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    Monday Updates 8/13
    MtnPrincess posted:
    Since I'm actually on on a Monday Morning, I figured I'd kick us off!

    Kailah and Snowflake


    w/g - I haven't weight myself in a couple weeks, but guessing still a few lbs -. Although I've been keeping food down better!

    s/c - pelvic pressure when I stand/walk for more than like 10 minutes at a time. Baby seems pretty comfortable down low, lol. Makes me think of my last baby who was head down and engaged reallllllllly early. Maybe this one will be nice like that too? Although it definitely is uncomfortable the last 6 weeks or so! Still have some m/s. More good days than bad right now, which is really nice! I've finally "popped" too, although people still mention they are scared to ask 'cause I'm so small and are shocked that I'm 21w. Oh well, lol.

    other - We're just hanging out and having a great time at my parent's house in Cali right now. They live on a lake so we're all getting lots of sun and swim time! My kiddos are eating it up. My mom likes to set up lots of "treats" for me while we're here, too. I've already been paddleboarding with a women's group, and helped throw 2 bridal showers, and this next week I get to go to a musical (Fiddler on the Roof in the round!), a massage, a haircut with my favorite stylist, and maybe even a night at our favorite restaurant (Benihana's)!! This has been just what I needed after a summer of illness, fires, shootings, etc. My hubby said he hasn't seen me this relaxed in months.

    next mw/a - Aug 27th.
    Kailah(30) DH(30) twin angels 5/06 @10w, angel Selah 3/12 @5w, PAL DD Mika 8/7/07 DS Urijah 10/31/08 DS Ezekiah 8/18/10 Snowflake EDD 12/18/12!! HWVBAC Mama!
    babyj1017 responded:
    Here's my update...

    Jenny and Baby Bunny

    4w4d (I think)

    w/g - 0 thus far, but there's PLENTY of time to change that, lol

    s/c - hellacious heartburn. some ligament pain when I stand up too fast or bend the wrong way. Mild nausea. Lack of appetite.

    other - my older DC start school on Wednesday. My daughter is 6 and is going into first grade and has the teacher I had waayyy back in second grade. I loved her then (she was a first year teacher), so I hope DD loves her. My son is 4 and starting the Pre-K program offered through DD's school (public). It doesn't seem possible that he's old enough for that. I'm going to be a blubbering mess after putting him on the bus!

    Next appt - tomorrow is my first appointment... just a confirmation appointment. I'm a tad nervous... when we had our m/c he told me to wait two cycles before getting pregnant... we only waited one (oops! this is a vacation baby ). So I hope he doesn't yell at me. lol
    MelBrody replied to babyj1017's response:
    Melissa & Baby Clark

    w/g - Up about 13 pounds eeek!

    s/c - Heartburn, RLP, peeing all the time!!! But otherwise same ole, same ole lol.

    other - Not much to report, the rest of August is relativley uneventful. But September I am going to a wedding in Austin & my baby shower is at the end of the month. Also I am going to take a tour of the hospital I will be giving birth in. So hoping the rest of this month will fly by!!

    Hope everyone is is doing well!!
    jedmonds12 responded:
    Julie & Little Dude


    w/g: 10 lbs

    s/c: Baby movement is pretty uncomfortable. "No, baby, you can't get out through momma's side!" Sometimes he rolls or flips so hard it jerks my whole body. DH finally saw it for the first time last night and was like "Holy crap, was that HIM?!" LOL. Have to pee every 2 hours, even at night. RLP when going from laying to standing. Hip/butt soreness. Nausea after eating... *whine whine whine*

    Other: Busy week this week with a day care tour, two events for work that will take me out of the office for two days, an OB appt, my high school reunion, and my dad's birthday bbq. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

    Next d/a: Today at 4:15, routine OB. Every 2 weeks now!

    Kailah, I'm so glad you're having such a nice vacation!!
    Julie (28) DH (36).
    ^i^ May 2010
    PAL grad! DS Kawika born 4/25/11
    EDD 10/7/12, Blue Team!
    kj121 responded:
    I'm 17w0d today!
    I had an ultrasound done on Friday, and she said the baby was so active she couldn't get a good look at what it was, but she thought it looked like a girl. (This was at a counseling clinic I go to, and was basically just for fun.) I have a dr appt this week, and they said they were going to schedule my 20 wk U/S at this visit, so hopefully this one will be a little more conclusive.

    Other than that, I continue to have heartburn, food makes me sick easily (for some reason I can only keep down starchy foods, which I know I'm probably going to pay for when they do the gestational diabetes test), but I eat what I can and avoid the things that don't stay down.

    I still haven't gained weight, which my dr office says is fine.

    I'm still nervous about having a m/c, because in 2 weeks is the point at which I lost our son, Brandon, and I think it always will affect me until I get past 20 weeks, and basically am out of the woods for having something happen.

    other - DS starts school this week - he's excited about being a 1st grader this year.
    Karen (31) DH (31)
    DS (6)
    3 MC, diagnosed w/ chromosome defect after 2nd MC
    EDD 1/21/13, Green team

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