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    Colposcopy in 3rd trimester
    ImJustAGirl posted:
    Hello- I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and am scheduled next week for a colposcopy and tissue sample. I am extremely nervous to have this procedure done- just wanted a little advice.

    Here is the background:
    September 2010- normal pap smear.
    September 2011- abnormal pap smear results showed High Grade Cells, but negative HPV.
    Re-tested October 2011 found pap smear to be normal- no High Grade Cells found.
    Went in to confirm pregnancy in July 2012 and had pap smear: High Grade Cells were found as well as positive for HPV.
    Had colposcopy and biopsy done in August and it showed that I was "still high grade." (I found out later that it was at stage 3: the stage before cervical cancer.) OBGYN recommended biopsy done again in second AND third trimester.
    Scheduled colpo for October 2012-- OBGYN's office had to cancel that appointment, so I scheduled another for the third trimester.

    ****Switched OBGYN's because I wanted to deliver at a different hospital....****

    My first visit with the new OBGYN:
    New OBGYN did not have my records yet, but recommended that I cancel my colposcopy because he did not see the need "unless it was high grade." (**NOTE: My FIRST OBGYN kind of babied me..they did not tell me how bad the results of the test were).
    Two weeks later, my new OBGYN had the results in front of him and he said that I SHOULD schedule a Colposcopy since it was shown to be at the stage before cervical cancer. He said that he thought the other lab may have read the results wrong because it doesn't seem like I should be that close to cancer (stage 3) after finding abnormal cells only one year before. He also said that it is possible that the abnormal cells have sort of healed themselves, and they may be a bit better....

    Here is why I am nervous to have the colpo:
    I am pregnant and my immune system is down- does cancer grow faster?
    The OBGYN in the office who will be doing the procedure is fairly new (only OBGYN for 2 years) and there is a SMALL risk of bleeding and not stopping, resulting in a c-section at 35 weeks.
    I possibly have had abnormal cells since soon after my 2010 pap smear..... We just don't know. That is 2 years, and I could have cancer right now!!
    If I do not bleed and am able to wait the week until the results, showing that I DO have cancer, we would probably do a C-section at 36 weeks so that I can get immediate care- that is a decision I would have to make when I get the results.

    I am torn. Should I wait until the baby is 37 weeks (in case I bleed) before having the colpo? The doctors recommended that I have it as soon as possible...but I just don't know what to do. I want my baby to be OK, but I also want to make sure to listen to the doctors and care for myself.

    What would you do?

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    If a doctor recommends it, would you have a colposcopy and biopsy done at...
    • 35 weeks
    • 37 weeks
    • wait until the baby is born at 40 weeks?
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    ImJustAGirl responded:
  • *I should actually note that 3 doctors recommended having the colpo done as soon as possible**
    tlkittycat1968 replied to ImJustAGirl's response:
    JMO, but if three doctors recommended having the colposcopy as soon as possible, I'd do it.
    ImJustAGirl responded:
    But do the doctors HAVE TO recommend this to cover themselves? What is riskier- waiting two-4 extra weeks and possibly having cancer grow during that time OR risking having to deliver my baby at 35 weeks?

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