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    Missed Period whole month
    katmarrin posted:
    I missed my period for the whole month of may and so far still have not gotten it. I went on a vacation from May 2nd to May 16th which I was in Florida for a couple days then we went on a week long cruise then back to Florida then soon after back home to where I live. I have a pretty regular period and it was on time the month of April, but nothing the month of May. I was told that the travel could be why I missed my period but I want to make sure. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but I still have no signs of me potentially getting it (my breasts get super tender before my period should start) and lately for the past few weeks i've had diarrhea more than usual and also sharp abdominal pains every now and then. I got cut off of my parents insurance after I turned 21 so I do not have insurance and can't afford it right now. I just want to know if any of my symptoms could be something serious or not. Oh and I was reading up on eptopic pregnancies and just wanted to know if i'd be able to def tell if that happened or how I could suspect that....Just wanna look at all my options because i've never missed my period before. Thank you!
    An_242764 responded:
    Traveling can mess up your monthly cycle because of climate changes and hormonal changes. If an HPT is neg. then chances are you're not pregnant although you can get a false neg if the test isn't done right.

    Traveling can also cause these symptoms because you eat differently than you would normally.

    As for the sore breasts i've experienced that before without being pregnant when i've had a late period.

    If you are really concerned go to the ER. Many ER's have a financial aid program that will help you out if you are unable to pay. I know IHC hospitals do that. If you are pregnant get on Medicaid. It's pretty easy to apply.
    mwhite80 responded:
    You can miss your period completely and not be pregnant, this just usually means you did not ovulate that month. If you do miss another period look into seeing a doctor. Look for a planned parenthood location by you, they charge based on your income so you can get reduced or free treatment. Also if you live in or near a city they might have free clinics. Good luck
    1Diva4Christ responded:
    Greetings! I know EXACTLY how you feel! I'm experiencing the same thing! I had a normal cycle in April, but nothing in May. Now, I haven't done anything different; we haven't done any travel not yet. We will leave to go on vacation after our church service (Father's day) but that's a week away. I am also having slight diarrhea since yesterday. Some research shows that we will have constipation but it's the opposite with me. At this point, I'm no where near having my cycle, which is pretty regular. I am having a slight dull pain on my left side. I want to know if that's normal if I am pregnant? I SO pray that we are! Thanks for sharing and I pray we both get answers to our situations.
    mwhite80 replied to 1Diva4Christ's response:
    Diva, did you ever take a home pregnancy test, if you are late you should test just to be sure. And also every pregnancy is different and just because you have symptoms that are not listed does mean you are not pregnant or something it wrong. Dull pains are not uncommon in early pregnancy your uterus is streching making room for your growing baby(if you are pregnant) Good luck
    daseansgirldforeverandalways responded:
    also missed my period for one whole month but it was April of this year and i still haven't even started it sense then and i don't even know why it hasn't started and I'm not even sure if I'm pregnant or if i just putting on some weight or if i just need to go to a doctor to get it checked and i can't really even lift heavy stuff and i never ever ate broccoli or peas or any other vegetable and i don't even eat celery and now I'm actually starting to eat that stuff and I'm also having a lot of pain in my stomach that i have never had before and i have to be careful how fast i go to sit down and how fast i get up and i have my friends to help me when i need them to help me so i can't even believe what actually is inside me cause I've never ever been pregnant so congradulations to you and i hope that your doing okay with your new born baby!!!

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