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    The 10 Must Do’s Before Baby Arrives! 1. Take time to prepare for the birth and caring for your newborn baby – from the convenience of your home! The Best Birth online class is ta
    Sarah McMoyler, RN posted:
    The 10 Must Do's Before Baby Arrives!
    1. Take time to prepare for the birth and caring for your newborn baby — from the convenience of your home! The Best Birth online class is taught by Registered Nurse, Sarah McMoyler — includes childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care and Infant CPR!
    2. Be sure that you have selected your - pediatrician — start with your OB, and ask friends and family for referrals
    3. Begin the conversation: WHO will be helping us at home after the baby arrives? Sometimes grandparents are the perfect choice — sometimes not! Hiring support is often a great option to help the transition into parenthood go smoothly.
    4. Ask your friends that have had babies for their words of wisdom (NOT their horror stories!) What was most helpful to them in the early days? What surprises did they have and how did they manage them?
    5. Friends and co-workers will offer to help —ACCEPT! People really do want to make a difference — dropping off a meal, picking up groceries or tending to the baby while you BOTH nap — let them help you!
    6. Hospital bag should be ready 4 weeks prior to your due date and sitting by the front door. Keep it simple, here are a few things that most people don't think of: white athletic socks for mom to wear during labor (they get tossed after delivery) cell phone charger, toiletries, loose clothes to go home in, including flip flops for swollen feet, granny panties, nursing bra, outfit for baby with feet in it for baby to ride in car seat!
    7. Be clear about whom you want with you during delivery — and know that you are allowed to change your mind! If you find that having your mother-in-law (or whomever) in the room was not such a good idea- tell your nurse- she will handle escorting people out!
    8. Labor partners (typically the Dad) need to have the following squared away: route to the hospital, entrance to use daytime vs. nighttime, who to call when it's time to head to the hospital, exactly where is the labor and delivery unit. Take the hospital tour- well worth it!
    9. Essential baby gear: installed car seat AND inspected (NHTSA can help locate certified technician), diapers, wipes, burp cloths, nighties to allow for easy access diaper changes, a safe sleep space.
    10. Feeding newborns can be very challenging; be sure to utilize the expertise at the hospital for breastfeeding support. Know whom to call once you are home- as many new families will need post-partum assistance with breastfeeding. (Pediatricians may have formula supplementation to aid with weight loss/gain issues.)
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