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    Birth Story
    att76 posted:
    Hi all! Sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted, but being a mom is time consuming!!

    I had been having weird things happen the week before she was born. I lost my mucus plug the Monday before she was born, although at the time didn't realize that is what it was. Then on that Thursday we went to our birthing class, when we got home I went to bed and had a severe contraction (it woke me up) in my lower abdomen, I fell back asleep and didn't feel anything else for the rest of the night. Had my normal doctor appointment on Friday and I was thinning but wasn't dialated. I went to Lincoln for the Spring Game (we are huge Nebraska Husker fans!!) it was hot, we did a lot of walking, and I wore jeans! On Sunday (april 13) I woke up and didn't feel very good. I just thought I over did it the day before and probably just a little overheated. I had some pink discharge and called and they said since I had been checked on Friday that was normal. On Monday (the 14th) I was getting ready for school and was getting my blow dryer out from under my sink and it felt like I peed my pants, this went on for most of the morning/afternoon and then stopped. I didn't think to much of it, I wasn't having contractions or anything like that. Later Monday night I started having the pink discharge again and I called Labor and Delivery at the hospital. They said since it stopped it was probably nothing. but if I wanted to come in to be checked I could. otherwise call your doc the next day. I called the next day and the nurse I talked to wanted me to come in.

    I went into the doctor the morning of April 15th for an appointment to see if my water had torn. He did the test to see if my water had ruptured and he thought it would come back negative. He checked me and said I was thinning and dilated to a 2. When i got up there was a pool of blood on the table...a lot of blood! I called the nurse back in and she got the doctor. He wasn't concerned! While he was in there he said the test was positive. I would have loved to see my face when he said that! The nurse just looked at me and asked if I was okay!!!

    I was able to go home (I live 30 miles away from hospital) and get my bag ( which wasn't packed), call DH and get to the hospital. I was in my L/D room by 12:30 and at 12"45 he finished breaking my water. By 1:00 the back contractions started and I was dilated to about a 3-4. By 3"00 I was at a 4 and was able to get my epidural. The back labor was so bad!! By 4:00 I was at a 9 and by 5:00 I was fully dialted just a little cervix left. I started pushing just after six and Piper Isabelle was born at 7:05 pm.

    I really had an easy labor and delievery. In fact at one point I looked out the window that was in the room and there was a parking lot close and I said if someone had binoculars they could look in and see everything. The nurse and DH just looked at me like..."That is what you are thinking about right now!!!???" It really was easy!!

    Sorry it has taken so long for me to post. Hope everything is going well for all of you...let me know how things are going!!

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