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    What are you naming your baby???
    tframe posted:
    What is everyone naming their baby? Just curious.

    We are having another boy (my husband and I both have boys from previous relationships). We are leaning very hevily towards the name Kaden Daniel.

    shanc71 responded:
    Just found out we're having a boy on Monday! His name is Gavin William
    AvaOrPayton responded:
    Oh my goodness how crazy! We are about to have our little boy anytime in the next 2 weeks and we have had his name chosen since around 20 weeks...Cayden Daniel! I love the name, and spelled with a K is neat too
    hannah920 responded:
    We don't know what we are having yet...but here are our choices so far:

    Boy - Braedon James

    Girl - Caeley Elizabeth
    StephanieJSS responded:
    we dont know either yet but we have had names picked out for forever..

    Girl-Gracelyn Elizabeth---Gracie

    Boy- Elyjah James---Eli or E.J.
    Shimoko responded:
    I know I? m a bit early on into the pregnancy, but my husband and I already have some names that we would like.

    If it?s a girl, we want her to be named Alice Evelyn

    If it?s a boy, we like the name Oliver Alderick.

    They?re kinda English names, but that?ll be great, because my husband has dual citizenship to the UK, so they?ll inherit that dual citizenship simply by being related.

    I wonder what people think of my choices? Some of my family doesn?t like the name Oliver, but I think it?s pretty.
    mommmarose responded:
    If it is a boy i am planning to name it Fred William after grandfather. if it is a girl i am going to name it Alice Diane, because i have always liked the name.
    mandeeeee1988 responded:
    Oooooh Hannah I love the name cute.

    Boy - Brandon Joseph (after his daddy) Girl - Brooklyn Gabriele

    All of our children are going to have "B" names, I think

    RebekahOsburn responded:
    Leo Elexander Osburn

    Leo = My zodiac sign and DH's Great Grand-Father

    Elexander= Alexander is to common for us. lol and it will make his initials L.E.O. lol We though it would be cute
    barrelracinmom responded:
    I am having a girl and her name is Adalynn Marie
    nyuszimom responded:
    If we have a boy, he will be Luke. He probably won't have a middle name since it's not my husband's culture for the boys to have a middle name. I definitely want to keep the culture passed on to my children.

    If we have a girl, she will be Caitlynn Marie.
    chavezmama2 responded:
    Well I am having a boy but on the off part it turns out to be a girl by chance

    Boy - Ismael Jr (ismel) that how it is said in english my fiancee is mexican and going to have his daddys name were going to call him jr tho

    Girl-Natalia Dana(natalie in english) if by chance the baby turns out to be a girl we are naming her after our grandparents

    Plus i always wanted my kids to have different name not like everyone else but cute names!! AND my 1st daughters name is Aalexia Marina I was going to spell her first name many different way i wanted it to be different my fiancee still teases me about how i spelt it but i like some say its cute but i like and it makes her name different special its only hers
    transcriberchick responded:
    We are naming our lil girl Cadence Michele.
    bbromley88 responded:
    Raeghan Kathryn Marie

    theres ALOT of history behind her name
    ErinChich responded:
    we find out Jan. 5th if it's a boy or girl. Were set on the girl name Kiely Mykal. Kiely was my grandmothers maiden name she passed away the day i found out i was preggers and Mykal after my dad Michael i know its typically a boy name but I'm a total daddy's girl. The boy name were not so sure of I really like Jeremiah Riley James the first name is set thats my husbands name but he thinks 2 middle names makes it too long our last name is 10 letters by the way so yea its long but its only longer than my husbands full name by 2 letters plus after our child learns how to spell his full name he'll have almost the whole alphabet down

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