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    No Fetal Heartbeat at 8 weeks
    JferB posted:
    I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and an internal ultrasound did not find a heartbeat. This very same problem happened to my Husband and I last year and we were devastated. We decided to do the D&C last time but emotionally I cannot go thru that again. I was terrified into thinking I was going to get an infection if my body did not naturually miscarry. I'm just looking for any advice on what to do. I do have one very healthy 7 year old from a previous relationship and just can't understand how this could happen a second time. Everyone said that it was next to impossible that the same thing would happen again and we really had our hopes up this time only to be devastated again.
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    truewyatt responded:
    I am 7 or 8 weeks and had an internal u/s yesterday and they couldn't see the heartbeat either because the baby was positioned high. I had a OB appointment today and she said that I would be able to see it at 10 weeks. I have to go back in 2 weeks to get looked at again.
    LauraS1229 responded:
    I'm sorry you're having to go through this... did you see anything in the gestational sac? Fetal pole? Yolk sac? Etc, or was it empty? Did you see the baby but no heartbeat? Maybe you aren't as far along as you thought, or like pp said, maybe the baby isn't positioned correctly. Either way, what did your doc recommend? I hope everything goes well and you don't have to go through another loss. Please let us know what happens.
    JferB replied to LauraS1229's response:
    We were able to see everything just no heartbeat. When this happened before I was told I have a tilted uterus and that "could" affect hearing the heartbeat but (hoping this doesn't happen again) when they first measured the baby it measured 8.5 weeks and when we went back for a 3rd and final US it still measured 8.5 weeks so we were fairly certain the diagnosis was correct. I am really trying to keep positive on this but considering last time my hope is running thin. I think I have decided that I am not going thru another D&C. My OB says the only risk with that is the possibility for infection if it doesn't miscarry itself.
    JferB replied to truewyatt's response:
    I am doing the same thing and just trying to hope for the best. I have read on some forums that a heartbeat may not be detected for up to 12 weeks. Good luck to you.
    missreeginn responded:
    know what ur talking about im 7 weeks pregnant i am terrified of my next ultrasound .... my last pregnancy i went in for my 12 weeks check up and they did an ultrasound and they said the heart stopped beating at 8 weeks this was my 3rd miscarry my doctor could not do a d&c because my insurance wouldnt cover it so i had to wait for my body to pass it i didnt miscarry until 4 weeks later my dr had me come in 2 time a week to make sure i didnt get an infection waiting for my body to naturully was the longest and and when i did miscarry it was painfull i wish i could have got the d&c and the doctor keep telling me that its usuall for the same thing to happen again the only thing that keeps going is i do have wonderful baby girl who is 10 months old so i do know that i can have childern
    byoung1979 responded:
    Keep in mind the baby is tiny right now meaning the little feller has a ton of space to move around and hide from the monitor. My doctor didn't even attempt to hear the heartbeat until I was 10 weeks along. What was their reasoning for giving you this internal us in the first place??? I would hope the doctor reassured you that it could just be too early to hear it. I'd tell you not to stress our or panic yet but I know that would be impossible!!! Good luck to you and your family... I hope this little bugger stays strong for you guys.
    flaca1983 responded:
    Im sorry you have to go through this hard tiome but exactly ehat everyone lese says is true this is my 2nd pregnancy im about 6 weeks and the dr said that a heartbeat is detectable until the 19th week so HANG IN THERE GOD IS POWERFUL and hell help you and GOD bless yu and hope all goes well
    pajama_mama responded:
    yes I would def wait if I was you and request another u/s at 10 or 12 weks 8 weeks is just too early to pass judgement. My 2yo I was told I was miscarrying and well I didn't so get a second opinion if you have to- my ob is doing an u/s next week for me at 7wks and they're only looking for a baby at this point they said they aren't even concerned about a heartbeat yet...

    but what I wanted to comment on was the natural D&C- In oct I started what I thought was my period but it didn't stop a month later I discovered I was miscarrying and they had to do a D&C cause it was just taking too long and my body wasn't able to push out the remainder. But from what I experienced the bleeding wasn't bad it was like a heavy period and some days it would lighten up. Expect alot of clots I had some the size of quarters and they felt like really bad period cramps. They do have pills that you can take that will help you miscarry but since I didn't know I didn't take them I just wanted to let you know a little of what to expect. Good Luck God bless your little ones I know how frusterating it is.
    vybe77 responded:

    Im a mom of 3 and can attest that all the comments on here on right on point...most heartbeats get heard around 10 weeks and up...for my last child we couldnt even hear it @ the 10 week apt. we had to wait til 14 weeks so yeah, try and relax and think good positive thoughts..dont let yourself be pushed into a decision just let your body tell you where it needs to go...what is your heart telling you really really deep it and dont fret and do keep us posted....very best of luck to you

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