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    Monday Updates
    Ava1981 posted:
    Hope everyone had a geat 4ht! I figure I will start today since I don't see a thread yet :grin: 38w2d: Are we done yet!!??!! :goofy: wg: yuck :sealed: somewhere slightly north of 50 :sealed: complaints: Have I asked if we are done yet? I'm definitly ready to be done! I still have major heartburn- although the Zantac has helped a bit. Mostly now I'm having some infrequent and random cramping. I'm REALLY hoping that it is the start of something- but I figure now that I have said it, I've jinxed it and Morgan will decide to completely ignore her most recent EDD (7-18) and go ahead and bake in there untl the 26th! :eek: I'm pulling for the full moon theory... Next d/a is thursday- just another quick check up to see where I'm at. Hopefully my Dr. will be like "Oh- we shoud go ahead and send you to the hospital! This baby is coming today!" LOL. Can you tell I'm ready to meet Miss Morgan and stop being pregnant!? :grin: Belly pats ladies :sillygrin:
    sheekstarr responded:
    lol I was afraid to start the thread bc of what happened last time I did lol 18w1d!!!! W/G: as of last Monday I lost a lb so Im only up 3lbs so far. Complaints: I already feel like I could pop. I dont look like it but I feel like it. My back aches all the time, my ankles, my knees, my legs, Everything. My belly feels heavy some days already. m/s is just about gone now, all I have is gagging when I smell or see something gross. I have my big u/s today. Im praying for a girl as this is our last child and it would be nice to have one of each. I bought a pink dress to give to DH at his office today if it is a girl :sillygrin: I kept the receipt of course lol I pray I dont have to return it though :wink: Next d/a: u/s today and d/a on July 27th.
    amandagray responded:
    Well we made it another week! 7w4d No w/g yet. I didn't gain any until 16-20 weeks and am hoping for the same here, as I tend to gain gain gain at the end. Symptoms: Still not a lot. Some very mild and infrequent nausea, slightly sore bbs, constant hunger, and getting up to pee at least 2x at night. complaints: NONE. So thrilled to be here again. Although...I am getting impatient for my first appt and u/s! Next d/a is in one week. She will either do the u/s there, or order one for me to have done that weeks. I am hoping she just does it right then and I don't have to drag the boys out a different day too (DS and the little boy I watch during the week) Hope you all had a great 4th...and Debbie, I have had a feeling since the beginning that you are carrying a little girl...hope my intuition is right!
    PurpleGirl1979 responded:
    39 Weeks : yep...still pregnant. nope...haven't had the baby yet. W/g: 28 lbs as of last Tues Complaints: Ummm...I'm ready to be done & holding my baby girl!!!! Other than that....just repeating to people that yes I'm still pregnant & no I haven't had the baby yet. :eyeroll: :eyeroll: Hips still hurt & lots of pressure in my pelvis...but that's nothing new. Would really like to feel some contractions here but I know she will come out when she's ready...not when I'm ready. I too am hoping that the full moon tomorrow helps :sillygrin: Next appt : tomorrow...but it's an evening appt, and I'm hoping to be in labor & not have to go! :pbpt: :pbpt: :pbpt: :pbpt: I have my fingers crossed...but we'll see. I'm with Kate...ready to be done being pregnant & meet my LO! I've decided that I'm just going to walk around all day!!! HA! And eat spicy food & drive over railroad tracks & anything else I can think of that might get things started! HA!!!
    kirsten1971 responded:
    32w 5d wg: 30 ish lbs I am also taking Zantac now. Its does help me quite a bit but I think it also might be causing me some digestive issues. Its kind of a trade off. I've been achy like premenstral achy. My knees are really hurting too. The peeing thing is totally out of control. I was up every hour last night and thats the way the morning has gone so far. On the good side, I'm still pregnant. Everything is going well. Maybe Maddie is heads down & I think it can tell where her little bottom is! :sillygrin: That must mean its her feet causing me to have such heartburn and such a small stomach! I feel her so much now! I washed her clothes and started to wash her bedding yesterday. I still have a lot more clothes at my parents for her. My niece and nephew (and sister) are coming Saturday for a few days. My niece will be sleeping in the crib so I wanted the room put together. Next d/a: A week from Wednesday (7/15)
    Krista099 responded:
    Krista & Baby 22W WG: 19 lbs. Oops! I think I have gained around 5 lbs in the past two weeks. Oh dear. SX: Nausea still comes and goes from time to time. My belly is feeling pretty big now. I bought a new support band and probably just need to wear it on a regualr basis. My sciatic nerve pain stays away if I treat myself sitting on hard floors, no sitting with my legs twisted away from my body, etc. I know all the things that get me, but sometimes I forget and then have pain for a few days or even weeks. DA: We have our Level II u/s today. There will be no checking of gender since I am a hard-core Yellow Team Girl. Belly Pats to everyone, LV's to those that want them and Stay Put's to those who don't!!!
    Buttercup8119 responded:
    Crystal & Addy (& DH, he is sitting beside me, playing video games lol) 19 weeks and 4 days W/G: Around 10 lbs. I thought it was a little more but that is what my doctors scale said, so sounds good to me. lol. Last doctor said I had gained a little much in a few weeks but that my overall weight gain was still good. Then he was telling me what to eat and what not to eat like I didn't already know. lol Symptoms: Well, I still have some nausea occasionally. I get headaches, like every day, and I am sleepy often. I am always, always hungry!!! I have been having mood swings too. Overall, still not as bad as the first tri was. So my big u/s was last week and it's a girl!! She was weighing in at 9 oz and everything was absolutely perfect. It was amazing! I think I have been feeling her move. Nothing steady yet, but I know I have felt a few bubbles and twinges that had to be her. It is funny to be at work and having a normal conversation with someone and next thing you know, I feel her kick me or something. lol. When we were at the u/s, all she did was move!! She rolled over, upside down, and from side to side! The way she was kicking her feet, you would think she was actually swimming in the Olympics in my tummy :smile: Next d/a: July 30th with Dr. Rude Meanie.....Out of all of the OB's at my office, how do I get stuck with him all of the time??? UGH. Sure to be an in and out appointment. Just looking forward to hearing her little heartbeat again!! GO PINK TEAM!! Belly pats ladies
    lbo557 responded:
    11 weeks 1day YEAH!! w/g: Well i am sure I have gained something but as of last appt I was down 3lbs... symptoms: I am starting to see a pg belly, instead of just chunk...I am still sick but I will have days that are better. my back is killin me but I think it is from carrying Matty around...Still so tired. I don;t remember having to pee this much with Matty...I am up at least three times a night. I have heard the hb on the doppler twice reassuring. But I cannot find it regularly. Next dr appt 7/14 (next week) meeting with another doc in the practice...hopefully she will be just as nice as the other two. I have to pick one of them to do my c-sec. Personally, it will be whoever thinks I should go the Seq Screen 7/22 can't wait to see my little guy again!
    burgegirl responded:
    28w6d... wooot! can't believe i've made it this far! w/g... eeks! 40+ lbs. not good, i know!! complaints: heartburn, failed my 3 hour GD test so I DO have GD... waiting for the hossy to call and make appt to find out what i have to do about that. ankles swelling all something terrible! next d/a: you know, i'm not sure! i didn't make one on thursday b/c they were waiting for the results of my GD. Hugs & Belly Pats, everyone!!
    baby73109 responded:
    Sara and Payton 36w3d - holy cow! w/g: holding around 35 - haven't gained in a few weeks Payton is very active!! I love it - I can feel her little butt wiggle on the left and her feet on the right. She just keeps growing - seems like every day there is more baby! She is estimated to be around 8 pounds right now. Sleep. I am not getting a good night's sleep anymore and I hate that. But I know this is preparing me for when she is here so I guess it is a good thing. Other complaints: my poor feet hurt all the time. And lately my hands hurt too - like arthritis or something. C-section is scheduled for July 23rd! Not sure if she will hold off that long, but I kind of hope she does. I am going to miss being pregnant! next d/a: this Friday!
    mrsfireman15 responded:
    18weeks 1day W/G: I think as of last doctor's appt. I am up ~ 5-8lbs from prepregnancy weight. It's hard to know for sure because I can't ever remember exactly what the weight was at my last visit. 4 weeks is a long time in between! Next weigh in July 15th. Complaints: None really. I can feel baby moving pretty much every day now. Morning sickness is almost gone. I've decided I will probably always feel gaggy in the mornings or if I don't eat for too long. I guess I can live with that. I just keep some Zofran handy. Getting bigger slowly but surely. In the mornings my lower abdomen feels tight and hard. I look smaller when I'm lying down, but my uterus is more pronounced and easy to feel. I'm waiting for my belly button to disappear. That has kind of become entertaining for me. It looks strange to be able to see the entire inside of my belly button. If you could, remember my FIL this week and probably for the next few weeks too. Sat. July 4th, he fell off of their roof and landed in the hospital. He's still there today and I'm not sure when he's coming home. He broke 5 ribs, most in at least three places, had a partially colapsed lung, and we don't know for sure if it's broken or what, but his ankle/lower leg is hurt as well. He has always had back and neck problems since highschool football, so this is just on top of those old injuries. He can't move without being in excruciating pain and even breathing is difficult. He gagged on some water when I was there yesterday and I thought he was going to pass out from the pain. Overall, an exciting weekend! Belly pats to all! I can't wait for my appt on the 15th! It's the BIG U/S!
    trinity71980 responded:
    Tiffany & Abrianna 31 weeks W/G: 34 pounds :neutral: We're thinking water?? Complaints: Ugh! Dr took me out of work last week, ( abdominal hernia) and we're broke! No maternity pay, no disability pay ( stupid NH). My only hope is unemployment, and thats a stretch, but who is really going to hire me right now anyway, so ....fingers crossed! Swelling, swelling and more swelling! Dh got drunk and obnoxious on the fourth and made me look like a raging B, thanks hunny :eyeroll: I haven't been to L&D in a week and a half, so VERY excited about that. I might get another U/S too b/c LO is measuring ahead and because of my weight gain, he's curious about her size! YAY!! Next D/A 7/16 Baby shower is this weekend and i'm so excited!!! I've been stalking my registry and NOTHING has been bought off of it yet, so i'm totally freaking out that no one is going! :sealed:
    mrsredkfal317 responded:
    *****This is Marla posting on behalf of Brenda***** Brenda's doing great, in fact she was tempted to post for herself but I reminded her that the reason she's doing so well is because she's followed doctor's orders and is not using her arms. She made a [email protected]$$ comment back, but is letting me do the typing for now! :sillygrin: Brenda is 36 weeks today and very anxious to meet Matthew! Current weight gain - uncertain, but going by pre-pregnancy weight it's probably about 0. After losing a ton of weight the first 2 trimesters she says she is now "packing it on at a rate of about 2 pounds a week!" Symptoms and Complaints: Bad reflux that even Prilosec can't control. Fatigue, insomnia, backache and frequent contractions. The usual! BIG NEWS: Cerclage removal is Wednesday the 8th at 7:30 am. It will be done in the hospital, but should be a very simple and easy procedure. Her doctors used to do them right in the office, but sometimes there's too much scar tissue around the stitch so now they do them all in the hospital "just in case". She'll head to the doctor's office right after the cerclage removal (unless she goes into labor!) and have a growth scan done on Matthew. That's all for now. Since she behaved herself, I'm taking her out for a Coffee Coolata :sillygrin: PS: Wednesday is her mom's 70th birthday, so she's hoping she does give birth immediately after the cerclage removal! Also, her husband will be leaving for Ohio on Thursday the 9th and won't be back until Saturday evening. She figures that she'll probably go into labor about the time her hubby is driving through Cleveland, LOL! But she wishes to stress to everyone that she's A-OK with her hubby making the trip (he's picking up his daughters to bring them to NY for summer vacay) and that if she does go intol labor while he's gone she'll be fine. After all, her family is about 312 members and counting so she'll have lots of support! And of course she'll have ME :sillygrin:
    HeatherHans responded:
    13W5D!! I love it! wg: I initially lost 3 and had gained it back at my 12 week visit. I don't have a scale at home, but I would guess that I'm up a couple of pounds? I've grown out of a few pairs of pants but for the most part my normal clothes are still fitting. I think I have another week to go before I'll have to get the maternity bins out from the basement! complaints: None. I'm still pregnant and I am starting feel great! Next d/a: 7/21
    BensMommy05 responded:
    18 weeks 4 days W/G - 18 lbs, about 1 lb. per week of being preggo... looks like I'll gain about 40 lbs by the end.. yikes! Complaints - A little out of breath here and there, especially when carrying around DS #2 who is 30ish lbs. A bulging vein in my right leg that runs from mid-thigh to calf.. not attractive, but I won't give in to support stockings until the fall.. too hot! Other than that, I feel really good. Next D/A - July 23rd at 21 weeks Update from Wed. - #3 is a GIRL, holy cow! DH is thrilled, but I am still in mild shock. The contractor started working on the nursery this week to do some updates and put in a new dormer/window, so once that is done and I can start putting the nursery together, I think it will become real to me that we are having a daughter, I was sure she was a he! Still working on names, I have a few on the shortlist - Natalie, Victoria, Katherine, Charlotte, Rebecca, Claire, Margaret Belly pats to all! :lightsmile:

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