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    First Signs of Pregnancy Before and After a Missed Period
    KarenHester posted:
    Pregnant! Congratulations, this is a very special time for mother to be and her partner. Mum is going to be going through a lot of changes. She will be worried about how her body is going to change, scared about the birth. You May have morning sickness which can sometimes be so debilitating that it can result in you spending a lot of time on the couch just not knowing how to carry on and wondering how you are going to get through the day. This can start from as early as 2 weeks and last for up to 14 weeks.Swollen Breasts,Tiredness,Morning Sickness,HeadachesEvery women is different and she will experience different symptoms, some won't feel sick at all and others can suffer considerably but usually after the first 14 - 16 weeks the symptoms get easier and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and find you have lots of new found energy, especially for the nesting phase (i.e. the huge desire to decorate, sort out and clean the whole house!!)
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    JodyMorsee responded:
    Well nice to having good topic discussion. It is always critical for women to know whether they are in state or pregnancy or not .... There are many indicators and signs of pregnancy that can help a woman to tell the answer of "Am I pregnant". A woman can experience only few of these early pregnancy signs. All women are different, even the same woman experiences different pregnancy symptoms in different pregnancies.Blood test carried at the doctor's office is more reliable compared to the home pregnancy test. If any woman after continuously getting a false pregnancy result, still experiences the pregnancy symptom then it is better for her to go for blood test.
    Kwilder23 replied to JodyMorsee's response:
    Thanks for the post. Me and my husband have started to work on our family. I stopped with the nuva ring in Janurary still nothing yet. This past week I had a headache that started on Monday and continued to Tuesday. Any ideas to help out with getting pregnant?
    nygirl11 replied to Kwilder23's response:
    Hi Kwilder23! Have you learned how to track your ovulation yet? There are many websites that have ovulation calenders which will tell you the days you are most fertile. You will just need to know how long your cycle is and when you started your last menstrual cycle. There are also tests that tell you when you are ovulating that can be bought at any drug store, grocery store, etc. They work the same way pregnancy tests do. You pee on the test in the morning and a sign will pop up if you are ovulating that day. Eating healthy and taking prenatal vitamins now will help prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. Good Luck!
    Wovi77 replied to JodyMorsee's response:
    I had all the symptoms and kept getting neg test and even the blood test was neg. I had an ultra sound to find out I was. How can I get my hormone levels to jump up when I am?
    tlkittycat1968 replied to Wovi77's response:
    There's nothing you can do to increase your hormones.

    Helpful Tips

    Easing Early Pregnancy NauseaExpert
    For many women, eating a small snack every hour or two will keep nausea to a minimum. Almost any food will do, but nuts are a great choice, ... More
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