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    Panic Attacks :(
    mrs62610 posted:
    I know I never mentioned this after it happened the first time but today I'm having another panic attack. I had one the day I turned 13 weeks and now at 15 weeks 5 days. I thought I was just a freak thing the first time now I'm praying it doesn't happen again. I feel like throwing up and I'm shaking. I wish I knew what brings it on, I was just surfing online when my heart rate shot up and I started to feel sick and, well, panicky! I have had anxiety attacks before but they are much different. For me they are more like an overwhelming feeling of depression where I have trouble catching my breathe and I just feel "off". This is entirely different and way more scary and feels like I'm actually freaking out. The first time I called my mom and talked to her until I felt better. (I was alone at work and even left early) Now I'm at work again but my little sisters are here hanging out with me while my mom is at the dentist. As I'm writing this I'm starting to feel a little better! I guess getting things out and concentrating on typing is helping me take my mind off the panic! Sorry, I'm not trying to freak others out and yes, I will be ok. I'm a happy person and am happy with my life, I'm thinking this could be happening because of my hormones being all wacky. Anyway, thanks for reading, I just needed to get that off my chest!
    Me-25 DH-38 Expecting our 1st! After 21 months and different medicine combos and IUI's, we conceived with our 1st IVF cycle. Not finding out the sex before hand! EDD 10/18/13
    kittykatjenn responded:
    Happened to me! I have never had one before and it happened. I didn't really feel sick or anything....I was just in a panic! Could it have maybe started with low blood sugar? Maybe the feeling of it induced the panic. It is no fun at all...hopefully it stops!
    mrs62610 replied to kittykatjenn's response:
    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one even though I wouldn't wish it on you or anyone! Thankfully the one yesterday was not as bad as the first but still not fun. When did you have yours? The first time I don't think I had low blood sugar because I had been snacking on peanuts over the afternoon. Yesterday could have been since I was hungry and hadn't had lunch yet. I think I would take morning sickness over this!! I hope you don't have any more of that!
    Me-25 DH-38 Expecting our 1st! After 21 months and different medicine combos and IUI's, we conceived with our 1st IVF cycle. Not finding out the sex before hand! EDD 10/18/13
    Leah25Brooke2 replied to mrs62610's response:
    Oh no!! I'm sorry you guys are experiencing panic attacks! Ugh! So sorry! Hopefully they are over for both of you and they won't happen again. I've heard they really are just horrible. Hang in there!!
    Me(26) DH(29) DD (4) TTC2 16 mos. 5 rounds of clomid - unsuccessful. Natural BFP - EDD 8/7/13 - It's a GIRL!!

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