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    I need advice on my pregnancy, urgent.
    carterx posted:
    So earlier in May, i suspected i was pregnant, but i couldn't really know until i took a test because my periods are beyond irregular. Lucky if i got it even once a year. So i went to my doctor and they performed a urine test that came back negative and i was so sure because my breast were sore and that never happens, also the tiredness and nausea, vomiting etc. I let it go and then on May 10th i began spotting and it went on for a couple days until the 20th when i began bkeeding extremely heavy and passing huge blood clots and then my mother and i was sure i was pregnant and lost it. I bled through 15 pads in one day, heavy pads and went to the hospital the next day where they performed a urine pregnancy test that came back negative, although they took my blood they didnt check for pregnancy. I became anemic and told its just a DUB/Super period from all the ones i missed. Sounded like bs. On the follow up with my ob/gyn, he took blood (05/25) and my results came back positive but low, 23.7. He then sent me for an ultrasound (05/31) where we saw nothing and i was told it was a miscarriage. My ob/gyn on the following appointment (06/07) said if began to bleed again to call him and took more blood to test my hcg levels to see if they decreased. 4 days later (06/11) im bleeding, looks like old blood and is light. He tells me to come in with my mother where he tells us that my levels went from 23.7 to 2156.0 and to go to the main hospital in Manhattan (ED) to see if its ectopic, we did. They took urine and blood, urine came back postive immediately and blood too, didnt see levels from that yet. But they did an ultrasound and saw the sac, in my uterus and then performed another with better equipment and its crazy because there was literally nothing there in my very first ultrasound in May. They said im really early and wouldnt be able to find or see a heartbeat yet anyways. I saw it, it was a huge difference from what i saw last time, something was actually there. Then after a couple minutes of talking to the doctor there she went to look, came back maybe 2 minutes later and said it wasnt viable. I dont get it, first i was told miscarriage, then ectopic, now it's where it is supposed to be , but is not viable yet my hcg levels continue to rise and my symptoms carry on. My mom thinks i should wait a week before my d&c to get my levels tested again and to see if theres any growth in a new ultrasound. Advice?
    atti_editor responded:
    I'm sorry that no one was able to offer any advice when you first posted and that you have been going through all of this. What did you decide to do? How are you feeling now?

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