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    How early did you find out?
    freddie4smom posted:
    I had sex with my DF on the same day I was ovulating. I am due for AF on thursday, but don't want to test until I miss my AF if I am pregnant.

    I am just curious how early you found out you were pregnant. My son, I found out at 4 weeks.
    phoenixfire76 responded:
    Every woman and every pregnancy is different. I would suggest waiting until you to see if you miss your period when you next expect it. If you do miss it by more than 3-5 days then you can try a home test with 1st morning urine.

    Best of Luck.
    gbakrimi responded:
    test the day after i missed my period. and i took 4 test that day and they all came back Positive..
    jessness222 responded:
    I tested the day after I was supposed to start my period. Came up positive! I took 5 more tests over the next 3 days until I saw my doctor. They were all positive too. The nurses and doctor laughed at me and told me I should have stock in pregnancy tests.
    Mrs_Kelley responded:
    I was hurting something horrbile. Apparently I had this major UTI, but I was told it was either that or I was pregnant. I found out I was both. I'm going into my third week (I think) But the doctor said I was about two weeks...My best friend found out at five weeks with her first and two months with her everyone varys.
    gigi7147 responded:
    We were trying to get pregnant, so I couldn't wait until my missed period. I took four tests over four days, the last on the day of expected period. I always get super-faint results (same happened with my 1st pregnancy), so each day I could see a little more of a line where most people would not. We already suspected I was because I had early preggo symptoms this time (didn't with my 1st), so we were pretty sure after the 2nd test. If you can stand it, it's probably best to wait until at least the day of expected period to avoid buying all those tests. But I understand the need to know early!
    msthompson86 replied to gigi7147's response:
    I found out 6 days before my missed period. I just knew I was pregnant, and I couldn't wait any longer. I got a faint line, but it was enough proof for me. I have taken 2 since and they are dark.
    truewyatt responded:
    I found out 2 days before my period was supposed to start.
    melsmiles1987 responded:
    Not related to your question, but im just curious as to whether i should even test or wait. I had sex during my most fertile days, and after. And my period was due on March 30th, it hasn't showed up yet. And im scared to test. Just figure my period is always irregular and maybe its just late again. When do you think I should test? And ive had some symptoms, like nausea, sore boobs, tired more, could these be related to pregnancy or PMS???? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. =0)
    msthompson86 replied to melsmiles1987's response:
    I would test, it's been a week so if you are you should get a positive test.
    Good luck!!
    gigi7147 replied to melsmiles1987's response:
    It can sometimes be hard to tell if symptoms are due to pregnancy or PMS since a lot of the early signs are similar to PMS, but you know what is normal for you. Really the only way to know for sure is to take a test. Depending on how irregular your period normally is, you might need to re-test if another week goes by without your period.
    MrsLarios responded:
    mine was a double miss calculation, I thought I was suppose to start on the 1st of april because february I had no period-only 28 days in that month so i started on March 1st, so i figured i should start on the 1st of April, usually how it goes for me, but then i thought holy Sh8t! the first of March was more Like the 29th of February so I thought I was suppose to start March 29th....and i realized this on the 2nd of April during a funeral no less, So on saturday i ran out bought a test took it Sunday morning and Bam! it confirmed my guess I'm Preggo i took the second test sunday night just to be sure you know being less potent then the morning urine, then I came here and went to the nifty calculator and realized I was actually only two days late
    This made me sad, thinking oh well two days isn't really all that long the two tests could have been false positives i could end up starting my period tomorrow, but i didn't, and so Tuesday i made myself an appointment for the 27th of this month and uh, i have been praying really hard that i dont get my period and when i get to my appointment i hear the quick little beating and he is really in there!
    gbakrimi replied to MrsLarios's response:
    well good luck Honey but i don't think you got 2 False Neg. your pregnant!!
    gbakrimi replied to MrsLarios's response:
    oh yeah you should go Digital if you haven't those are like never wrong. it's either say Pregnant or Not Pregnant. can't get much clear than that
    nyoka4u replied to gbakrimi's response:
    That's what I had to buy to prove to mu DH once and for all that we were prego. He didn't trust the little line ones.

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