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    Tuesday Tempers 11/2
    Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Here's your chance to vent and tell us what totally ticks you off! Don't worry, we won't judge...this is all about releasing those bad feelings so we can let go of them. Then, replacing the bad with good.

    Share one thing (or more) that's been pecking away at you like some starved raven looking for the nut inside the acorn. Then, flip it. Tell us how this same thing that aggravates you can also do you good.

    The Bad: I just can't stand to get behind a caravan of slow drivers on the freeway. They all drive side by side doing 10mph slower than posted and won't let you pass! grrrr

    The Good: I'm happy I have a decent vehicle that can get me wherever I need to go. (and run right over those caravans if I really wanted to!) ;)


    PS---> Please remember to be kind our virtual neighbors and do not use this as an opening to vent about your fellow community members.
    An_217913 responded:

    The Bad/Good: Had an u/s 2 weeks ago via the hospital per doctors orders at 8 weeks due to being high risk in the past: Recieved the results the following day via telphone... was told we were expecting twins!!! Exciting and overwhelming...

    The Bad/Good: Doc. scheduled another follow up u/s for yesterday ( 2 weeks later) again at the hospital; was able to pick up CD today with pictures; realized that one didn't make it... (baby A is healthy, while baby B has no heart beat and measured small to none, both babies were in the same sac, so they would have been idenitical twins). Waited all day for doctor's office to calll with the official news and at 4 pm when they still hadn't called, I called the office staff and they state, " Oh well it may take them a few days maybe until Monday of next week to get back with you becuase once we obtain the rsults the nurse has to read it, print it out, place it on your chart and have a doctor sign off on it..... Interesting how they call you with good news less than 24 hrs after u/s results came back but when bad news comes they are "too busy to call"..... I was also told that I can't make my 1st pre-natal visit until my results have been read and the doctor call me back, so now I have to wait for them to tell me what I already know.....

    The Good: I have 1 healthy baby and am less stressed now that I don't have to think of how we are going to manage emotionally and finanically with 2 at one time......

    The Bad: Waiting for the doctor to call back and being on "their time"....
    sarahkate0511 responded:
    The Bad: I am 11 weeks pregnant and am feeling so stinking cranky and emotional! Even sweet well meaning people are irking my nerves.

    The Good: I just got a prescription for nausea. I am hoping not feeling so sick all day cures the moods.
    wichelmana replied to sarahkate0511's response:
    The good: I was hired on part-time for a job that I've been hoping to get for about a year now, so now we have two incomes =)

    The bad: Oh boy where to start...My job is exhausting, especially in this point in my pregnancy when I'm fatigued, nauseous, hormonal, etc etc.

    I come home to a disaster area, DH has done absolutely NOTHING to help around the house since I started my new job. So tonight, on top of needing to get two late homework assignments in, I also am doing laundry, and working my way from room to room cleaning while DD is sleeping.

    I still have morning sickness. Meaning, while I'm not actually throwing up multiple times per day like I did with DD, I'm sick to the point where I cannot eat anything without going green around the gills. Pills wont help, because I can't even get my prenatals down, and my doctor won't give me the anti-nausea shot that she gave me last time in my pregnancy.

    DD is beginning to throw more and more temper tantrums...tonight it was because I wanted her to finish off her macaroni and veges from lunch. She wasn't having any of that though! After throwing food all over the living room floor, and screaming at me, she finally ate some applesauce, and took her bottle, promptly falling asleep in 5 minutes flat.

    While I know that I shouldn't EXPECT my mom to babysit DD whenever DH and I want a few hours to ourselves (we haven't gone out since July 10th), I think that it's completely rude of her to keep saying "oh, DD needs to come over and spend some time at our house!"....WELL I KEEP ASKING IF YOU'D LIKE TO BABYSIT ON YOUR DAYS OFF!? DO I NOT?! Uhg...I love her, but when she chooses hunting, or doing something just completely out of the norm, it really makes me angry.

    To top everything off, my grandmother told me the other night that because I started working part-time, I need to quit going to school! Excuse me, but I already left college once, and I'd prefer to FINISH this time around! Besides, once I get my degree, I can provide much better for me and DH's children!

    I think that that's all...for now! Lol. We'll see how long I can keep up this juggling act with work, school, DH, DD, family, and the new LO that's due in June!
    Amanda[21], DH[24], DD[1], 3 BFPs: Oct 3rd and 4th,2010; EDD: June 16th, 2011! Green Team =D Second Appt. November 23rd!
    sarahk731 responded:
    The Bad: I live with my fiance and our friend Mark. Mark REFUSES to pay his portion of the water and electric bills. UGH! I have to yell and beg and yell to get him to give me the darn check! On top of that ... he doesn't do ANY work around the house!

    The Good: I have become wayyy closer to my parents since I have found out I am pregnant. Since I'm still only 21, I will need their help for a little while before I can stand up all the way on my own. They're amazing. I wish we had been this close my whole life.
    Schmaylan replied to sarahk731's response:
    The Good: Im starting to feel a little better, not quite so fatigued. Also they caught the dipsh!t who robbed my house and hes facing felony charges! Now if only the police can track down all the jewelry he stole.

    The Bad: DF's little brother has been diagnosed with testicular cancer (hes 11) and he goes on Friday to see if its spread anywhere else and to have the testicle removed. Also DF's mom is back to being pushy and overbearing. gah

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