My husband was so excited and crying that she was even out, that he forgot to even look. My doctor didn't say anything, guess she assumed my husband saw, and a while later when they were done cleaning her off, my husband came over to me and check on me, and I had to ask him what it was....he laughed because he had even forgot to ask the doctor or even notice what she was when she came out...he finally saw her parts when he was standing next to the bassinette, lol.
    I can count on ONE hand the number of people, even from strangers, that guess girl.....the entire world put in their guesses and EVERYONE said boy. I didn't even want to know her heartrate during ultrasounds (of which we had many because she had a heart arrythymia inutero), because I know so many people guess from that. Sadly, it slipped one time, and it was really low, so I then thought everyone was right and assumed boy too. Shelby proved everyone wrong, lol.
    I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy, and just remember every symptom just means your baby is doing well and growing in there .
    Was on ITSG since May of 2004....due to PCOS, tubal, and male factor issues, 5 years of TTC, numerous surgeries, IUI's, and 3 IVF's later, our little girl, Shelby Faith, was born on 5/29/09.
    deliela999 replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    Congratulations to both of you!! It's so exciting after all the effort to get pregnant. My beta's were 400 (27 days) and 950 (48 hours later) and I had two, but one was a blighted ovum. You really can't read into the numbers. I had a really rough time, but it's totally worth it in the end. Now that my LO has figured out social smiling there's nothing better than looking at her and she busts out a big grin!
    mrs62610 replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    I know it sounds weird but when I start to feel like I'm gonna barf I get so stressed that my heartrate becomes irregular and I feel like I'm going to pass out and that makes me panic. I have no idea why but it's been this way since I was probably 10 or so. I have since excepted the fact that I am just strange! Lol

    I can't imagine going through 5 rounds of IVF!! Wow! I'll make sure and pray for her too.

    We are going to try and tell the family on Sunday. Trying to get both sides together without raising suspicion is difficult! I didn't think this part would be so stressful!
    Me-25 DH-38 Expecting our 1st! After 21 months and different medicine combos and IUI's, we conceived with our 1st IVF cycle. 1st U/S on Feb. 25th EDD 10/18/13
    mrs62610 replied to susan1777's response:
    I'm not crazy!! Yesterday I was feeling a little better than the days before and I thought to myself, were they sure? Am I really pregnant? Lol! I know the symptoms can come and go but when they do it kind of freaks you out! When I'm not nauseous I think it would be reassuring if I was sick but then when I am nauseous I worry about possibly throwing up and I want the feeling to go away!! I guess I'm just never satisfied! I'll feel much better after I see LO on the U/S! Until then I'm kind of taking the dr's word for it.

    That's funny that you had to check to see what she was! I bet you were tired after all that! If it didn't matter either way then I can see that not being on the top of the list of things to check for!
    Me-25 DH-38 Expecting our 1st! After 21 months and different medicine combos and IUI's, we conceived with our 1st IVF cycle. 1st U/S on Feb. 25th EDD 10/18/13

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