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    8/20 MC...possibly pregnant again?
    sambosilver posted:
    I've had 4 mc and I have 2 healthy boys, ages 18 and 11. After the last MC we didn't make a definite decision to stop or try one more time. AF was due yesterday and I have no symptoms, either way. No bloating, no cramps, no headaches, nothing's sore. I'm tired...but I work full time, I'm 37 years old and I don't get enough sleep. Anyway, I'm driving myself crazy here. I had a period 34 days after the last MC and my cycles are normally 28 days. I tested yesterday and two days before that...both BFN. I'm thinking I didn't ovulate...or I did, but late. I had a sore back and egg white discharge around the 10th. We BD'd the 8th, 10th and 11th. Any insight would be much appreciated. I just don't know how to feel right now. A big part of me hopes I am...but if I am, I'm a little scared.
    sambosilver responded:
    I'm now 2 days late, still no af, another bfn and no symptoms. has anyone ever experienced this and gotten a bfp? Or maybe they experienced this and something else was going on? Just wish af would get here so I can try again. So confusing and aggravating not knowing.
    vybe77 replied to sambosilver's response:
    Hey there..
    Maybe the last m/c threw off your cycles..that is a possibility.. after my 1st loss (last summer 2011) my cycles become extremely long compared to usual and only after the 2nd loss (this past March) did my cycle come back to what is normal for me..
    Here's hoping that maybe you are just testing too early..
    Fingers crossed and KUP!
    sambosilver replied to vybe77's response:
    Thanks for the reply, vybe!

    This was my 3rd mc and the other two didn't mess up my cycle. But my period showed up within 2 weeks of the first 2 mc. With the last one, it was 34 days. So maybe. Or, maybe I O'd later than I thought and it's still too early. Either way, I need to refrain from testing for a few days. It's depressing me. lol I've been really nauseous today so maybe that's a good thing.
    sambosilver replied to vybe77's response:
    ...And vybe, I'm very sorry for your losses. xo
    sambosilver responded:
    I'm now CD 31 and another bfn this morning. As of yesterday afternoon I've been nauseous and gassy and still feel empty/hungry all the time...but that's it. I don't get it. I'm so confused.
    sambosilver responded:
    CD32, nothing has changed. Still no af, BFN and no symptoms. A little nauseous and gassy, but that's it. If there was a chance I was pregnant, it would've showed up on a test by now, right? Good grief this is confusing! I'm getting blood drawn Monday. Not sure what to think.
    britt200408 responded:
    I'm sorry you have to deal with this because I know from experience it sucks. I have never ever in my life EVER missed a cycle other than when I was pregnant. Well in June, I tested and tested and tested and it was all BFN, even when I was 2 weeks late. I also started having some weird symptoms, so I was pretty convinced at that point.

    I went in for a blood test and it was very clearly negative. Saw my OB and he said for whatever reason, I just didn't ovulate that month! Every cycle from December-May after my m/c was perfectly normal and on time, and like I said I have never had any issues with skipped cycles before. My cycle ended up coming perfectly on time the next month and it was extra heavy and painful, which is also normal since I had an extra month of build up.

    I know it's hard not to get your hopes up. I would say definitely go for a blood test because that will give you an answer for sure. All 3 pregnancies I was able to get a positive hpt within 2 days of my missed period. I never knew it was normal to just randomly skip an entire cycle for no reason, but I guess it is more common than we think. I hope you get your answer soon because not knowing is the absolute worst.
    Brittanie(24), DH(25), DS(4), m/c 11/11, LO due 5/24/13!
    sambosilver replied to britt200408's response:
    Thank you for the reply!! That's what I figure is going on. The other thing I haven't mentioned is that my lower back has been killing me for over a month. I have had issues with my back since I was very young, diagnosed with scoliosis when I was around 10. But when I have flare ups they don't usually last this long. I'm wondering if its related to my incognito cycle.
    sambosilver responded:
    Cd1. AF showed this morning. Time to focus on November

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