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    Miscarriage & Flu Vaccine???
    An_249840 posted:
    I was 10 weeks pregnant, heartbeat was perfect, bloodwork perfect, so what changed so drastically? Ladies... Posted by An_249840I was 10 weeks pregnant, heartbeat was perfect, bloodwork perfect, so what changed so drastically? Ladies this is my horror story, one I have never heard of before, because people do not speak in details too often. I miscarried soon after I had my flu shot, in which my doctor insisted that I had to get. Does this sound familiar? You'd be surprised to know that according to some websites, they claim that the flu vaccine has not determined or examined if the flu shot was safe for the fetus. So why the insisting on this especially when you are pregnant. I need answers, I am in agony
    ccornell77 responded:
    Hi there, so sorry for your loss. All ob/gyns recommend the flu vaccine if you are pregnant during flu season. Getting the flu while pregnant is far more dangerous than getting the vaccine which is actually the inactivated form of the virus and usually what you get at the OB office is preservative free. Have you talked to your doctor about this? We cannot give medical advice here. I know you are feeling bad, but a lot of us have experienced a miscarriage and there is no apparent reason. All you can do is believe that everything happens for a reason, even if you dont what it is. Hope you can find peace.
    Colleen (35), had 2 mc in 09. my DS's Drew (4) and Isaac (2).
    Chelle_915 responded:
    I am so sorry for you loss! I completely disagree with the previous reply. Never will I ever get a flu shot, pregnant or not. There is no true preservative free vaccine. Unfortuently I don't have links right now, but I will try to post some later. The flu shot is NOT safe during pregnancy. The risks of MC IMO do not out weigh the benefits!
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    I had my flu shot at 10 weeks and I now have a perfectly healthy 9 1/2 mo old baby boy. I am sorry for you loss. Providers insist pregnant women get flu vaccines because it is more dangerous for mom to get the flu than it is to get the vaccine.
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. Carson Lee born 3/31/12. Love this little man with all my heart
    Mandy_Smiles responded:

    I am so sorry for your loss. (((HUGS))) I received a flu shot with my last 2 pregnancies and my girls are now 22 months old and 5 months old and happy and healthy. Dr's recommend the flu shot due to the fact that a pregnant woman is more vulnerable to catching the flu. This is a topic that you will find differing opinions on and I hope that you have talked with your Dr and asked them your questions and expressed your concerns. (((HUGS))) and once again I am so sorry for your loss.
    Mandy 27, DH 32, Angel Baby @ 13weeks April 2010, my beautiful Gweneth Grace entered the world April 4, 2011. Current EDD Late August 2012. Pink team with a pretty purple bow on top!
    earleyml1012 replied to Mandy_Smiles's response:
    Lurking...I too am very sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, my doctor told me that 90% of miscarriages there's no way to know for sure what caused you to miscarry. There's so many speculations that women come up with but in reality something unfortunately was not developing correctly in the baby. I also had the flu shot with both of my successful pregnancies...the miscarriage was in August so I didn't have one yet. I know it's hard to not wonder what caused it to happen, trust me we've all been through that. Once again I'm truly sorry about your loss. HUGS!!
    Me (28) DH (28) DD (12/6/08) EDD (10/21/11) Pink Team!

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