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    12 weeks/bleeding/normal ultrasound
    mia81 posted:
    So I posted here last week when I was just having a tiny bit of brown/pink mixed in when I wiped once in a while. I called the doctor and he said everything was probably ok. I had just had my 10 week ultrasound a week before. I actually stopped seeing anything when I wiped, until yesterday evening when I got off of work and went to the bathroom, I had bright red blood on the toilet paper. I wasn't bleeding a whole lot, but it was enough to show some on the tissue after I wiped several times. I panicked and went to the ER. I felt slight cramping, but it may have been in my head since I was so worried. After waiting for 3 hrs in the Army hospital ER they finally saw me and I had an ultrasound. He said the baby looked fine and had a strong heart beat. He said it looked like it may be sleeping but had kicked once before I had a chance to look. Since he saw a strong heart beat, he said things seemed to be fine. He did a brief pelvic exam and said he only saw a little bit of blood and to follow up with my doctor. I called them today and they can't see me until tomorrow at 3pm. They told me to go to the ER if I have HEAVY bleeding or bad cramping. Today I didn't bleed until the afternoon and I mostly only noticed it when I wiped. Other than that, it was just spots in my underwear. My stomach hurt a little bit, but not bad at all. The only other symptom is that my lower back hurts, but it's been hurting since the beginning of my pregnancy just with the changes in my body. Does anyone else have experience with this? Since I was bleeding but still able to see the baby by ultrasound with a heart beat, does that make my chances good? Even though I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow, I can't get it off of my mind and the day is going to be so long waiting for 3pm. My doctor apparently doesn't seem too concerned if he's having me wait until tomorrow to come in. Anybody have opinions? I appreciate the ones on the last one I posted.
    jenfur79 responded:
    I had bleeding/spotting through out the entire pregnancy with my son. They could never figure out why I was bleeding. Everything was fine and my son is perfectly healthy. Some bleeding/spotting is normal during pregnancy unless its ALOT of bleeding. Try to not stress I know that's easier said than done but I had the same thing and worried all the time. If your DR is not concerned then you shouldnt be terribly concerned. Like I said I had that the whole time and everything was fine. keep us posted :) good luck
    annamae1979 responded:
    I had the samething this past weekend i went to the bathroom and there was bright red blood on the tissue i went to the er and they did a ultrasound and found a baby with a very strong heartbeat they told me my levels was up and my cervix was closed. They didnt know what was causing the bleeding they told me to call my dr. on Monday so I did and he looked over the lab work from the hospital and said that there didnt look to be nothing to be alarmed about and just wait till my appt on the 28th. I didnt have cramping but i feel like I have it now but like you I think it just may be in my head. I know what your going thur about being worried I decieded all I can do is pray that everything will be ok and thats its in gods hands I hope that this helped aleast a little
    madhouse2010 responded:
    on my second pregnacy i hadsome bleeding before my 13 week doc said nothing they could do any how to early go home rest put feet up a bath helped me they did ultrasound didnt find nothing i went home scared as hell but bleeding stop 6 months later started labor tightening had sex and water broke mixed with blood looked afull worried again had baby hours later found out my placenta tour from well and cloted at 12 weeks that cause bleeding and it didnt show on ultrasound ...... but all went well with both scares she was a healthy baby girl 7lbs 9oz 191/2 long she now is 13 so try legs up and a warm bath might help did for me gl take care

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