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    Keep dreaming that I'm having a boy?
    krazykatt707 posted:
    I am 10 weeks and I keep having reoccurring dreams that I am having a boy. I don't have any preference personally. I just think its weird that it's always a boy. Has anyone else had dreams about the sex of their baby and were they right?
    alc0719 responded:
    Lol. Preggo dreams, don't you just love them? If I went along with what I dreamed I was having with my first pregnancy, I would have given birth to a cat!


    Funny though, because this pregnancy I have a definite feeling its a boy for me. I don't have any reasons why, it just FEELS like a boy.

    We shall both seeee.....
    Amanda(25) Mark(33) DD(4) EDD:03/19/2011
    kal1973 responded:
    Actually, before I even found out I was pregnant with my DS who is now 3, I had a dream that I was pregnant and it was a boy. I had multiple ultrasounds done throughout my pregnancy and every time my doctor said I was having a girl. I believed so strongly in my dream, intuition, whatever you want to call it, that I never thought I was having a girl. People bought me pink stuff and I never took the tags off. I decorated the room neutral, but more masculine than anything. I never picked out a girl's name. One week before I had him we had another ultrasound and the doctor nearly fell over when he realized it was a boy. Poor guy, his nurses STILL don't let him forget!
    heatherenee replied to alc0719's response:
    amanda- That is toooo funny. I have dreams i'm having a boy too...or at least had been having them. I was convinced i was having a boy but after my u/s today im not so sure anymore so i'll have to see if i keep having boy dreams or not....i might be leaning towards team pink now
    jessica5289 responded:
    I haven't had the gender dreams but my husband has with all 4 of out babies. He was right all 4 times too. Good luck on your dreams. It will be interesting to see if they are right.
    Bailey 4, Bella 3, Bryson 11m, Brystol due 9/10/10
    Demeli responded:
    When I was pregnant w/ DS i had a dream where i had a large belly and i could see him floating in there (like he was pressed up against my skin) and i saw a lil peeper!! :) I didn't fully believe it until the ultrasound confirmed the peeper! But w/ this pregnancy i have not yet had a gender dream ... i'm waiting :)
    Melinda(26), DH(32), DS (1 y/o 24lbs 31 in), another baby on the way!!! EDD (2/2/11)
    pooh4disney responded:
    i had that dream when i was 7 months preggo with my son except i knew i was having a boy, i had all boy clothes etc etc and i was having dreams i had a girl well my dream was wrong i had a boy =-) with this pregnancy i havent had a dream like that yet
    krazykatt707 replied to pooh4disney's response:
    With my son I dreamed I was having a boy before I even found out. And I had a "feeling" that it was a boy. Guess we'll see in October! Sounds so far away but I know it'll be here before I know it.
    BelleMorte08 responded:
    I posted something similar when I was in 1st tri. Now at 23 weeks, I know my dreams were right.

    I was really really really hoping for a girl, then I kept dreaming I was having a boy. I had like 6 dreams that this baby was a boy, and at our ultrasound 2 weeks ago he was completely unashamed, and NOT modest, and there was definately a penis. So, I think its safe to say that the dream could be right, but its obviously not 100% fool-proof.

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