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    Includes Expert Content
    Flu Prevention
    tab22 posted:
    Hello! I'm not a fan of the flu shot and I opted out of getting the shot the past couple of years and now during my pregnancy. I've read conflicting reviews when it comes to taking emergen-c and airborne during pregnacy so I wanted to know what some safe methods of flu and cold prevention are.
    Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
    This is very easy. Pregnancy is a high risk category regarding the flu. As you know, when H1 N1 was present, pregnant women were the most at risk group along with the very young and old.

    Getting the flu vaccine during pregnancy can help prevent the flu in you and give passive antibodies to the fetus. This is why it is so important to receive the vaccine during pregnancy.

    Your physician will want you to get this.
    Good luck to you.
    ma9410 responded:
    I'm glad I'm not the only one. So far what I have read on here about the flu shot isn't convincing enough for me to get one, yet.
    1) Statistics can be swayed any way a person wants.
    2) The statistics I have found aren't good enough (I guess you could say) for me to be convinced.
    phoenix31674 replied to ma9410's response:
    It's a personal choice for everyone. I tend to think things through to the worst case scenario. While the flu shot won't guarantee that you won't get the flu and that your baby won't get the flu from you, it does reduce the chances. If my baby were to catch the flu and become hospitalized or worse and the rest of the family had not gotten the flu shot, I would forever be wracked with guilt that I had a chance to prevent this and didn't. Remember 36,000 Americans die from flu or flu related complications every year and the very young and very old are most vulnerable. Additionally swine flu is still out there and it disproportionately affected pregnant women increasing the risk of miscarriage, still birth and birth defects incompatible with life.

    Very, very few people have complications from the flu shot so there really is no harm in getting it and a definite benefit. But it is a personal choice. Those who think vaccines are a conspiracy will not be swayed that they are a good thing.

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