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    An_218268 posted:
    I have been cramping off and on for about 10 days. I found out yesterday that i was pregnant. is cramping normal? I don't normally cramp at all. any ideas?
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    phoenixfire76 responded:
    Yes cramping is completely normal your uterus is expanding to accommodate the baby.

    Now if the cramping is painful or you start to bleed then you'll want to see a Dr. ASAP!

    Best of Luck.
    GigiSage responded:
    You should still mention it to your doctor as they will probably ask questions but PP is right your uterus is stretching and especially if it is your first you uterus has never gone through this before.
    Anda313 replied to GigiSage's response:

    So with your first, you experience more cramping? Just trying to figure it out as I am currently pregnant with my first
    lilai replied to Anda313's response:
    I am experiencing the same thing,severe cramping. My doctor said it is not normal.i am going for more blood test tomorow (dr just wants to make sure it is not an ectopic pregnancy).
    peacefrog729 replied to lilai's response:
    ASK YOUR DR. !!!! I am pregnant with my first after a miscarriage 2 months ago. I had to go to the E.R. today with severe cramping and bleeding, I was diagnosed with succhorionic hematomas. It's scary and feels like a miscarriage, luckily the baby's good and the heamatomas should pass on thier own within a week. It's ALWAYS good to ask!!!!
    Kay_And responded:
    cramping early in pregnancy is completely normal. Like PP said it is your uterus stretching. When I was 4-7 weeks I had cramping that was significant enough to wake me up. My OB confirmed that cramping is normal. I am still experiencing slight cramps once in a while and I am 12 weeks.

    If your cramping is so bad that you are unable to walk or you are doubled over in pain then I would suggest going to the ER...or if you experience bleeding.
    Brianna914 responded:
    I've been pregnant 4 times and miscarried twice. With my healthy pregnancies I have had mild to moderately uncomfortable cramping almost all the way through the first trimester. Even at times during the second trimester as well. As you grow larger it becomes more obvious (at least to me it did) that it is simply my uterus growing. Maybe it was just because I've had the time to pay more attention to exactly when I was cramping and for how long.

    With my miscarriages the cramping was definitely more painful. It felt like bed period cramps. The cramping i had during the healthy pregnancies was like the kind of cramping you get in the beginning of your period. With the misacrriages it was pretty obvious to me altho I was in total denial that I was in fact going to miscarry.

    The sad truth is ALL WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT, and what may lead to misacrriage in some women may lead to a totally healthy baby in others. It's unfortunately something you just have to ride along with, and hope for the best. I was very VERY nervous about this pregnancy because my previous 2 were the miscarriages I spoke of. And LO and BEHOLD I am almost 32 weeks pregnant with a PERFECTLY healthy baby girl!

    Hang in there, it will happen!

    Brianna (29) DH (27) DS (6 1/2) #2 EDD 5/27/10 Anya Celeste
    Anda313 replied to lilai's response:
    My cramping was not severe and has now some what subsided. I go to the doctor tomorrow. I am hopeful that all is well and I have been praying hard that all is well. I feel great and even felt grreat while cramping. I did call the nurse and asked her about cramping and she said it is normal. Everything I have read states cramping normal; however, when it is severe and there is bleeding then you should be concerned.
    ladyproc responded:
    congrats first of all..i am 6w and 2days and i have been feeling the same thing...cramps on and off throughout the day and only for about 5 to 10 minutes. I had a recent miscarriage this year..So i too am kind of worried, i have a doc appointmetn next week..wish me not if u mind or not, but illkeep you and your baby in my prayers...i hope it worksout for you.
    mzchynia responded:
    thank goodness u posted this because i was wondering the same thing i have been getting cramps periodically and was begining to worry
    Liana9144 replied to mzchynia's response:
    Same here I was wondering too about the on and off cramping. It is bareable, but wondered if it was normal. I'm on the verge of making my appt with a obgyn. I'm about 3 1/2 to 4wks now. This is also my first pregnancy, so all of this is very new to me.

    Good luck to all of us!!
    beam01 replied to Liana9144's response:
    I am about 5 weeks and have been experiencing the same thing. This is also my first pregnancy. I don't see my doctor until the 26th. Everything I have read and people I have talked to say it is completely normal.
    nyoka4u responded:
    I am almost 10 weeks right now and I still get the cramps at times. I did ask my Dr. and she said it's nothing to worry about unless like you said there is bellding or they are severe. I can say though that they have lessened up since I first found out I was pg. Good luck to you and your little one.
    JenQ80 replied to nyoka4u's response:
    Thank you everyone. It was weird. I was getting on WebMD to see if I could find info on this very thing and there it was on the main page! I am 5 weeks and I have cramps they aren't painful. They are very dull. I just found out I was pregnant on Monday and have a dr. appt. on Monday. I have had a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy and this would be my first real pregnancy if all goes well. I'm trying to stay hopeful and this really put a few of my worries to rest. This pregnancy also feels different then the other ones. Before I didn't experience any symptoms and this go around I have all of them. So I was worried about the cramping. It's almost like a pressure, hard to explain. Good luck to everyone and I'll keep good thoughts for you.

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