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    How to handle all this waiting!?
    YesthisisKim posted:
    I know I have a LONG road ahead of me (about 8 months to be exact!) with lots and lots of waiting! I finally made my first ob appt today and the nurse said to come in on August 23rd because I should be around 9weeks by then.

    AUGUST 23RD!!!

    I cannot even explain how long this feels! I just want to see my little peanut and hear it's heartbeat to make sure everything is okay in there and that this is all real! What should I do until then? Start taking prenatals? But which kind/brand? Anything I should know about before my first appt? And what should I do to make this time pass!? (I picked up the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" yesterday seeing as this is my first child, but I'm already one fourth of the way through it, just as clueless as before and it's making me more anxious!)
    mommytoaddi responded:
    I dont have any advice for you I am 37 weeks and have 2 weeks until I have my c-section and it seems like forever away lol....the longer you wait the better chance of seeing your lo on ultrasound is better. I think the best time passer is just day dreaming!
    mrslee97658 responded:
    You can take any brand of the OTC prenatals until then. I take Spring Valley but I heard One A day prenatal is pretty good. I am in the same boat. I will be going to my first appt. Aug 9th and I will be 8 weeks on the 10th. Its hard to wait but its ok because if you are not having any problems most doctors won't see you that early anyway. Good luck on your first appt.
    (Me)Ruth(26), DH Steve (42), DS1 Tavion (10), DD Shakayla(7), DS2 Brandon(4),DS3 Kobie (3) and new LO EDD 3/22/2011 On the green team hoping for pink!
    joellelewis responded:
    That book stressed me out! I felt like I had to be this perfect hyper -obsessed mommy, and I am WAY to laid back for that! My doc didn't see me until I was almost 9w also, and it too felt like FOREVER! I just took it one week at a time. I took my prenatals, cut down on caffeine ( I am down to once a week instead of three times a day) and slowly counted down the days :-) My doc didn't prescribe me any prenatals so you should be fine with whatever you take. I also tried to start eating a little better, though I still indulge my cravings. I just try to incorporate in more salads than before :-) GL!!!
    Me (26) DH (30) PG with 1 after 19months of trying!!! EDD 2-24-2011. C'mon PINK TEAM!!!
    jlbwondering35 replied to joellelewis's response:
    I know how you feel...but I found out I was pregnant 4 days before my period was supposed to start...this has been the longest 9w5d of my life! I was able to get in for a dating ultrasound at 7w3d. My first official appointment is on Wed the 4th! FINALLY!!! I saw the heartbeat at my ultrasound, but I'm paranoid it won't still be there when I go Wednesday.

    Definitely start taking a prenatal vitamin. I take Rainbow Light One. Make sure you're drinking lots of water, and eating enough protein throughout the day. Books say to not eat cold cuts and unpasturized cheeses (brie, gorganzola, goat, etc...nothing soft.) So I follow that :-)

    Good luck with everything! Keep us posted!
    krazykatt707 replied to jlbwondering35's response:
    I just picked up that book the other day and it does have a lot of info. but it can be overwhelming esp for a first time mom. Your Pregnancy Week by Week is a good one for first time moms. It has info but not so much that it overwhelms or freaks you out. Don't too ahead of yourself either! And avoid looking stuff up online. I have made that mistake and it's one of the best ways to completely freak yourself out.

    I've known I was pregnant since I was 4 weeks and waiting a month to see my OB was the worst! Esp since I had m/c my last pregnancy. I just wanted to hear that HB and see that there was actually a baby in there.

    My best advice is to relax, and enjoy the miracle that is happening in your body. Take a prenatal and drink plenty of water. Try to eat as best a diet as any ms will allow. Listen to your body and get as much rest as you need. Try filling your time with activities and hobbies too so you won't feel so compelled to obsesses over the pregnancy. (I have this habit of driving myself crazy over every little pang.)

    GL and congrats!
    SunConure responded:
    lurking: Congrats!! Sorry about having to wait so long for your first appt, but trust me it will be worth the wait! An you can't even see the baby or the heartbeat until after 7 weeks so that's why most docs make you wait that long, I had my first appt at 8 weeks. As far as prenatals any brand is fine they are all the same pretty much. An I would try not to read to much of that book, especially in the 1st trimester and start of the 2nd that book would make me more nervous then anything! The only thing I would say for your first appt is no question is dumb and anytime you think of one write it down and take it with you to your appt. I think by my first appt I had a list of like 20 ?'s to ask, and even now at 34 weeks I still go to each appt with a list of ?'s!! Congrats again, happy and healthy 9 months to you!!!
    mkylvr1013 responded:
    Well Kim, I understand my first appointment was scheduled for September 15th. Luckily I have been going to that doc for years for my annual exams and when I was questioning the nurse, whom is the reason im seeing that doc because i adore her, she noticed that I was scheduled out realy far so she changed it to the 24th. I am nervous and sick of waiting too. I too want to make sure its really happening and that there is really a LO in there. I am due the 29th of march so you might be close to that. Thats cool. Also my amazing nurse is 2 weeks ahead of me so I can really get much needed help from her. need any questions asked let me know I have her on speed dail
    me-27 DH-30 EDD 3/29/2011 Green team, family thinks its pink!
    YesthisisKim responded:
    Thanks ladies for all the helpful advice! No more "What to Expect" book unless I'm re-reading the Daily Dozen or the first trimester chapters. It's still so hard to believe that a little apple seed sized baby is growing inside of me! And I'm going to start One A Day prenatals because I was on Womens One A Day before so I'm hoping the change will be relatively easy for my body.

    Congrats to all of you on your peanuts :D We really are so lucky!
    Sigma3rc74 replied to YesthisisKim's response:
    I take the One A Day prenatals. I find I can't take them in the morning - lunch or dinner works best for me. There are two pills with One A Day and sometimes the fish oil pill doesn't agree with me. I don't take that one every day - depends on how the m/s is that day. The multi-vitamin pill doesn't bother me at all....
    There are coupons on-line you can print out and then there's a coupon in each box you buy....
    earleyml1012 responded:
    I hear you! I actually go on Thursday for my 11 week appointment and the days are just dragging b/c I can't wait to hear the heartbeat. With DD I had cramping/spotting at 6 weeks, so I had to go in for an ultrasound and bloodwork early. I guess I'm glad that I haven't had any scares but it was also nice to see my peanut at 6 weeks.

    As far as making the time go fast, I agree with the PP about finding a hobby. I know when I have slow days at work, that's when I dwell on the health of my LO more. If you want to read a book about pregnancy, I highly recommend "My Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy" b/c it's much lighter of a book. There were parts that had me laughing. Check it out on, I think I got my copy for $0.75.

    Good luck on the next few weeks. It seems like forever but trust me looking back you'll think the time flew. I have a 20 month old and I still can't believe how fast that time went with both my pregnancy and her little life so far! Enjoy it!!!

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