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    "Baby Bump"at 2 weeks--seriously!?!?!?
    MilitaryMommyLiz posted:
    I am about 2 1/2 week preggo with #3 and I seriously already have a baby bump. It is there morning, noon, and night...though definitely more pronounced at night. My husband, who never says anything critical, even said I def. look preggo already.

    We were trying not to tell anybody for at least a few more week, but last night it was so noticeable that 2 people at church asked me if I was preggo and I couldn't deny it.

    Anybody else had this? What i the deal. I know my muscles and such are stretched from the previous pregnancies, but with my other two I didn't develop a bump until much later. I was expecting to at least not be able to see anything until around 6 weeks. Ugh, soooo happy about the baby, but I do not want to be huge by the time I'm full term.
    Liz (28) DH (38) DS1 (10/7/2006) DS2 (10/14/2008) BFP 8/2/2010 EDD 4/13/2010
    Military family. Souther transplant. Jesus follower!
    MilitaryMommyLiz responded:
    That is 2 1/2 past conception. Or 4 1/2 weeks depending on how you calculate your weeks.
    Liz (28) DH (38) DS1 (10/7/2006) DS2 (10/14/2008) BFP 8/2/2010 EDD 4/13/2010 Military family. Souther transplant. Jesus follower!
    joellelewis responded:
    Hmmm....Mine gets bigger at night because I am bloated. Maybe you are just really bloated right now? Or it could be like you said, that your muscles are just already stretched out. Congrats on #3!
    Me (26) DH (30) PG FINALLY after 19months of trying!!! EDD 2-24-2011. C'mon PINK TEAM!!!
    rosecole responded:
    Or I hate to say it but maybe there is more than one in there :) I am on # 3 myself and we are thinking we are going to have to tell family this weekend because I am so big. I am 8w today. My brother has commented several times already but I keep denying it. So this past weekend was the last straw and I know I can't deny it any longer. Just want to get past my Dr appt tomorrow before we tell.
    Nicole(29) DH Nate(29) DS Luke(3) DS Alex(2) 1 Boston Terrier furbaby Jack(5) Baby 3 on the way! EDD 3/21/2011 YELLOW TEAM!
    YesthisisKim responded:
    First off - congrats!!! I don't blame you for wanting to wait, and I can completely relate to the baby bump deliema!! I'm only 6 weeks along and there it is, this tiny tummy bulge! I know a lot is bloat and I've never had a six-pack but still, I'm pretty shocked! My flab seem spretty firm to be just bloating and I've been feeling those "growing pains". I'm denying it until my first OB/GYN appt on the 23rd (two more weeks - I think I can, I think I can!) and then I'm spilling the already-whispered-behind-my-back beans. Are you guys hoping for mulitples? This being my first I think a singleton would do just fine for me lol.
    Congratulations again :)
    Can't wait to meet my little peanut :) 07/26/10 - Positive HPT!!
    MilitaryMommyLiz replied to rosecole's response:
    Haha, well my husband keeps referring to my belly as "the twins". I really don't know what to think. All I know is 2 weeks ago my belly was flat. Now it definitely looks like a preggo belly. I am avg weight and height with no real flab to speak of before so I am not sure what to think. But yes, it is quite noticeable.
    Liz (28) DH (38) DS1 (10/7/2006) DS2 (10/14/2008) BFP 8/2/2010 EDD 4/13/2010 Military family. Souther transplant. Jesus follower!

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