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    Monday Updates - 4/15
    babyj1017 posted:
    Happy Monday everyone!! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

    My update: 4w5d. No weight gain yet and not too much by the way of symptoms. Some occassional nausea, heartburn. Tender breasts. So far so good. Have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow. Really just a confirmation, but I will get to talk with my OB as well.

    Who's next??
    Jenny(32), DH(35) DD(6), DS(4), m/c(5/2012.
    michelle063007 responded:
    Jenny--hope you doctor's appt goes well!

    My update--17w3d today. All is going well but I am still constantly worried. The books say that I should feel my uterus 1 1/2 inches below my belly button and I feel like it is not that high yet so I just keep worrying. We heard the heartbeat last week when we met with the midwife (and she also said my uterus was the right size and everything) and we go back one week from today to meet with a doctor--he will let us know if they are considering me "high risk" or not and how long I have to do the lovenox injections. I'm worried but I have no reason to be--no bad signs or anything. I just cant wait to feel movement!
    Michelle 29, DH 36; m/c 6/2011--7weeks; m/c 9/2011--6weeks; m/c 3/2012--11 weeks; BFP 1/13/2013 so far so good :)
    vybe77 replied to michelle063007's response:
    Hey ladies, I hope you don't mind me lurking in here and dropping my two cents...
    Jenny- Hope the appt. went well xo
    Michelle- (((hugs))) momma I know what you're feeling..I've been through 3 consecutive losses too and I know IF I get lucky enough to conceive again I will be TOTALY paranoid throughout the pregnancy..even after reaching the milestones it's like that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop just never seems to go away...of course you don't want to be thinking this way but you just can't help it...I know exactly how that goes...(((hugs)))
    You must try to find little things to distract your mind when you feel yourself going this're worried and I know until you hold that LO in your arms you won't be able to stop but try to find those little things that will distract your mind like turning on some music, reading a good book, going for a walk..I'm just throwing out ideas at you but whatever works!
    ..and of course we are always here if you need us
    Vicky 35 and Chris 33
    His and hers family of 4 kids
    Mine-DD Emily 12..DS Kody 10
    His-DD Rinoa 11
    Ours-DS Maxim 4
    babyj1017 replied to vybe77's response:
    Vicky - those we're my exact words to my OB yesterday... I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's yet another unfair piece of being a mom who's gone through a loss. We have to struggle with the fear and anxiety of it happening again. I miss the blissful ignorance of my first two pregnancies.

    But, it is what it is, right. What I find myself doing to stay positive is setting little goals for myself with this pregnancy.

    My first goal was to get through my first appt with my OB without crying. I find myself dealing with lots of mixed emotions and memories when I got to the office. I can check that one off my list!!! My appointment went well yesterday, had a good long chat with my OB (got a little teary eyed a couple times, but held it together)

    Next goal is to see a baby, measuring within a couple days of where i should be at my ultrasound. U/s is scheduled for next Thursday the 25th. With my first m/c, the sac was empty. I should have been 7 weeks.. Two weeks later the m/c happened. The wait was awful.

    Next goal is to make it to 10 weeks. Second m/c, we saw a baby with a heartbeat. OB said everything looked good, however he said I was a week earlier than I should have been. I should have been 7.5 weeks, baby was 6.5. I tried to be positive, but I think I knew in my heart something wasn't right. Two weeks later, at what should have been 9.5 weeks, I started spotting. U/s confirmed baby stopped growing a day or two after my initial u/s.

    So, those are my goals for now. As I reach them, I will come up with new ones as the pregnancy progresses.
    Jenny(32), DH(35) DD(6), DS(4), m/c(5/2012.
    michelle063007 replied to babyj1017's response:
    Thanks Vicky...I'm trying to keep my mind busy because I know that the stress is not good for the baby. I appreciate your thoughts and good wishes and encouragment

    Jenny...I find myself doing those same things...making it longer that the other m/cs, making it to the appts and u/s, I think my next big ones might be making it to 20 weeks--a nice round number where hopefully I'll be looking more pregnant than fat and then making it to viability.
    I also know what you mean about having emotions going back to the office--I went back for my first appt--just a consultation. But I asked if when it comes time for the u/s if I could go to a different office. I told her it may sound crazy but I dont want to be in that room again (the first 4 u/s we have had were at the REs office). She said that was no problem.
    Good luck next Thursday...hope you see a little bean with a hb!!
    Michelle 29, DH 36; m/c 6/2011--7weeks; m/c 9/2011--6weeks; m/c 3/2012--11 weeks; BFP 1/13/2013 so far so good :)
    shanastash responded:
    Oops! forgot about this on monday, although i didn't have an update until yesterday!

    i went to the cardio yesterday, walked in not knowing what to expect. saw the nurse, did the weight (haven't gained!) and did the blood pressure. good. nurse couldn't figure why i was there!

    doc came in, looked at my chart, listened to my heart, my breathing, checked out on calves and ankles (not sure why, didn't ask, just appologized my hairy legs, said i didn't know this was part of the exam!, he laughed!) ... basically said, not sure why you're here!

    ended the appointment by BASICALLY saying, for a larger gal, i'm in great shape, health wise! ... after pregnancy, lose weight. yep. simple exam. he kept saying, "i'm not sure why you're here!" but we came to the conclusion, based on my family doctors records, that the ONLY time i have "hypertension" is at the OB. so it could be because of the stress of going there, never knowing, that could be raising my BP. ... he said to get a cuff and take BP at home on the days that i go to the doc, before and after and call it in to the OB. maybe!?

    that is my update. in good health. yey!
    Shana-27, Darrin-29, angel baby (fishie-14w5d) found out @ 17wks. Dx: MTHFR and FV Leiden. BFP 3.12.10 Jennaraya Kailani born 11.16.10 @ 11:48 pm, 8 lbs. 1 oz. 20.25 inches long!

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    Candi (26) DH (28) DD (4) - 4 ~i~'s. Dx'd MTHFR. BFP 7/09 C-section scheduled for 4/2!! Ella JoAnna!

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