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    Birth Story! It's a.........
    mrs62610 posted:
    GIRL! We are so happy for our little girl! Her name is Harli! She was born on 10/16 at 10:58 am. She was 8lbs 3oz and 21 inches long.

    Here's how it all went! I worked all day on Tuesday the 15th. As I was coming in the door at home I had some cramping, this was about 6:30pm or so. My husband was working late and didn't get home until about 8:15. I was having consistent painful contractions the whole evening and finally called L&D at 9:15 when I started spotting. Mind you, this whole time I was unsure I was actually in labor until the spotting started! The nurse told me to rest for an hour and time the contractions (which were already 5-6 minutes apart) and see if they got more frequent and if I had more spotting within the hour to go ahead and call back sooner. I had more spotting and the contractions went to being about 4-5 minutes apart. I went ahead and showered before calling the nurse back so that we were ready to go. I called and she told me to come in and they would check me. Ha! We got there and when the midwife came in about midnight to check me I was already at 4cm! I was feeling good about the amount of progress made so I opted to keep going natural. Things started to slow down a bit during the night and I only went from 4 to 5 and a half cm from midnight to 5 am. It was getting really intense at that point and I knew I still had a ways to go and I hadn't slept all night. I was exhausted! About 5:30 I decided to get an epidural. After it was put in it only worked on my right side so they decided to take it out and do it again. By 6:30am and after a second try it was working!! I rested some but was too excited to sleep. Once I had the epidural I relaxed enough that I went from almost 6cm at 6:30am to complete and pushing at 9:25! I pushed for an hour and a half and Harli was born at 10:58am. I had a 3rd degree tear that has just started to feel better in the last couple of days! By the time I got to push the epi was wearing off, the nurse wanted to check if I was ready to push before giving me more. Since I was ready at that point, they let epi wear off and within the first 15 minutes of pushing I could feel everything! Oh boy, was it intense! My mom ended up staying for the delivery which I thought would be weird but in the moment I didn't care. My DH didn't want to cut the cord so we let my mom do it. She was so excited she was shaking! I was so proud of DH, he was so helpful during delivery and reminded me how to push when I got distracted by the pain. The entire experience was incredible! It was so intense, like I said but I plan to do it again! The only thing that worries me is tearing like that or worse again. I think I would have recovered much sooner if it hadn't been for the tear.

    The first few days were really rough. I was trying to breastfeed and was having latching issues. The lactation consultant was impressed by how aggressive she was at the breast. I think it was a combination of her being vigorous and my breasts being large that was making latching difficult and feeding excruciating. We took her to the dr for a follow-up on Saturday and she had lost more weight than they wanted so we had to supplement with formula. I also decided to start pumping so that I could see how much she was getting. We took her back 24 hours later and she had gained 3 ounces! She was also fussy because she had terrible gas! I started giving her gas relief drops and she is now a very happy 2 week old!!!! I'm still supplementing some as I'm not producing as much as she is eating. (She is already eating 4 or more ounces at some feedings) We love her to pieces and are so happy!!!!
    Me-25 DH-38 Expecting our 1st! After 21 months and different medicine combos and IUI's, we conceived with our 1st IVF cycle. Not finding out the sex before hand! EDD 10/18/13
    att76 responded:
    Congratulations!!! I am super excited for you!!! My SIL had a severe tear also and it took her a long time to have #2. With the second one she didn't tear quite as severe. Glad to hear things are getting better with you and baby! I am sure you and DH are just super excited to have her and are just over the moon with everything!

    Congrats again and keep us posted on how things are going!!
    leah27brooke4 responded:
    Oh my gosh!! CONGRATS!!!! So happy for you! Girls are so much fun!! Sorry about the tear! Hopefully next time around it won't be so bad! So glad to know your LO is healthy and happy! Love the name and am so happy for you!!
    leah27brooke4 responded:
    MRS- How are you? How is Harley? I bet your loving life with your little girl! Hope to hear from you!
    leah27brooke4 replied to leah27brooke4's response:
    oops sorry! Harli!!

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