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    Heavy implantation bleeding?
    iluvcamping posted:
    Hi girls,

    I'm lurking on this board because I'm hoping someone can help!

    I have so many familiar early pregnancy symptoms (starving all the time, tired, sore boobs,etc.). I was supposed to start my period today (Wednesday) but started cramping a bleeding bright red on Sunday. I'm a complete regular girl (28 days) with never having an early or late period (well, except when I was pregnant with DS).

    I stopped bleeding the next day, but spotted bright red till yesterday. I took a HPT on Sunday but got a negative. Calling my doctor is useless - she's impossible to get into with such short notice.

    My question is did anyone bleed red blood for at least 24 hours and still have a healthy pregnancy?

    I apologize for the novel...but appreciate any advice.
    hisangelface responded:
    Bleeding bright red, if you are pregnant, is definitely not a good thing. I hate to tell you but it sounds to me like you had your period. You cannot use early pregnancy symptoms to determine pregnancy since they can be caused by many other things. The symptoms you described can also be attributed to PMS as well. Keep in mind that impantation bleeding does happen but it is very rare.

    You could always wait another few days and take another test, but the one you took on Sunday is probably accurate... sorry.

    Good luck and keep us posted! By the way, I am also in Canada!
    iluvcamping responded:
    Thanks for your input. I think it was my period, too but I thought I'd ask around, just in case. (sigh...)

    I don't think I'll bother testing again. Hopefully I'll be officially joining this board again next month!

    4bunkin responded:
    I had heavy bleeding (bright red) for about 3 days which I thought was my period. It apparently wasn't as I got a BPF 1 week later. I have had 2 U/S and everything so far looks good.
    Jessicajo77 responded:
    I never had heavy bleeding but I did spot. I thought it was my period coming on as this was not an expected pregnancy. But a week before the spotting I just KNEW I was pregnant, I was starved, tired, sick to my stomach and the thought of an alcoholic beverage had me running for the bathroom! I took tests for 3 weeks and did not get my BFP until Friday, Sept 5th. (I had taken one on Sept 2nd and it was negative.) So I was 6 weeks 2 days before I finally got a test to agree with what I all ready knew! It was the same way last time. Anyhow... so my advice to you is wait another week and try again.
    iluvcamping responded:
    Maybe I will take another few tests but just not get my hopes up!

    I am so thankful for boards like this!

    I wish you all beautiful and healthy pregnancies and babies.
    aliciamarie19 responded:
    Implantation bleeding would be dark in color, more like dark brown/red. It also is only spotting, not a full bleed. If you are having bright red blood it is most likely your period. Hope this helps!

    Me (22) Hubby (23) EDD 11/27/2008 Its a Girl!!!
    cherokeelady64 responded:
    that not always true i read on another site that it could be an active bleed due to implantation.
    481516 responded:
    I am going thru somewhat of the same situation. I have severe endometriosis that I have had ablated 3x in the past year, my last surgery was 1/6/10 and started having symptoms again exactly one month later. My doctor advised that I would need a hysterectomy because the endo was so deep that they would not be able to ablate with a laparascopy and my husband & I should consider getting pregnant sooner than later if we wanted to have kids. So we started directly after my appt 2/8/10. This happened to be perfect timing with my ovulation schedule and according to the over the counter tests, my "fertile" days were 2/9 and 2/10. So we tried about every other day last week. I started about 3 days afterwards having headaches, nightime nausea, frequent urination, and many other symptoms. However, last night at about 11:00pm I noticed that it seemed like I was spotting, and after a few hours I woke up to what seemed like period bleeding, but it would be a week early. My cycles are very regular and predictable, so I am wondering if this could be implantation bleeding. I have been online quite a lot today and it seems like it varies greatly from woman to woman. Obviously I want to be pregnant, and with my endo, I am more concerned than ever. I just can't imagine that I would start 7 days after ovulation I would start my regular period. Has anyone ever experienced the same thing and then found out they are pregnant? I would really appreciate any advice!
    ReneeErin responded:
    For the previous post- I had a period that was a week early about 2 months before we got pregnant. I have no idea what caused it, but I had headaches and more pregnancy symptoms then than I did with the cycle I got pregnant. You'll just need to be patient and see what happens! Good luck!
    481516 responded:
    481516 responded:
    To make this even worse on my sanity, the bleeding completely stopped yesterday at about 7:00pm. My cycles are always at least 4 days long so now I have no idea what to think.
    Isylya responded:
    Here's my story...

    I got pregnant on Christmas day...heheh...I had my "period" the last week (4 days) of December. I was late by almost 10 days! I took a HPT two days before I started my "period" and it was negative (obviously too early) During this "period" I had Brown and bright red blood, even a few clots, although minimal amounts, not like usual. So I just figured it was my period. But I thought it was odd.

    This also happened when I was pregnant with my Daughter. The reason I know when I conceived is because of my u/s pics....they show me at 8 1/2 weeks right now, and that was Christmas day.

    Anyways...when I found out I was pregnant, I remembered that 'period' being nearly identical to the one I had when I was preggers with my Daughter and knew that it was most likely implantation bleeding....or something. I am no Doctor and even my Doctor can't explain why it was the way it was.

    I'm not even sure why I was late....the whole thing is just unusual! It also made for a stressful time for a few weeks because I knew that 'period' wasn't really a my dates were from November, being my last normal cycle. So, I got my dates wrong and ended up being much less pregnant than we thought. Which led to multiple blood draws for hCG levels and ultrasounds for fetal measurement. I have my 4th u/s in two which time I will be just over 10 wks along. Sheesh!! On the up side, I have tons of pics of the baby! heheh!

    I know it sounds confusing, and that's because it is! lol! Anyways, my point being is, you never know.

    I'm not trying to get your hopes up, I wish you luck ttc!!!

    481516 responded:
    Thank u so much for sharing your story!!! Any little ounce of hope helps at this point because the longer it takes, the worse my endo pain gets and the more likely I will need another lap. Since I am so regular with my cycles and they always last for @ least 4 days, I am going to test either tonight or tomorrow to help clear my mind. I was concerned that since I just had the last lap on 1/6, that that could be the reason I experienced this bleeding. We TTC @ perfect timing so I want to be more than hopeful. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!
    MzLuvnLife12 responded:
    I am going thru the same thing. I havent taken a pregnancy test in almost a week because the consistant negatives had me blue. My period was 10 days late, on day 11 I had some bleeding which was dark red in color but was not too heavy. Maybe 1 pad change every 2-3 hours if that (I have OCD). Anyway, it stayed for two days. I am not spotting brownish red. On Monday, August 6 I was sooooo nausous at work. It was to the point that I was literally begging myself to vomit already!!! But nothing came out. On today, Tuesday, I noticed some nausea as well but it was not as bad as yesterday. All last week and the week before I cramped but no blood and I have been having migraines for 2 weeks atleast twice per day. I told myself I would wait until August 15th (week 6) before I took another test. My hubby is convinced that I am pregnant...I was but now I am not so sure. Ugh, our bodies are beautiful yet weird! HELPPPPPP

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