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    Birth Story (VERY LONG) - PART 1
    LauraSNJ posted:
    PART ONE! I had a biophysical ultrasound at 2pm on Friday to examine Parker's well-being. I knew almost immediately that there was a problem based on the measurements. They were almost exactly the same as they were at my last regular ultrasound, which was 3 weeks prior. He apparently hadn't grown at all during the past 3 weeks! He was moving very little and some ratio between umbilical cord pressure and heart rate was off. His heart rate was fine, 130ish, totally normal for him, but he was just acting very sluggish and the ultrasound tech couldn't get him to perk up at all. My amniotic fluid level also dropped to about 8, down from 12 the previous Friday (and it had been something like 16 or 18 at the ultrasound 2 weeks prior to that). My doctors are happy with a fluid level of 10 or higher, so when I heard 8, I knew there would be some concern. The ultrasound was very comprehensive and took a long time to complete, something like 45 minutes. I had started feeling sick on the ultrasound table but attributed it to the high temperature in the room. After the ultrasound, we were scheduled to head over to the hospital to have a cervix check and blood pressure check, and probably to be put on the fetal/contraction monitor. I decided to use the restroom before heading over to the hospital office. When I was walking out of the restroom, I felt a little POP. It was the most unusual feeling. I thought at that moment that my water had broken, but I didn't feel wet, so I thought maybe it was something else. I told Sean I wasn't feeling well and that my water had possibly broken but probably not, since I didn't feel any fluid coming out. We booked over to the hospital, which was only about 3 minutes away. I made Sean drop me off at the door while he parked (very unusual behavior for me), so he was getting the drift that something was really wrong. We got up to the office and I immediately went to the restroom. TMI WARNING - As soon as I sat on the toilet I felt a huge gush of fluid come out. It kept dribbling after the initial gush, so I knew what it was for sure. I started calling Sean's name (he was in the waiting area right outside the restroom door) but he didn't come. He and the office staff could hear me calling but they didn't know what the noise was! So I pop my head out of the door and tell him that yes my water did break, the office staff is cheering and it's a big deal and we're awesome, woohoo! The doctor asks me about how I am feeling, contractions, etc and she goes on to tell me that had my water not broken, they would have induced me immediately anyway, based on all the recent concern with my blood pressure and the ultrasound results. Funny, I thought! W were having the baby anyway and we didn't even know it! They got a wheelchair ready and we are on our way over to L&D. I started cramping within minutes of my water breaking. They were painful but tolerable at first, much like the contractions that I'd been having for about a month or so. The cramps very quickly escalated into very painful contractions and I was having a hard time dealing with the pain. To our surprise, I was only 2-3 cm dilated after about an hour of labor. At this point I asked for an epidural and waiting the hour for the anesthesiologist to get there was the longest hour of my entire life! Finally he was there and I was facing my biggest fear of giving birth - the giant needle inserted into my spine. Let me tell you, it was SO worth it. It hurt, yes, but it was nothing compared to the contractions I was feeling. And once the epidural was done, I was floating on cloud 9. I was having monster contractions (for anyone familiar with the TOCO monitor, they were peaking up at 125 on the meter) and I was just feeling the tightening. It was awesome.
    LauraSNJ responded:
    PART 2! Immediately after the epidural, the doctor came in to check for dilation. To our shock, I was fully dilated already! It was unbelievable - I went from 2-3 to 10 in an hour! The doctor started rushing around, it was time to start pushing, time for baby to come! All of a sudden, we lost his heart rate on the monitor. Things got chaotic. They had me turn from side to side and still they were having trouble getting his heart rate on the monitor. They put an internal monitor on his scalp (which was well down in the birth canal) but they still couldn't get his heart rate. We were completely petrified. The doctor was quite obviously worried about Parker and she told me I had no more than 2 minutes to push the baby out. She gave me an episiotomy to give the baby more room. I pushed as hard as I could several times, they gave me an oxygen mask to breathe into, but he wouldn't come out. He was stuck in the birth canal. Things got more chaotic and there were people everywhere... doctors, nurses, residents, it was totally nuts. People were rushing and yelling; Sean and I were scared out of our minds. The doctor told me then that I was going to have an emergency c-section and that because it was a life or death situation for the baby and me, that I would be put under general anesthesia. I am not kidding when I say it was like a scene from ER. I was on the stretcher going to the operating room and they were running. I got a different oxygen mask on me, drugs in my IV and I was knocked out cold. I woke up about 2 hours later to hear that Parker was doing OK, but he wasn't at birth. His apgar score was 2/10. He was purple and he was very weak. Thank god I didn't see this. At 5 minutes, he was at 7/10, so he was progressing quickly. We knew he was going to be small based on the ultrasound earlier in the day, and he was, but luckily he weighed a little more (about ounces) than the estimate from the ultrasound. Because of concern for his size and bodily functions (like digestion, breathing, etc), he was taken to the special care unit (NICU). He is still there, but he's doing OK. They've been pumping him with IV fluids to keep his weight up and are supplementing with a little bit of formula since my milk isn't in yet. Once he is eating more on his own (which we hope will be tomorrow), he'll be released to the regular nursery. We keep getting emotional as we replay the events in our minds and it scares the heck out of us. The neonatologist came in several times and talked with us and made it clear that Parker could have died during the birth and I just cannot handle the thought of that. Parker is adorable, I am so in love with him! I couldn't see him for so long because of the general anesthesia, but I begged my favorite nurse and she got me into the nursery around 3:30am. I didn't get to see my baby for like 9 hours after birth, I as so sad they couldn't not let me in! I wasn't allowed to hold him because he's hooked up to so many monitors, but they let me later on in the day. Sean and I just spent almost 2 hours with him giving him a bottle. He totally recognizes our voices and we are just smitten! I can't wait until he is released from special care and we can have him in our room (and have people visit him).
    LauraSNJ responded:
    PART 3! I am a MESS. Best of both worlds... an episiotomy AND c-section! I am all cut up, I have bruises and scratches everywhere (presumably from everyone rushing around to get the baby out of me). I had some weird allergic reaction to some medicine or something they've given me - my face is all red, my upper lip is swollen and I have some red splotches all over me. I also started swelling up recently, apparently this is normal for c-sections. Because the c-section was emergency and so rushed, the OR staff didn't have time to do an instrument count, so they closed me up and then did an x-ray to check for anything left inside of me. They thought they saw something on the x-ray, so I had a second one done today. Thankfully there was nothing there! Like I said, I look a MESS. I saw pictures of myself and it is so not a pretty sight! I look all puffy, swollen and red and oh yeah, I haven't slept since 3am Friday morning BTW (aside from being knocked out for surgery)! I look totally horrible, but it's worth it to have Parker here. I applaud you if you've made it through this whole big story! :lightsmile:
    kristimarierhodes responded:
    All I can say is WOW...I cried, I smiled, i cheered...every emotion possible I believe. So thankful that things turned out okay in the end. I can not imagine... you will all be in my prayers...thanks for the birth story...i cant wait to see pics...and I am sure you are just lovely... kristi marie
    kguilliam responded:
    Congrats on Parker's arrival. I'm sorry you had to go through that. What a scary and completely unexpected experience.
    sheekstarr responded:
    Oh Laura what a world wind delivery but girl I commend you for keeping it together as you have so gracefully. And mama its not possible for you to look "horrible" as you say you do no matter how swollen or red you are atm. Your beautiful and.. YOUR A MOMMY congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even begin to tell you how excited DH and I am for you, sean, and parker. Little man is in my prayers for a quick recovery as well as you are mama. Im putting you all on my prayer list at church tomorrow. Rest up honey.
    froggy_mama responded:
    OMG what an entrance that little stinker had to make into the world. So clad he's doing well and aside from some side effect you are doing well. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you and Parker so you both get to go home. Grats Mama!!!!!!!!!!!
    LauraLou22881 responded:
    Wow! What a birth story. I'm so sorry things had to go that way for you. I can't even image how scared you were. Parker is such a little stinker for putting you through that. :smile: Enjoy your little man and my prayers are with you guys that he gets out of the NICU soon.
    eokane6098 responded:
    what a great hospital staff! That all should be mostly cleared up before you leave, i had the same issue with the swelling after my c-sec. my nurses told me that sometimes the same hormones that made you swell during pregnancy can have the same effect on you while draining out. Im so happy to hear Parker is doing great, sounds like he bounced back super fast, and im sure at this rate he has been in the NICU all hooked up to make sure he stays that way. Congrats, and get some sleep, youre going to need it!
    Expecting_26 responded:
    Oh my goodness!! Like the first post, I cried, cheered and all the above!! Wow is all I can think to type right now.......I'm just so thankful that you both are okay. I prayed for both of you last night. I'm sure it's darn near impossbile to not think about what could have happened but what did happen is your little boy is here and he's going to be fine and your fine ( a little beaten and torn, but fine) I'm so happy for you that you have Parker to hold and to know that he is going to be okay when all is said and done. I hope you and him both recovery quickly so you two can be together in longer intervals. Keep us posted on he's coming along. :smile: I'm so happy for you!!!
    binky1980 responded:
    So proud of you hun..congrats to you and the family!
    lys1975 responded:
    Welcome baby Parker! Congrats Laura!!! Sorry you had such a scary experience. I'm so proud of you. This was a long time in coming and I'm so happy you finally have your little baby boy. Glad everyone is doing ok now and I hope you get him to yourself very soon!!! Well done Mommy! HUGS!
    ImpossibleWoman responded:
    I cried too, even knowing the outcome. I'm sorry things didn't go smoothly, but I am so happy that he is OK. You have been through so much, Mama. I hope you feel better as soon as he's out of special care and you can hold him all the time!
    baby73109 responded:
    Good grief! What a birth story! I am sorry it was so rough, but so glad that you and little Parker are doing okay. I can't wait to see pictures! Congrats momma!
    lbo557 responded:
    That is one heck of a birth story! But I am so happy that things are ok now. I know how you feel both with having to go through labor only to have a c-section and also with your little one in the NICU! I cried the whole time because I wanted him with me. Try to make the most of it and get lots of rest. Your body has been through hell! Parker is so lucky to have you for a mommy!

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