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    When did you first hear the heartbeat?
    TinaRaine posted:
    I have a doctors appointment on wednesday, and when I go I will be 7.5weeks. I had an ultrasound last week for dating and was told I was 6w1d, and we were able to see a heartbeat. I can't remember though how far along i was with my daughter before we could hear the heartbeat.
    nnegron1 responded:
    I had my first ultrasound with this pregnancy when I was 7 weeks along. I was able to hear the heartbeat then. I have an appointment this Tuesday for my 12 week appointment and can't wait to hear my little one's heartbeat again!
    nsteve responded:
    I asked my u/s tech yesterday when she was doing mine if I could hear it and she said we don't like to do that until your in the second trimester because they haven't proven if its safe for the baby. At 10 weeks they'll try it with the doppler though, just not via ultrasound.
    jenfur79 responded:
    I heard the heartbeat at 6 weeks when I was able to see it on U/S couldn't hear it with the doppler till I was 10 weeks with DS
    Chocolatemoca responded:
    At my first appt I had a vaginal u/s and seen the baby's hb and the doctor let us hear it I was 6wks 4days. I heard the hb again last week at my last appt via the doppler.
    CJ7860 responded:
    I heard the heart beat at 10 weeks. I'm not sure they try to "hear" it any earlier than that. See it on and us at about 5 or 6 weeks...

    Melissa (32), Madison (4.5) EDD 12/4
    amb_519 responded:
    My first ultrasound was my birthday, May 7th and I didn't expect much. We lost a baby back in December, and I was just dreading this ultrasound. She found my little bean right away and even asked if I'd like to try to find the heart beat since we could see the flicker on the screen -- I thought she was kidding, but nope =) We found my baby's heart beat at "7" weeks, she even gave me an u/s photo of the heart beat lines on the screen....heart rate was 161, she said it was excellent. I really didn't think they could hear anything until 10 weeks....but I haven't had a baby in five years, so I'm sure a lot of things have changed =) Also remembers ladies, it depends on the equipment, the tech or dr, and your body versus where baby is and baby's size!
    CJ7860 replied to amb_519's response:
    They aren't actually hearing it. They are seeing it.

    When I had my daughter in 2005, this was beat into our head over and over by someone on these
    jenfur79 replied to CJ7860's response:
    I was able to hear mine at 6wks and 7 wks at my U/S
    CJ7860 replied to jenfur79's response:
    From what I have always understood the us put sound to it, but you can not actually hear it. At least that is what I have been led to understand.

    I just googled it, and that is what it says too
    pinkmarlin86 responded:
    I was 6 weeks 1 day, and I heard the heartbeat!! (= I think the only reason why they did an US for me was because I was spotting, which stopped thankfully!! (= I am going back in on thursday for my first prenatal visit, and they told me I will be gettin another one too I believe!
    Mhines515 responded:
    I had my first u/s on May 18th (7wks 5days) and got to hear and see the heartbeat.
    TeacherBeck replied to Mhines515's response:
    I went for my first u/s 2 weeks ago at 7 wks we saw the HB and then the U/S tech says if you hold your breath, I may be able to let you *HEAR* it. I thought she was nuts, but I held my breath and in a few sec I hear the glub-glub-glub of my LOs HB! It was the sweetest sound ever. heartrate 151 :)

    With our pg last year (a loss) we didn't get to hear until 16 wks! So I was SHOCKED to hear it at 7 wks! Wow! I think she did that for us b/c she knows how nervous we are this time around.
    Technology changes so fast, and I can tell you my DH, MIL, and I were there just about bawling listening to that HB.
    I guess it all depends on what your doc thinks is necessary and what kind of equiptment they have (my doctr office is at the same location as a new birthing center and they have great equipt!).
    Mhines515 replied to TeacherBeck's response:
    OMG!!! I agree it was the sweetest sound EVER! This is my first pg and leading up to the appt. it really didn't register that I am pregnant but as soon as I saw my sweetheart on the screen and heard the heartbeat 172 I too was bawling like a big baby. It's AMAZING!!! Congrats to you and your DH!!!
    skathleen04 responded:
    I went yesterday for my first u/s at 7weeks 1day. They normally would have done it at 12 weeks, but there was a misunderstanding between doctors that got us worried about my hcg levels, so they called me in. We got to hear the heartbeat loud and clear, it was so strong!

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