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    rach818xx posted:
    As many of you know, i been 5 weeks late on my period. I was throwing up last night and had horrible pains in my stomach and now terrible cramps on my lower back. I went to the ER finally today and took a urine sample. They came back to tell me i am not pregnant and their tests are just like the ones i buy at the store and if i need anymore assistance to basically go see my gyno. I am in such pain right now physically and mentally. I'm so saddened by the answer to my question, but i am thankful i finally got one.
    vybe77 responded:
    I know things look really down right now...I mean I too after being 5 weeks late on my P would be thinking the same thing and to have a hospital confirm it to you is just like a slap in the face you know?? I thought I was pregnant back in march and was getting neg. results I went to a clinic for a seperate issue and they tested me there too and it was neg. but just two days later I tested @ hom again and it was positive...three tests later it was still positive so I made my 1st appointment w/ my Gyn. but then I wanted to know how far along I was and I bought one of those digital weeks predictor thing...and it was neg. I didnt understand so I went to the Er (since I have no fam. Dr.) and they did a vag. u/s and saw a sac but no heartbeat and they were able to figure out that I should of been 7 weeks but I was measuring only @ 3-4 weeks so they called it a chemical pregnancy where something happens and the babys heart stops and then so does were slowly trying again but its had you know when you think you are positively feeling that cramp and think its associated w/ pregnancy to then be told NO its not and to proceed w/ your other daily life activities...give yourself some time to get over this one and then try again..sometimes pregnancy can take a while to happen but if its been more than 16 months (depending on your age) then you should consult w/ a Dr. GL to you :)
    rach818xx replied to vybe77's response:
    Thank you. I was really starting to wonder maybe i had tubal pregnancy or something weird like that, or maybe something like you had went through. I just don't understand why i am this late and still have no AF. The ER doctors almost seemed like they didn't want to check for anything else since i have no insurance and no family Dr. It's like, yes thanks for confirming that i am not pregnant, but i still do not have AF.. so wth is up? I think i may go to planned parenthood this week if still no AF. I need to find out what exactly is wrong. I mean maybe it really could just be stress or weight gain, but i need to get more of a reason why i haven't gotten it. Here i haven't been drinking, or taking any sort of medication because i thought i was pregnant. I wanted to be a good mother and i wanted my baby to be so healthy, but in the end it's a negative result. I really want to know where AF is so that way soon i can try again. I can't try until i get it. I've had so many upsets with thinking i was pregnant. This one is by far the worst upset. We did everything right. Took all the right steps to get pregnant. That is why i really really thought so this time. But it is what it is and i just have to move on. Thank you all for being here for me and giving me all the advice you had to offer.
    phoenixfire76 responded:
    With no blood test or ultrasound done you can not rule out pregnancy 100%.

    I would suggest you follow up with planed parenthood and make sure you do what ever needed to get a blood test and/or ultrasound done.

    Also make sure you don't leave the Dr.'s until you are 100% sure of whatever results you may get.

    Best of Luck.
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    The ER should have done an ultrasound because although you had a negative result, you may have something else going on ie ovarian cyst or something else as well. Given that you are having the terrible cramps and low back pain, you should definately get a second opinion. An ultrasound will show if there is any growths that shouldn't be there which would explain the weight gain and no AF. They should have also considered a blood test to see if there was any HCG (pregnancy hormone) present in your blood. How long have you been trying for? If longer than 1 year you should also consider a fertility specialist or OB/GYN who may be able to do some additional testing, to see if there is a specific reason for you having funky periods and not being able to conceive. Best of luck.
    rach818xx responded:
    I honestly have no idea why the ER doctors did not take a blood test or ultrasound. I felt as if i was being pushed put the door. I wished i would of realized this sooner. I just figured that this 'doctor' would know what is best for me. I am so mad!!

    The cramping has gone away. It lasted a day and a half. I couldn't eat anything from sat. morning until monday night.. i was soo sick and nausea. I threw up 3 times. As of now, i can eat, but for some reason i can only eat a few ounces of food and then i start feeling nausea again. I am burping really bad as well which btw taste and smell like a 100 year old egg. It's horrible.

    No AF still. No signs besides the other night when i had cramping. I have myself convinced that their is no 'could be' pregnant but maybe a 'was' pregnant. I'm definitely scared but i need to get it all checked out. I'm going to have to schedule something for next week because i have to work until at least Saturday. No openings available.

    Any advice?

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