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    JULY 2010 Babies :)
    kamahri_n_me posted:
    So I'm due July 18th officially now lol ( My PG has been a roller coaster ride ALREADY :sheepish: ). I figured we can use this post to keep up with each other, find out who our due date buddies are, and give updates. Soooo, let's get this ball rolling!! :grin: Let's start with the basics since this is probably the most info we may have at this point: due date, planned/unplanned, finding out sex/or not. Feel free to add any other info you may want to share. This should be fun!!! Like I said I'm due July 18th, this PG wasn't exactly planned but DF and I did nothing to prevent it(no BC no pulling out,etc. we just let it happened when it was time), and we are definitely finding out the sex because I am too impatient to wait lol. :lightsmile:
    mtensil responded:
    due July 16ish. unplanned but certainly welcome pregnancy, and he wants to know the sex, so I acquiesced on that, since I insist on stuff he doesn't want all the time LOL.
    mkdawn06 responded:
    I am due July 6th! This will be my 3rd child born. I have a daughter that is 3. I recently lost my second daughter to sids in Sept 2009 . She was only 1 and half months. This pregnancy is so not planned. After the loss of our daughter we were no where near thinking of having another child. I was even on birth control. But God works in mysterious ways and he is giving us another chance. I was shocked at first but I am excited now. We have something to look foward to. Oh and we are definetly finding out the sex of the baby. I cant believe people can wait 9 months to find out. I dont have that kind of will power. Lol. Looking foward to talking to you this whole pregnancy! Danielle 24, Dh 25, Makayla 3, Jordin 7-20-09 to 9-3-09 loss to Sids. Edd 7-6-10!
    ash1eyc responded:
    due July 9th....not exactly planned but i wasn't on b/c so it was bound to happen....i HAVE to know the sex of the baby as soon as possible!!! lol i dont know where that will power comes from some people to wait 9 months either!!! Congrats to you!!!
    peachyisthelife responded:
    Yay I have a due date buddy! I'm due July 16th. This was pretty much planned, this will be our 3rd child. I haven't 100% decided but I think I may wait to find out the sex. It sounds fun, I hope i stay strong! I was nowhere near patient enough to wait for my 1st two kids, though. But i have a boy and a girl now. Oh but my 1st doc appt is on Tuesday so my u/s will confirm my EDD, so it may change!
    ttrishh responded:
    I am Due July 9th too. and it was planned. I would like to find out the sex of the baby, but I hear that in the province I live in now they will not tell you at your standard appointment, you have to pay to go to the 3D Ultrasound.... Cash Grab anyone! If they will tell me I want to find out but I am not paying $250 to find out, I will wait if I have to!
    bee12 responded:
    okay well this is great! I have due date buddies! Im due 07/16/10 God willing and all.. :sillygrin: This was a planned pregnancy after many failed attempts.. I plan on finding out the sex but DH doesn't really want to know! H&H to us all!
    Marbles0125 responded:
    Im due July 9 too! This one wasn't really planned, we weren't preventing, no bc because Im breastfeeding my 7 month old still. I am going to be honest and say I am worried. Just about loving another child, and providing for another, especially daycare. But we are still very excited and I can't wait to find out what were having and can't wait to feel "baby gizmo" move around inside. That's what were calling the baby till we know what were having. :sillygrin: Look forward to the next 7 months with all of you!
    twinsandoneontheway responded:
    I am due on July 24th - my mom's b-day!! We were actually trying after a m/c in July of this year (at 11weeks). I would prefer not to be pregs in the hottest time of the year. But I was desperate to have another LO after losing the one in July! We will be finding out the sex. We already have two precious little twin boys and even though we don't really care what it is, it's just easier to plan and if need be repaint the nursery!! I am 7.5 weeks now and the m/s just started yesterday....Oh well, they say that means it's a healthy pregnancy - Bring it on!!! H & H nine months to you all!!!
    cranke1 responded:
    Hey there and congratulations to all of you July mommies-to-be! I'm due July 11, so I'm 9w,4d along as of today. This pregnancy was planned and we worked for it. I was pregnant earlier this year, but miscarried at 6 weeks. It felt incredible to pass that mark with this pregnancy, and I'm praying things continue to go smoothly. We've seen our LO on ultrasound twice now, and (s)he's growing right on schedule. With both ultrasounds we also got to see the heartbeat: 129 the first time, then 176 the second. What a strong little thumper! I can't wait until February when we get to find out the sex! They said I can find out as early as February 7th!
    EMB2006 responded:
    I'm due July 18th too!! This pregnancy was planned-DH & I had been trying for 6 months. This is our first so we're excited!! We will find out the first week of March what the baby will be. I have to know so we can shop and plan!! We went for our first doctor's visit Monday (Dec. 7) and got to see the baby & hear the heartbeat-it was amazing!! I haven't had too much trouble yet-the morning sickness isn't as bad as it was last week and pretty much everything else is mild. Hope we all have a happy & healthy pregnancy!!
    kerenjoy86 responded:
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has the "not planned, but not prevented" story! I've been getting a lot of "well, you knew it was gonna happen"! Definitely welcomed though. I'm not up on the code words, EDD, DF, LO, etc... This is my first pregnancy, due July 10th, just in time for our 1 year wedding anniversary! I'm a little nervous about miscarriage still, especially after hearing it can happen at 11 weeks, what I am now... Going to hear HB on 12/23. Haven't had morning sickness, but rather nighttime sickness! When 8pm hits, everything that I ate during the day is rumbling... Def. finding out the sex- can't wait- hoping for a GIRL! It will be a miracle though, my husband comes from a long line of Greek boys!!! Keren(23) Husband(24) EDD 7/10/2010
    Megkate3 responded:
    Ok - not sure if I count, but I'm due Aug 5ish (but have to have another c-section so the baby will actually be born in July). This pregnancy was planned, but I thought it would take longer . . . we got pregnant the first month of trying!! Definitely finding out sex - praying for healthy of course, but boy would be icing on the cake!! Hope you don't mind me playing. :pbpt:
    waber0211 responded:
    I'm due July 12, this baby was DEFINITELY planned and we're definitely going to find out the sex! Neither of us can wait! We're so excited. I will be 18 weeks the week of our anniversary so I'm praying I can schedule the Anatomy Scan U/S for that week, maybe even on our anniversary!! What a great present that will be to us both!!!!!!!! Good luck to all of you and YAY for all the July babies!!!!
    mrsk32 responded:
    I'm due July 22nd. :smile: This pregnancy was planned and we can't wait for DD to have a sibling. We definitely want to find out the sex - I like to be prepared! :smile:

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