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    mrs62610 posted:
    Hello everyone! It probably seems like I dropped off the planet! lol

    Life has been insane lately! I also just found out last week that I'm anemic and my thyroid level was off. I have since been put on iron and had my thyroid meds tripled so I'm feeling better! I just didn't have the energy to get on here if I could find the time. Anyway, how is everyone? I see, Leah, that you are expecting again! Congrats!! ATT76, you're almost there!!!

    Harli is doing fantastic! She is getting several teeth in, rolling over and now takes her pacifier from us and likes to put it in her mouth by herself! She will be 5 months on March 16th and growing so much! She's 16 and a half pounds and almost 26 inches long.
    Me-25 DH-38 Expecting our 1st! After 21 months and different medicine combos and IUI's, we conceived with our 1st IVF cycle. Not finding out the sex before hand! EDD 10/18/13
    att76 responded:
    Hey there! Glad to hear Harli is doing well.

    I am getting nervous but very excited about meeting this baby. DH is so funny about the pregnancy. He is ssooooooooooo excited!!!

    That sucks about the anemia and thyroid problems. At least you got the problem figured out and can focus on Harli!

    Take care and keep in touch!
    leah27brooke4 responded:
    Hey!! So glad to hear from you!!

    So glad Harli is doing well!! How is life as a mom? Are you adjusting and just loving it?

    Glad you got your thryoid levels fixed. They will sure make you feel crummy when they are off.

    Emma is doing well too. She is almost 7 months. She's been scooting all over and getting into things for awhile now. She's a go getter and we are going to have our hands full with her! She's already bored of her toys and wants to get into everything she's not suppose to! She's very curious and has alot of energy! At her 6 month check up a couple weeks ago she weight 15.7 lbs and was 26 inches long. She looks just like her daddy, which is so funny because Brooke looks exactly like me!!

    Yes I am 14 weeks as of yesterday! We conceived on the first real cycle after emma. I am due September 2nd!

    So glad everything is going well for you.
    mrs62610 replied to leah27brooke4's response:
    There is nothing comparable to being a mom! I love it! Harli looks just like her dad too. DH is wonderful and I just love watching him with her!

    I stopped BF at 4 months and just had my first real cycle. We are being careful but at the same time, it won't be the end of the world if I get pregnant. We are hoping to wait awhile but whatever happens......happens.

    I'll be keeping an eye on you guys!!
    Me-25 DH-38 Expecting our 1st! After 21 months and different medicine combos and IUI's, we conceived with our 1st IVF cycle. Not finding out the sex before hand! EDD 10/18/13
    att76 replied to mrs62610's response:
    I am super excited to become a mom. We went to a breastfeeding class the other night and it is just one more thing to make it seem real and really close. I am lucky to have him or her in May so I will have the entire summer to bond. The only down side will be the fall when school starts again and I have to go back!! DH however has been wanting me to think about maybe staying home. At least for the first year. I never thought he would think about me staying home, but we will see.

    So glad everything is going well with Harli. Maybe she will have a little brother or sister soon!!
    leah27brooke4 replied to mrs62610's response:
    Yeah we decided that since there was a such a big age gap between our first two that was unintentional, (almost 5 years) we would not use contraceptives after Emma. We felt that if God wanted to give us another child, we would be happy and accept that. Obviosuly that was his plan!

    I am so happy for you! It is so fun to watch Daddy with his little girl. I swear my big burly husband turns into a big teddy bear with his little girls!

    ATT- Just my opinion so take it for what its worth, but if you chose to stay home for awhile you would never regret it. I work usually one day a week, sometimes two, but I am home most of the time and let me tell you it is priceless. I could work full time if I wanted and make lots of money, but it does not compare to being able to be the one that raises my children. I love so much being there almost everyday to be close, love them and teach them and help them grow. I wouldn't work at all if my husband wasnt self employed and we needed the insurance coverage. Just my thoughts! I know you're a teacher so you can't work part time really, but you can always go back with he or she is a little older! To me, you never regret the time you get with your child. They are only small once and grow so fast.

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