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    Adderall and pregnancy
    bam31 posted:
    I am about 9 weeks along & just found out that I was pregnant about 2 weeks ago. I have been taking 20mg of adderall, 2 times a day for the past couple years as prescribed by my doctor. I stopped taking the adderall about a week ago & don't know if there is going to be any adverse effects to my baby. Is it ok to take my medicine for the remainder of the pregnancy, maybe in smaller doses, if I am having a hard time coping? I did have an ultrasound at a clinic a couple weeks ago and everything seems to be just fine with growth & heartbeat was good. I of course want to do what's best for my baby, just can't find a whole lot of helpful information on the internet & I don't have a OBGYN yet b/c of no insurance. Can anyone shed some light on this for me??
    WorryGirl80 responded:
    I do not take Adderall, but I found this site with info:
    MizLeah responded:
    JUST LURKING -I was using Aderall as well and advised not to use it by my physician. I have just been coping with my ADHD but once you get a physician you can always ask them to prescribe you something....
    PGinSJ responded:
    Check out for info about the safety of any drug.
    courtbean responded:
    Hi Bam I'm in a similar situation. I just found out last week that I am pregnant (6 weeks now), and was taking the same exact dosage as you. When I told my Behavior Health Dr. that I was trying to conceive, she made me promise her I would stop taking the adderall as soon as I found out I was pregnant (which I have). She said I would probably be fine and that sometimes pregnant women see a decrease in ADHD symptoms, but I have only been at work 3 days without meds and I am already having a really difficult time with focusing/organization/ time management -basically haven't been productive at all! Not sure how much of this is due to excitement and being tired vs. not being on medication, but I was wondering if anyone else was having a similar problem and how they have been coping . My office mates and I have been joking about it and they don't seem to bothered by my behavior yet(i have been really silly & off-the wall), but I am genuinely concerned about the negative effect this could have on my work performance over the next 9 months and I am not sure how (or if I even should) bring this up with my supervisor, especially since I am only a few weeks along! I would appreciate any insight from other ladies that might be going through the same thing! -C
    cvialpando responded:
    In my case, I was taking 25 mg of adderall daily and didnt find out I was pregnant until I was 5 months along. After I found out I was pregnant I got off adderall right away. However, I didnt cope as well either. I had a beautiful baby boy who is just perfect and absolutely resilient. When I talked to my doctors and friends who are doctors they all agreed that taking adderall during pregnancy isnt as bad as the it is hyped up to be. Dont get me wrong you alway err on the safe side. However, I heard stories of mothers giving birth to perfectly healthy babies where they were hours before caught in the hospital bathroom snorting coke while in labor!!! Case in point, babies are more resilient than we given them credit to be and you would be surprised as to those mothers who have dont worse yet still produce healthy children one after another. Think of it, nowadays we cant drink (obviously for good reasons), eat tuna (for very improbable circumstances), shy away from peanut butter (protein HELLO!), and now it is Delli meat. Once again the human race has been producing healthy babies for thousands of years while drinking a sole diet of wine, eating nothing but seafood (Japaneese), and even smoking up until recently (I mean look at your mother or your grandmother Im pretty sure there were pregnant smokers somewhere within that generation and everyone or at least someone came out perfectly fine). Once again, my case in point is, if getting off is interfering with your job, personal life, etc..., talk to your Doctor about getting off of it slowly. Cut down by half, using it only when needed. Adderall is not a direct cause of those cited "possible effects", it is an indirect FACTOR that contributes to high blood pressure (which you and your doctor can easily monitor), inefficient diet, etc...all of which then lead to preterm births that then lead to underdeveloped lungs, smaller birth weight, and the like. All of these factors can be monitored with careful attention and cooperation with your OBGYN to ensure that both you and your baby get the best prenatal care and mental care which is a crucial factor that ensures the much needed attention, focus, and organization that comes with being a mother. Hope this helps.
    gettinthere32 replied to cvialpando's response:
    I love responses like yours, cvialpando. Very down-to-earth, refreshing, and realisic. Why do people try to scare the crap out of pregnant women..., as if we don't have enough to worry about! I have also heard about many women who were "perfect", meaning cut out everything, and still had serious health or development problems in their babies. It's not neccessarily the mother's fault. God is pretty powerful. I understand how difficult it is to function with fatigue and the absence of your adderrall. It's almost unbearable at times. I feel that the stress, loss of sleep, etc. cold be more harmful than anything. You should see the black under my eyes. Depression kicks in, you feel hopeless, and at times feel crazy. Be smart and take it when u can't function. I'm suprised that doctors let people experience what I have because I am pregnant. None of my prescriptions were "okay" to take. I've got a long 7 months to go, but I am so sick of the scare tactics everyone has put on everything. I read a book that said caffeine causes fetal death......., this has to be in doses large enough to make a horse have a heart attack, I mean, come on. You want me to give up coffeee too??? I am not as extreme this pregnancy. It's ridiculous top worry the way I did in my first pregnancy. Eat good, don't go to keg parties, don't take over what you should, and be honest with your doctors. I left one OBGYN who took me off everything except Zoloft, then I see a commercial that people are suing for birth defects caused by taking Zoloft during pregnacy. I quit zoloft. It'sall confusing and I feel so alone in this because no one understands my pain.

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