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    7.5 weeks yolk sac but no embryo
    birdiegirl77 posted:
    Not sure what to do next...We had been trying for a year and a half and through the magic of clomid and timing, I finally got pregnant. My pregnancy tests were positive, last week I had a blood test and it was positive and today I just came back from my first U/S and the experience was not a good one. First, the technician who performed the U/S said she noticed a fibroid which I didn't know I had up until now. She was then quiet for a while and asked if I had had any spotting. I said no, that everything up until this point had been normal except I really didn't have many pregnancy symptoms other than my waistline expanding a bit, feeling a little tired, and slightly sore boobs. She then turned the screen around to show me what looked like a black ball. She said that I was in fact pregnant but that I was looking at a yolk sac with no embryo in it. She then called my doctor into the room. My doctor said by this far along, I should be seeing an embryo and that this was a sign it might not be a good pregnancy. She then suggested I come in next week for another U/S. What I'm wondering is if this is a lost cause or is there still a chance that things will progress normally. Has anyone else had this or a similar experience? How did it turn out? I am feeling pretty down right now.
    Larsont57 responded:
    I don't have experience with this specific situation, but I wish you the best of luck over the next week and good news at your next u/s.
    RebekahOsburn responded:
    Hi Birdie girl I am not much help I don't know anything about this but i do know if it was a lost cause they would have told you then. So thats a good sign. I know it's hard but try not to stress out about it. Just go along like "normal". God has a plan for you and your LO.

    Good Luck and keep us posted
    Rebekah 24 DH-Joshua 27 DS-1/21/09 New Baby (hoping for pink but happy either way really just want the baby to be healthy) EDD probly March 2011 :)
    michelleloehr replied to RebekahOsburn's response:
    what type of u/s did they do? Only an top of belly one? if so maybe embryo was too small to see. I agree try to relax and wait till next week. If the doctor had thought you had already lost the baby he would have told you then.
    Tiffany30189 responded:
    I had this problem... come to find out that I ovulated later than I had thought, all is fine and I am 10 weeks and have seen the baby 4 times by ultrasound. Don't stress until you have to...a yolk sack could just be 6weeks. at 7 weeks there should be a pole ... I am guessing you had an intravaginal u/s
    Jennax907 responded:
    I really wouldn't stress. You probably ovulated later than you thought. I went in at 7.5 weeks and there was nothing on the ultrasound. Not even a yoke sac. I went back two weeks later and there was a baby and a heartbeat. I know it's hard not to stress and waiting sucks! Hang in there, I'm sure everything will be fine. You're just really early.
    bgabert responded:

    I hope they doesn't get you down anymore than you already are, but this is what happened to me.

    I had no pregnancy symptoms and was "12 weeks" along. The dr. still couldn't find a heartbeat through doppler, so she sent me to have an u/s that day, and they found a sac with nothing in it. It turned out to be a "blighted ovum" which they deemed to be a 'missed abortion'. Meaning that I had miscarried, but had no symptoms of that whatsoever. So, I had my options of a DNC or taking these pills that would induce a miscarriage.

    Now, don't get me wrong, you are only 7.5 weeks along, not 12. And, like PP said, you could have ovulated later and you're not quite as far along as you think.

    Try not to stress about this and just think happy, positive thoughts. I'll keep you in my thoughts!

    Bri (24), DH (28), Emery (1), Baby 2 EDD 2/14/2011
    Babygr123 responded:
    A friend of mine was told that her pregnancy would not progress (no embryo, no HB). She proved them wrong!!! She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy about 3wks ago. Dont let them get you down yet. I wish you the best of luck. ((((hugs)))
    Amanda(24) DH(27) DD1(2) DD2(4 months) 3rd babe on the way! EDD 2/17/11 Yellow Team
    Isylya responded:
    :Lurking from 2nd tri:

    Birdie...try to relax. Please?
    This happened to me....EXACTLY when we first found out.
    We went in for our first u/s and all they saw was the sac...and 'maybe' a fetal pole. They weren't sure. I was early too.

    They thought maybe it wasn't a viable pregnancy and I had to wait another week for the next u/s. It's not a pleasant wait either! The following week we had a heartbeat.

    I wish you all the best of luck. It's hard to wait, but try to relax for now.
    truewyatt responded:
    Lurking from 2nd Trimester:
    Birdiegirl77, I was around 7 or 8 weeks when I got my transvaginal u/s and they could see the sac but nothing inside. He said it was probably to soon to see anything. Plus the baby was up high in the uterus. a week or so later i had some bleeding and had to go in to get checked out and they tried the doppler and they couldn't find the heart beat; so the Doctor brought in the portable u/s and I got to see the baby's heartbeat. It was a great feeling to finally get to see it. I am sure it is just to soon to see the baby.
    caitybee123 responded:
    I had this happen to me EXACTLY yesterday,
    there were two sacs but they could not see anything in them and i was very very worried. this posting and the following has helped me to stay positive as has knowing other women this has happened to.
    How did everything turn out with you birdiegirl77?
    I am praying my babies will be okay, and hoping if i believe hard enough that I will help them grow for next weeks ultrasound!
    nnegron1 responded:
    With my first pregnancy I found out way too early. They did a transvaginal u/s and there was nothing, not even an amniotic sac. They had me come in two weeks later, I think I was 8 or 9 weeks at the time, and there are a sac, yolk, or whatever it was called. I now have my 4 year old daughter. I think you should just relax and wait to see. Don't worry too much as it could be that it's just really early, like the previous posts have stated.
    positivity14 responded:
    Just wanted to share my experience as I've had a ten day wait for news and these forums really helped me. I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of August and according to dates, should have been 7.5 weeks at my first vaginal ultrasound scan so was excited to see the baby. However, I got quite a shock when the Dr told me there was no baby to be seen, only a yolk sac and gestational sac! I came home, cried, read a lot on the internet and resigned myself to the fact that it was likely to be a blighted ovum/missed miscarriage, or if I was lucky then it might be OK if I'd got my dates wrong (which I knew I hadn't as I wrote down my period dates as well as had an ovulation test kit!) The next ten days were spent waiting to go back to the Drs and not being able to confide in friends as we wanted to keep it to ourselves til the 12 week mark. Today was my second appointment and I'm relieved to say there was a baby and heartbeat there!! So please please if you're in a similar situation, don't give up hope. It's hard to know exactly when you conceived and when exactly the egg implanted, plus sperm can survive for days in the body before conception, so even if you're positive about dates, it's still tricky to know for certain. I hope this helps other people in the same situation as I know reading other people's positive experiences helped me enormously not to give up hope.
    mrsbt replied to positivity14's response:
    Hi, reading all the post above gave me a little hope. I had vaginal U/S done today and bad news! There is an empty sac and no baby..........According to the calculation its the 8th week but I am not sure if it is possible for the embryo to be un tracable by 8th week and that too via vaginal U/S.........The strange thing is that I did not have any bleeding whatsoever since the time I came to know I had conceived. However, I do have nausea and cramping (cramping is not very frequent)

    The size of the sac is 24mm which they said is of 8 weeks.....this sounds like I should not be hopeful.....I have an appointment tomorrow again in the hospital, I am not sure what the doc is going to say now.
    begginforbaby replied to mrsbt's response:
    This happened to me back in the Spring. I went in for bloodwork for about 2 weeks, everything looked great! Levels were actually going up and tripling. Then at 6weeks we had the ultrasound and there was an empty sac. We repeated bloodwork and levels kept rising. So after another ultrasound at 8wks and nothing we determined that it was a blighted ovum. At 10 weeks after one final ultrasound, I still had not begun to miscarry naturally so I had to have the DNC. Crazy experience, being PREGNANT all those weeks but not growing a baby. Traumatizing actually. What I look back and realize now is that I had the nausea, weight gain and achy boobs...but I never had the slight cramping or stretching pains when the little one is implanting and growing.

    Now I am 5weeks pregnant again and I can feel all those little cramps and twinges that let me know this one is burrowing in for a long stay! Keep your head up, it could go either way but there is always hope for the best!!!!!!

    Good luck!

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