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    Monday Updates
    Ava1981 posted:
    Late start this am- but here goes :sillygrin: 39w, 2d wg: 1 lb down from last week, but still holding strong at around 50 :sealed: complaints: Still ready to be done :angry: I literally laid low this weekend and slept ALOT, so I was feeling pretty good. Harry Potter Marathon on the TV (very grumpy that Morgan is messing with seeing the new Harry Potter on opening night...but I'll live :sheepish: ). Still dealing with wicked Heartburn, hip pain and ECP- but I'm seeing the light at the end of tunnel, so I can deal with anything for another week or so (I hope)! d/a and u/s: have another u/s this afternoon to determine size and position, and it's the 3d machine, so if they are able I'll get some more Morgan pics. d/a this thursday where I'm hoping they will say "Time to go have this baby!" Although I hoping that last week and it was a no-go, so fingers crossed :eek: Belly pats and vibes ladies :smile:
    laurap1980 responded:
    Wow Kate! You are almost there! Sending you tons of LV's!!! Laura and Newbie 35w3d wg: yes! complaints/symptom: I am feeling a ridiculous amount of pressure..I litterally am in pain at all times - walking, sitting, standing, makes no difference. I am peeing every 2 hours at night, and every hour (or every time I stand up) during the day. Very frequent BHC's...which are now accompanied by the occasional painful contraction. The good news is, my back has been bothering my much less lately - I am thinking its because Billy has FINALLY started crawling, so he pretty much just follows me around and actually prefers to be put I have been lifting him much less. RLS is still driving me nuts. other: Crib finally came in! So...I think my nesting bug has finally arrived. I spent all weekend cleaning my house....which was incredibly painful with all this pressure, but I just couldn't help it! So...once DH puts the crib together (hopefully tonight) I can re-arrange the baby room (that is what I am calling it since it is no longer just Billy's room) and get things ready for this little girl. goal for the week: Find a name! Or at least a short list to choose from, LOL! next d/a: Thurs 7/16 at 4p - GBS and pelvic check. Then we are weekly appointments. Hope everyone has a great week!!!!
    lbo557 responded:
    Wow, Kate, you are almost there. Hang in there! 12 w 1 d w/g...who knows, find out tomorrow. symptoms: I am still sick and still tired. But I guess it is somewhat less. 1 1/2 more weeks till 2nd tri. woo hoo! Heartburn is probably here to stay! Back is hurting me all the time. I am freaking out about my dr's appt tomorrow. I cannot find hb with the doppler. I know it is still early. But I could fine it last week....calming and hb vibes appreciated! Next DR appt tomorrow Seq Screen, next week.
    Onlybyfaith responded:
    Sarah and the Elf :) 17 wks 2 days wg: not sure where I started...I'm thinking about 15lbs :chagrin: symptoms: I'm in between the symptoms of the first tri and really feeling the LO move...which of course makes me nervous if I think about it too much. I think i've felt the baby move but i'm not sure. Hopefully soon! Still having lots of trouble brushing my teeth- my gag reflex has gotten worse for the past two weeks or so. d/a: next d/a isn't until the 27th but i already have the big u/s scheduled for 3 August. Since i'm on the yellow team, i won't be finding out the gender but i'm looking forward to seeing the baby again! Healthy baby vibes to all :grin:
    baby73109 responded:
    Sara and Payton 37w3d w/g: gained 3 pounds last week! Oops... Complaints: sleeping and heartburn! I have been getting heartburn so bad that now I have to sleep sitting up. So uncomfortable... Also, getting off the couch is almost impossible! I pulled a muscle the other day trying to change positions! next d/a: July 16 c-section: July 23!!!! Freaking out about this one!!
    Buttercup8119 responded:
    Crystal & Addyson 20 weeks & 4 days W/G: Looks to bestaying steady between 9-11 lbs. Complaints: I have been getting this terrible heartburn in my throat, especially when I lie down at night. I have been moody also. I still haven't felt any good strong movement, although I have felt "things" that I was pretty certain was her, so I am trying to be patient waiting for the big kick. Next d/a: July 31st, routine checkup with the rudest doctor in the world lol
    mp1018 responded:
    Michelle and LO 13W 5D W/G: Scale showed almost 7 lbs today, up almost 3 from last week. :sheepish: Symptoms: Swelling in my feet and some back pain/sciatica. Also have had some heartburn. Fatigue seems to be letting up unless I try to do too much. Next d/a: 8/3
    iushosh responded:
    Stacy and the Gummybear 14w, 6d wg: maybe 3-5lbs d/a and u/s updates: had another u/s this morning, bright and early. the gummybear is looking good, wiggling around and such (no need to try to wake them up this time). everything is measuring good and right on schedule. i have another u/s on august 4th for a level 2 and a regular o/b appt on august 3rd. I'm glad to finally have them somewhat sync'd up instead of every 2 weeks. complaints: a little bit of heartburn, still a little tired, and my back is bothering me a bit (though I'm sure that has something to do with having a job where I'm on my feet all day). I bought a maternity pillow that is making sleeping so much better. belly pats to you all!
    Krista099 responded:
    Krista & Baby, 23 weeks wg: 20 lbs. After the huge 5 lbs jump in two weeks, I only gained 1 lb this week. So maybe that was just a fluke. sx: Same sciatic nerve pain. The baby is getting pretty strong now and can make some nice hard kicks. I feel huge and can't believe that I have 17 more weeks to go. da: Had the big u/s last week and everything went well. I have an OB appt on Thursday, so we'll probably talk about the results that were sent over. So far, everything is going well this time. Yea!!!! Belly pats to everyone and LV's to those who are needing them!
    amandagray responded:
    Amanda and baby 8w5d, no w/g yet Symptoms: Not a whole lot still. some queasiness if I get too hungry, heartburn on occasion and I have noticed sciatica this week (it started at 9 weeks with Noah so I am not at all surprised). And I am hungry all the time! Next d/a is August 12th...I will be 12 weeks exactly.
    atallgirl61 responded:
    Alissa and Paden 37w6d :eek: W/G - around 40 lbs but I am thinking at least 10 lbs of it is from swelling in my feet... Makes me feel better anyways!!! And the NP tells me that my body is just getting ready to deliver LO... I like it when they try to make us feel better!!! :sillygrin: Complaints: Seriously I have started losing control of my bladder... It is horrible!! If i even get close to the toilet to pee my body starts letting it sneak out! So embarrassing!!! :pbpt: Also, the tingling in my right hand and arm. It wakes me up all night long! Oh well it will be over soon and sometimes I wake up and DH is rubbing my arm - he doesn't remember doing it but it is so sweet!!! :smile: D/A and U/S: i had both last Thurs. I didn't get checked so I am not sure if I am still 2-3 cm or not as I was the week before. She will check me again this week (Thurs). Also, the u/s confirmed that I do not need a c/s so now it is just the waiting game! I have only felt minor cramps nothing painful so i am thinking LO is happy in there! I also found out that i am GBS -!!! WOO HOO!!! So we have another appt on Thurs to get checked. NP doesn't think I will make it much longer than that but we shall see!! I am betting he will come on the 21st and DH thinks the 19th... I guess we will see who is a better guesser!!! Of course LO will probably be stubburn and come late!!! :sillygrin: :goofy:
    mrsredkfal317 responded:
    OFFICIALLY FULL TERM TODAY!!!! 37 weeks - woohoo!!! WEIGHT: Started pg at 187, now weigh 187. So back to norm after losing tons in second tri. COMPLAINTS: I could whine for hours! Let's just stick wih utter exhaustion, reflex, and backaches. That'll cover the main points :sillygrin: OTHER: Per the last u/s, Matthew was 6 pounds 11 ounces (five days ago). My boy is growing! That's about it for now, I'm in a holding pattern and just waiting to have this boy and be done with it LOL! Hugs & belly pats to all!
    cherlygirly responded:
    Cheryl and Baby O 22w6d W/G: Finally gained a pound! Complaints: Terrible indigestion...I do ok during the day but at night when I lay down is when it gets really horrible....but i'm dealing with it. Other than that things are good. Last Peri Appt was 7/9....everything looks great...he's measuring a week ahead and weighs about 1 pound and 3 oz. Next appt in 3 weeks 7/30. Next OB Appt 8/5 for my GD screening. Hope you're all having a lovely Monday. Belly Pats to all....and Labor Vibes to all that need them!
    amanda1581 responded:
    Amanda & Harper 20 weeks and 3 days WEIGHT: When I got on the scale today, my eyes almost popped out of my head... if my scale is correct, then I have put on about 13 lbs so far (3 of which apparently decided to show up just over this weekend). I don't feel like I've been eating any differently than I had been, so I'm trying to think of it as a big growth spurt for my little girl :/ COMPLAINTS: WELL, besides the weight gain, which is definitely NOT just in my belly, though my wonderful MIL was nice enough to tell me that it is (LOL) I have been having more back pain, which started over this past weekend. On top of that, even though I had a great ultrasound on Friday, I'm worried about Harper because she goes DAYS without moving (or I should say, I go days without feeling her). She was wiggling so much on Thursday night into Friday morning that it woke me up, and it was awesome, but since Friday afternoon... nada. I have eaten sugary stuff, drank cold water, laid really still for an hour... in my heart, I'm sure she's fine, I just don't like being in this "in between" phase where I've felt her move, but its nowhere near consistent. I can't wait until I get to do kick counts :D OTHER: Besides those complaints, everything is going great. I bought even more maternity clothes over the weekend, which will hopefully be my last shopping outing for me, because it kills me to spend so much money on clothes I will only be able to wear for another 4-1/2 months. I got 3 bins of clothes from my sister in law, who's daughter is almost 2, so Harper has a TON of clothes already (which I am already getting psyched about seeing her in!) All-in-all: a great week :)
    eokane6098 responded:
    Hmmmm. something like 15w2d? I cant remember... W/G.. will find out wednsday. No complaints! Im still battling with nausea every once in a while though. My cravings are fruit and baked clams. Not sure why though. Next d/a, wednsday morning.

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