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    Bleeding- What's Normal?
    Sarah McMoyler, RN posted:
    Scary to look down at your panties, or the toilet tissue after you pee to see bright red bleeding! Is this normal or a problem? Here are some tips to help distinguish between the two:

    -Vaginal Exam: can cause spotting due to the sensitive nature of the cervix as you approach your due date: NORMAL

    -Sexual Intercourse: definitely can cause some spotting afterwards, due to the "boom-boom" effect (penis contacting sensitive cervix, can result in spotting.) NORMAL

    -Vaginal Discharge: Thicker, mucousey brownish- pinkish discharge is usually okay- particularly when there are no symptoms of discomfort.

    -Bleeding: During pregnancy, bright red, steady or heavy bleeding is a potential emergency and needs immediate follow-up. (In contrast to active labor, when there will be small amounts of bleeding as the cervix dilates.)

    If there is any concern of any kind related to the pregnancy- better to be safe than sorry- contact your health care professional or labor and delivery directly.

    Anyone with bleeding situations, please comment; we learn so much from real life experiences.

    Sarah McMoyler RN
    FrenchBulldogMom responded:
    When I was in the first trimester, I had a small bit of brown blood for a few hours. I was freaked out, so I called my RE. He did an ultrasound the next day and it turned out to be a small blood clot. They took me off the daily aspirin, and it went away in a few weeks. They even told me that it could have been my third embryo that failed to develop. I'm having twins and we transferred 3 embryos during IVF. A more likely scenario, however, was that the aspirin caused it.

    I'm now 22 weeks and haven't had any problems since.
    nicram8683 responded:
    Well I went on a 15 hour car ride at 14 weeks that I was cleared to do by my midwife (I now have a regular OB). I had several blood clots in my uterus at that time, and upon arriving at my destination, one of the clots had ruptured. I woke up covered from the waist down in bright red blood. It was coming out at a very strong pace. Having previously had a miscarriage, I automatically thought my baby was gone. I went to the ER, turns out it didnt affect my little man at all. He was bouncing all over the place. I have been on bed rest 3 times already this pregnancy due to the blood clots. I continued to bleed for about 1-2 weeks. But now at 25 weeks, they arent causing me any more trouble.
    mrspresnell responded:
    am 5 wks along began spotting yesterday no pain then last night i began bleeding like regular period im very concerned what should i do ???
    jminer333 replied to mrspresnell's response:
    call your doctor. you may have a blood type that requires you to get a shot-rhogame. i had to take rhogame while i was pregnant. i had 2 miscarraiges, then with the 3rd i didnt get the shot in time. the last time, i made them give it to me early on, and i now have a beautiful baby boy.
    An_244374 responded:
    OK so this is my 4th pregnancy. One actual birth and 2 miscarriages. Things have been going well with this one. But I recently noticed a drop of brownish "blood (I guess??) SHould
    I be worried? With my previous miscarriages there was more blood but not much cramping. I'm not crampy now either.
    With my previous history Am I more at risk for another miscarriage?
    Sarah McMoyler, RN replied to mrspresnell's response:
    Perhaps you will shoot an update as to how this turned out...your description sounds very much like a potential M/C - certainly warrants a call/visit to your OB/Midwife.

    I know of pregnancies that did go on to full term after episodes of bleeding; again must be checked out with a medical professional.

    Sending my very best,

    Sarah RN
    Sarah McMoyler, RN replied to An_244374's response:
    Brownish discharge is typically not problematic; as to your history increasing chances of another M/C - more info is needed: age, were m?c prior to birth of your baby?

    I encourage you to discuss with your OB/Midwife who has all your medical history and can provide a more comprehensive picture.

    best of luck,

    Sarah RN
    omg456 responded:
    okay so i was experiencing pregnancy symtoms like nausea, diffr cravings, light head aches, plus i kept waking up early in the morning, i also had cramps, my period never came when it was suppose to. last week i was suppose to have my period and now this week i had my period and the color of my blood is like between dark red and light red am i getting paranoid please help me its a light discharge like it goes and stops
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to omg456's response:
    Hi omg456 -

    Just wanted to clarify - Did you take a test? Are you pregnant?

    ~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown
    laurajuniorsmith responded:
    I bled twice in my first trimester - once after I flew cross country and once after I strained while constipated. I stopped trying to poop so hard (lol) and I haven't bled since (I just started my second trimester)

    At the time I called my doctor freaking out and she said I was probably fine... and my mother-in-law said at this early in pregnancy there's nothing you can do to stop a miscarriage if it's going to happen so stressing out isn't going to help.

    I had a friend miscarry (at 10 weeks) and she said that you would definitely know if you did... she was in incredible pain.
    An_246532 responded:
    Hi. I have been trying to get pregnant now for 6 months. This month I began to wonder if I was pregnant or not. My period usually comes on time. I normally don't get symptoms of a typical period which I like no cramping and so on. My period was 4 days late and I am just now spotting and its bright red to a dark red. I'm not sure should I take a test or not. Its the first time I have had my period come 4 days late and I'm also cramping and having back pains and a slight headache. What should I do? Contact my doctor? I have 2 children my last 5 1/2 yrs ago.
    An_246512 responded:
    I am 14 weeks along. Eleven days ago I bled a good amount of red blood for about a day and a half and passed a blood clot. The ultrasound showed the baby is fine, placenta is attached, no hematoma, everything is pretty much normal. I've been spotting brown blood ever since and my doctor has put me on bed rest. I am now only minimally spotting 2-3 times per day. Is it possible that I will be spotting for a long time? No one has an explanation for me...
    hradloff110709 responded:
    Hello group!. I have been spotting/bleeding for the past week and a half. I had my first prenatal visit with my doc (it will be two weeks on wendnesday. We did hear the baby's heart beat. Well after bleeding all that time, i called my ob's office last week, and they orderd an ultra sound. Had the ultra sound on Friday of last week. Little one looks to be doing well, although i am measureing a week smaller that i thought i was. also the tech noticed a "implantation" bleed on the scan. Any one else ever have this or know anything about it? i will probably hear from my doc today....i hope. but just thought i would throw it out to the community! Thanks!
    Joi17 replied to Sarah McMoyler, RN's response:
    Good Morning. I have a question. This morning I went to use the bathroom and noticed an opaque discharge. I made an appointment with my dr right away and between the time my apt is and now, I'm checking every 1/2-1 hr. I still experience light nausea and other symptoms of pregnancy. My question is what does the opaque discharge mean? Very worried at the moment.

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