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    Birth Story
    att76 posted:
    Hi all! Sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted, but being a mom is time consuming!!

    I had been having weird things happen the week before she was born. I lost my mucus plug the Monday before she was born, although at the time didn't realize that is what it was. Then on that Thursday we went to our birthing class, when we got home I went to bed and had a severe contraction (it woke me up) in my lower abdomen, I fell back asleep and didn't feel anything else for the rest of the night. Had my normal doctor appointment on Friday and I was thinning but wasn't dialated. I went to Lincoln for the Spring Game (we are huge Nebraska Husker fans!!) it was hot, we did a lot of walking, and I wore jeans! On Sunday (april 13) I woke up and didn't feel very good. I just thought I over did it the day before and probably just a little overheated. I had some pink discharge and called and they said since I had been checked on Friday that was normal. On Monday (the 14th) I was getting ready for school and was getting my blow dryer out from under my sink and it felt like I peed my pants, this went on for most of the morning/afternoon and then stopped. I didn't think to much of it, I wasn't having contractions or anything like that. Later Monday night I started having the pink discharge again and I called Labor and Delivery at the hospital. They said since it stopped it was probably nothing. but if I wanted to come in to be checked I could. otherwise call your doc the next day. I called the next day and the nurse I talked to wanted me to come in.

    I went into the doctor the morning of April 15th for an appointment to see if my water had torn. He did the test to see if my water had ruptured and he thought it would come back negative. He checked me and said I was thinning and dilated to a 2. When i got up there was a pool of blood on the table...a lot of blood! I called the nurse back in and she got the doctor. He wasn't concerned! While he was in there he said the test was positive. I would have loved to see my face when he said that! The nurse just looked at me and asked if I was okay!!!

    I was able to go home (I live 30 miles away from hospital) and get my bag ( which wasn't packed), call DH and get to the hospital. I was in my L/D room by 12:30 and at 12"45 he finished breaking my water. By 1:00 the back contractions started and I was dilated to about a 3-4. By 3"00 I was at a 4 and was able to get my epidural. The back labor was so bad!! By 4:00 I was at a 9 and by 5:00 I was fully dialted just a little cervix left. I started pushing just after six and Piper Isabelle was born at 7:05 pm.

    I really had an easy labor and delievery. In fact at one point I looked out the window that was in the room and there was a parking lot close and I said if someone had binoculars they could look in and see everything. The nurse and DH just looked at me like..."That is what you are thinking about right now!!!???" It really was easy!!

    Sorry it has taken so long for me to post. Hope everything is going well for all of you...let me know how things are going!!
    leah27brooke4 responded:
    I'm so glad your experience was great!!! Hope you are doing well with the LO!!!
    att76 replied to leah27brooke4's response:
    Thanks! How are you doing? You should be getting closer?
    leah27brooke4 replied to att76's response:
    I'm good! 34 weeks now! Can't believe it! Very, Very, Very tired. Other than that, happy.

    How is Piper? She's so cute!! Is being a mom everything you thought and more?
    att76 replied to leah27brooke4's response:
    Piper is good, she is getting so big. I can't believe she is going to be 4 months old. Being a mom is nothing like I thought, but it has been good. I have enjoyed every moment with her wouldn't change anything!!

    I have decided to stay home with her this fall and not go back to teaching. At least for a year at least. It was a very hard decision not because I needed some gratification from teaching but because I LOVED my job and the people I worked with. It wasn't an easy decision at all.

    Well other than being tired everything with the pregnancy is going well?
    leah27brooke4 replied to att76's response:
    You have to do what is best for you! I have lots of friends that have to work - for as they say, their sanity. Which I would love to stay at home full time but many women prefer to work. I have strong feelings about wanting to be in the home, but every situation is different. At least you know you can go back if you feel you need/want.

    The pregnancy is great. Dr says the baby looks very big. All my babies have been 8 lbs, but Dr thinks I may surpass that mark with this one. I'm very curious to see if it's a boy or girl. Completely happy either way - I'm just curious and excited for the delivery. It will be exciting. Hopefully will make it to the hospital this time before the last stage of labor though! lol!

    What surprises you about motherhood? There are so many surprises - I have many with Brooke as she is my first. Motherhood is wonderful but can be very challenging. Emma is finally sleeping through the night and off the bottle, but gets up very early... and now Brooke my 5 year old wakes up almost nightly with nightmares. I am usually very patient with her, but sometimes I get frustrated with having to get up at night. I'm very tired anyways, and have not been able to sleep through this pregnancy much what with a baby that didn't sleep through the night until just recently and now Brooke crying most nights. That's just part of it though - it's just exhausting! I hope Piper sleeps good for you!!
    att76 replied to leah27brooke4's response:
    I have to say Piper is a great sleeper. She slept through the night at about a month old and sleep until 7:30/8:30 in the morning. However she doesn't go down until 10:30/11:30. She is a good baby she doesn't fuss much unless she is hungry or tired, very content.

    I was scared with Piper that she was going to be big. My doc kept telling me she was going to be about 8 pounds. I don't know if labor and delivery would have been as easy as it was if she would have been that big. I am a big wimp!!

    The things about motherhood that surprise me are just the things that you CANNOT get done in a day. I know if your house isn't clean it isn't the worst thing in the world, but I have been trying to clean my bathrooms for about 3 weeks, it just isn't happening!! Plus with pumping that takes up time too. Piper really is a good baby so I really can't complain to much, but it seems the days I could get something done she wants to be fussy!

    The tiredness, people always tell you how tired you will be, but until you are there you honestly have no idea about tiredness. I couldn't imagine how you do it sometimes, but you just do.

    I understand your friends thought on sanity. I will miss the adult conversation, but I will enjoy being with my daughter and seeing her grow and hit all her milestones. I just never thought it would be an option for me, let alone DH would want me to stay home. I have always had a job and enjoy going to work.This is just a new adventure and I can say I will enjoy it!!
    leah27brooke4 replied to att76's response:
    Oh yes, Dr's really have no way of telling how much the baby will actually weigh. That's actually a huge pet peeve of mine. I've seen alot of inductions/c-sections because the dr said the u/s showed the baby was going to be very large - and the baby was like 7 pounds something! But I am sure my baby will be a good size, as I have given birth to three children, and they have been 8lbs, 7 -15, and 8lbs! So I'm sure this one will be around the same!

    I'm so glad Piper sleeps good for you! Brooke was such a good sleeper, and has been up until the last few weeks. She always slept through the night as a baby and would take the longest naps too. That really makes a difference with parenting. Emma has been such a challenge in that regard. Otherwise she's a happy baby - just very active and curious. I'm so tired! lol!

    I know you will love being home with your daughter!! Keep in touch!!
    leah27brooke4 replied to leah27brooke4's response:
    Just wanted to continue - because I couldn't write all that I wanted I had to get off -

    Yes! It's hard at first to get things done. I work really hard all day with the kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry, bills and our business accounting, shopping etc - you know the routine. But it's exhausting because I feel like I am CONSTANTLY picking up, sweeping, picking up, sweeping, wiping.. picking up.. after them. lol .Especially with Emma, she's almost one and she's off the bottle so she eats regular food and it gets everywhere.. just everywhere. I wonder why I clean up after her so much, it just gets dirty again like 10 minutes later. lol. But I just do. And then there's the re-directing all the time as she's getting into something that she shouldn't... it's all very time consuming!!

    I am wondering how my life is going to be with a baby that's barely one, a newborn and making sure Brooke gets off to school early in the morning and has everything she needs. My house is just going to have to take a blow. I hate having a messy house, but I have a feeling I'm just going to have to get over it. I wonder how I'm going to cook as much as I do. That's probably going to change too. And I doubt I shop as much as it's not like Emma can walk around and I will have a baby in a carseat - so how would I really do that? There's so many things that I'm just wondering - wow! How is this going to work?!
    mrs62610 responded:
    Hello! So glad to see you have a healthy lo! I have been wanting to get on here and see what is going on but have been so busy! Hubby and I are going to try for number 2 after the 1st of the year. Congrats!
    Me-25 DH-38 Expecting our 1st! After 21 months and different medicine combos and IUI's, we conceived with our 1st IVF cycle. Not finding out the sex before hand! EDD 10/18/13

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    DH and I have a DS (Kooper, 3 years old) from IVF/ICSI #1. IVF/ICSI #2 BFP with m/c @ 9.5 weeks, IVF/ICSI #3 BFN, FET 1 hatching blast BFP

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