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    May Due Dates!
    katiecutie posted:
    I looked and looked but could not find a discussion for May yet, so I went ahead and made one.

    I'm due May 15th and my DH and I are moving to San Diego soon. Who else has due dates in May? And if you're comfortable, what area do you live in?
    GlowingPrego responded:
    I'm due May 26th, we live in Oregon, close to Portland. I have a daughter so it's time she has a sibling!
    Me~Uliana (24) Hubby (27) Stillborn Son (3/22/07) My Princess (born 4/30/08) Expecting again due May 25, 2010
    bobbiereno responded:
    I am due May 20th and live in Washington state :)
    gjbsgirl5705 responded:
    May 6th! I'll be moving up to 2nd tri on Friday! yay! :)
    Amy(29) DH (28) DS 4/18/08 EDD 5/6/11!
    cmc2009 replied to gjbsgirl5705's response:
    Cinco de Mayo!!! My little sister is so excited because our baby is due May 5th, her bday :) Haha I'll be moving to 2nd tri on Thurs! The time actually had gone pretty fast, kind of... We live In Wisconsin. I think May will be a great month, especially if I can afford to take a whole 12 week FMLA maternity leave... I could have off pretty much the whole summer! All of may, june, and july, and go back to work late July/early August! it would be great :)
    ~~ Me(24) DH(27) BFP-8/30/10 EDD-5/4/11
    Dyzkneegrl responded:
    Hello! I am due May 28th but will have a c-section around two weeks before. I live in Cali too, the central valley! Good luck to you and I hope its a happy healthy 9 months!

    mindy48875 responded:
    Hey there! I'm due May 24th and live in Michigan. I currently have 2 boys (2.5 and 1.5) so i'm kind of hoping for the pink team this time around. But if not - that's okay too!
    Me(28)(DH(28) DS(2) via unnecesarian DS(1)VBAC! and the 3rd on the way! VBAC hopeful again!
    mrztashwright responded:
    Im due in May!!!! Yay!!! I cant wait!
    Averysmomma0106 responded:
    I'm due May 19th. We live in St. Louis.
    KameesMom responded:
    Hi! Im due May 5th 2011. This will be my 2nd child, my first was born Feb 2009. I feel that it is so much rougher having had a baby just 20 months ago- I "popped" out at 5 weeks- literally! I already gained 5 lbs - but Dr is not concerned at this point. We checked really well at our first appt at the beginning of Oct for more than 1 baby- that is how big I am already. Dr said a lot of things factor - everyone is different, I just had a baby not that long ago so I am already somewhat adjusted, I was tiny so my stomach expanded sooner...none of which I am totally buying! LOL
    Well I look forward to talking with all of you and CONGRATS!!! May Babies;)
    MamaJ2008 responded:
    I am due May 28th but since this is going to be a scheduled c-sec I will be having the baby about a week prior. This is my 3rd and we are so excited! We live in the Pocono's in PA
    emmysmom626 replied to MamaJ2008's response:
    I am due on May 27th. This is my 2nd child and a complete surprise since I was diagnosed with Poly cystic ovarian syndrome early in the year. I live in central pennsylvania.
    sdadkin responded:
    I'm due May 10th! I get to move up to the 2nd trimester board next week! This will be our second (our son is 15 months) and we're so excited! We live in Kentucky.
    Help41 responded:
    I have been lurking between 1st tri and 2nd tri for weeks! LOL :) I am due May 11th, and live in Iowa.
    mamabear120 replied to Help41's response:
    I'm due May 29th. this is my first and we live in LA. May is an awesome month. I thought it would be cool if our baby would have been born in july since both me and my husband were born in july and we were married in july.

    but may is actually better-- hopefully it will be cooler then!

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