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    Pal grad updates 6 months...
    bbylove21 posted:
    Calling all grads, Let us know of your little ones, I know i'm friends with most of you guys on Fb but i would love to hear from others.

    Lucas was born on his edd..June 29th 2011 , via partial natural birth lol epi sucked not fully working towards end not epi at all..3 hrs of pushing and finally my sweet (yellow team) BABY BOY ..8LBS 7OZ
    Today he is a lively and happy ..very busy child we are co-sleeping and breastfeeding ,recently started Baby-led weaning and is eating all sort of soft foods he just rolled from back to belly 2 days ago.

    Congratulations to you preggers I stop in here from time to time to read you beautiful birthstories hope to hear from more pal grads although
    Adriana(21) DH(26)Furry baby Lola (3yrs old shih-pom).. mc at 9 weeks in 5/22/10 BFP!! 10/22/10 EDD 6/29/11 Yellow team...It's a Boy!!! 6.29.11-Lucas Manuel ;D Life has never been sweeter.
    Mandy_Smiles responded:
    Remember me?! Well, I'm back!!! Triggers: My first doctor appt. is Tuesday and I will know exactly how far along I am, assuming the appt goes well.

    My Grad update: Gweneth was born 4/4/11 and my epi also didn't work at all. They tried to put it in 3 times and then they just had to give up because they are only allowed to try it a certain amount of times. I was mad I had to pay for the epidural that didn't even work! LOL!

    She was 8lb 14oz and is now on the verge of 9 months and I am guessing weighs around 23 or 24lbs now. She is a big girl. She is fitting into 18 month - 2T sizes. It's crazy how big she is! Gwen is crawling and cruising and wearing me out! I'm loving every minute of it. She keeps standing up and then sitting down. I am waiting for her to decide to try and taking a step. Her babbling is turning into a language of her own. I love it! She is so wonderful and sweet, she makes me want a whole litter of kiddos.

    Adriana: Co-sleeping? Maybe you should ask your Pedi if that is recommended. My Pedi STRONGLY is against co-sleeping. Just a friendly FYI.
    Mandy 27, DH 32, Angel Baby @ 13weeks April 2010, my beautiful Gweneth Grace entered the world April 4, 2011. Current EDD 8/19/12. Green team!
    Babyhopes614 replied to Mandy_Smiles's response:
    My GRAD Update: Parker Anne was born 9/9/11 via c/s, weighing 6lbs 12oz and 19 inches long. My water broke 3 hours into induction and I wanted the epi, I'm sorry you guys had such a bad experience with it. Mine kicked in fully within 30 minutes and I was about to sleep thru the night. The next morning her HR dropped so they sent me in for a c/s turned out the cord was wrapped around her neck.
    She is now 4 months old and a true blessing! She weighs about between 12 and 13 pounds we will know for sure Monday when we go for her check up. She sleeps thru the night in her own bed I am very proud of that hehe. We tried bfing but my body wouldn't allow it, so she is a formula baby. We had trouble in the beginning because she is lactose intolerant and has reflux but we are completely off meds for reflux and having less spitting up.

    Mandy it is good to hear from you! Congrats on you new pregnancy

    Andri hehe I talk to you all the time on fb but it was good reading about lil LUC!
    Jennifer- Proud PAL Grad! Parker Anne Freeman born 9/9/11 at 8:09 weighing 6lbs 13oz
    mrslee97658 responded:
    Devin was born on his edd August 4, 2011 via induction with epi and about 4 hours of labor total and 20 minutes of pushing he came all 9lbs, 9oz of him

    Today he is still not sleeping through the night, half co sleeping half his own bed. He loooooves cereal and he's a happy, healthy bouncing baby at 5 months old tomorrow.

    He weighs about 17lbs now but we will find out for sure in a few weeks when we meet his new Dr.

    Congrats Mandy, I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months.
    Me Ruth(27), DH (43) DS1(11), DD(8), DS2(5), DS3(4) 2 m/c 6wk, 9wk, BFP 11/23/10 EDD 8/4/11 Blue Team
    LynnaeMarie responded:
    I haven't lurked on here in a while!

    Erich was born 6days after my EDD on November 6th. It was a very long hard labor, I didn't want the epi but after about 4hours of being stuck at 8cm I got one. I never fully dilated (that's why midwife finally encouraged epi, hoping it would relax my body enough to get to 10). So after 4 hours of epi & pitocin we started pushing & I got to push w/out the meds.
    After 2.5hours of pushing & midwife literally reaching up in to help his head through my not fully dilated cervix, Erich was born 24hours & 11min from the time the first contraction woke me up.

    & I will totally do it again!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love my boy & love every second of being a mom. He is almost 9weeks old, just over 12lbs, we co-sleep, I am able to BF (which I completely LOVE), I can take him to work with me & we recently discovered how much he prefers the shower over the bath.
    Me (29) DH (35) M/C 2/2010 at 12 weeks. Bailey, Molly (pups), lots of cats. PAL Grad: Erich, 11/6/11!
    MSettle78 replied to LynnaeMarie's response:
    Tyler Anthony was born on 07/19/11 I was induced at 41 weeks.
    He was stuck in me and they had to do a csection. He was 9.7 lbs.

    He is now 2 weeks away from 6 months and a amazing little boy. He is about 20lbs. He is sitting up on his own like a big boy. Also rolling over both back to belly and belly to back. He is so much fun. He is a HAPPY BOY and smiles all the time. I couldn't ask for a more loving child. He sleeps in his crib all night (sometimes wakes up once). I love my little man. Anyone feel free to add me on Facebook I know most of you are on there.

    I will hopefully be back in a couple years or so. Just want to enjoy little man for now
    Me! Marissa (22) DH Matt (23) 2 Furbabies Bentley 4 and Myley 3...
    M/C Aug/10 at 5 weeks :( BFP 10/31/10 Due 07/11/11 Baby Boy Tyler Anthony ! :) Born via Csection 07/19/2011
    ralica responded:
    Grad 3 times!

    Hannah Elise, born 08/17/08, super easy birth, with epi, 12 hour labor, 1 hour of pushing, beautiful & healthy baby girl, 7lb 7oz, 21 inches, born at 39w1d. Now she is 3 years old, full of energy and personality, very smart and cute, girlie girl

    Paxon Thomas, born 04/03/10, a little more difficult birth this time - some problems getting the epi on time and his head getting stuck as he was crowning for a few seconds; 12 hour labor with 1 hour of pushing just like the first time; my handsome little man was 8lb 11 oz, 21 inches, born at 39 weeks. Now he is just over 1 and a half and all boy - he loves physical activities, he will definitely be in some kind of sport when he grows up

    Madelyn Villi, born 11/28/11, very fast and pretty painful labor and delivery this time, I almost had to deliver this one without pain meds but managed to convince the doctor I can hold her in fast enough for a quick spinal; 3 1/2 to 4 hours labor, just a couple of pushes and she was out; 7lb 13 oz, 19.5 inches, born at 39w1d like my first girl. Now she is 6 weeks old, sooo sweet and easy going, she knew she was coming home to a busy household and has been doing her best to fit in not be a problem for anyone. We love her dearly and can't wait to see who she will become as she grows up.

    Its been a great experience for me to go through my pregnancies with this board, I don't know how I could have done it otherwise with all the emotions!
    Me (36), DH (35), 2 mc, our PAL babies - Hannah Elise, born 09/17/08; Paxon Thomas, born 04/03/10; Madelyn Villi, born 11/28/11 Thank You PAL!
    earleyml1012 responded:
    Grad Update: Katelyn Grace was born on 10/26, 5 days after my EDD and weighed 9lbs 7oz. The day before she was born we did the NST and she didn't do so hot so they sent me to be induced. However, I started having contractions on my own so I never need any pitocin. My labor was much fast and easier than the first time around. The epidural actually hurt more than the contractions I was having b/c I didn't wait until I couldn't tolerate the pain anymore.

    Katelyn is now 2 1/2 months old and she's such a joy. She's smiling, laughing and responding to us talking to her. Alex LOVES being a big sister and is so proud of her little baby. Katelyn sleeps about 6-8 hours at night in her own crib and is formula feed. Our family is so complete now!
    Me (28) DH (28) DD (12/6/08) EDD (10/21/11) Pink Team!
    earleyml1012 responded:
    Oh what is the FB group?
    Me (28) DH (28) DD (12/6/08) EDD (10/21/11) Pink Team!
    mrslee97658 replied to earleyml1012's response:
    find me on there and I will let you know.....Ruth Lee
    Me Ruth(27), DH (43) DS1(11), DD(8), DS2(5), DS3(4) 2 m/c 6wk, 9wk, BFP 11/23/10 EDD 8/4/11 Blue Team
    earleyml1012 replied to mrslee97658's response:
    I looked for you but there are a ton of Ruth Lee. Can you tell me what city you live in?
    Me (28) DH (28) DD (12/6/08) EDD (10/21/11) Pink Team!
    mrslee97658 replied to earleyml1012's response:
    sorry this took me so long to get back.....South Bend, IN or you can look me up by email : lee824 at comcast dot net
    Me Ruth(27), DH (43) DS1(11), DD(8), DS2(5), DS3(4) 2 m/c 6wk, 9wk, BFP 11/23/10 EDD 8/4/11 Blue Team

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