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    just found out today! baby surprise! anyone else due in November?
    sweets1988 posted:
    found out today when i went to my pap smear that i am 4 weeks and 2 days prego. so while i sat naked on the table for half an hour waiting for my pap smear, the nurse had to test me cus i was 3 days late for my period. first it was negative and so the doctor was getting ready to do the exam when a line showed up on my test. she tested it twice cus the test took longer then normal but a faint line is still a line! so baby number 2 is due in November! hehe yay. anyone else having a November baby??
    KarenCovert responded:
    I too am due in Nov. Nov. 17, 2011 is my edd. I am 4weeks and 3days. This one i my first. Do you have any advice for me since you already have one?
    I am cramping slightly and worried there is something wrong. Do you know if that is normal.
    Congrats on finding out. It sounds like it was a bit of a surprise.
    sweets1988 replied to KarenCovert's response:
    yeah! sure, do you use MSN at all?
    KarenCovert replied to sweets1988's response:
    Yea I have MSN
    My email is
    sweets1988 replied to KarenCovert's response:
    kk i added you, im feel; free to chat any time! im on a lot so dont be shy ^_^
    klynshoe responded:
    That is a funny way to find out when you are least expecting it. My due date is 11/7.
    cboza replied to klynshoe's response:
    I think I will be 5 weeks tomorrow and my due date is November 19th! I did blood work at the dr and both confirmed that I am pregant! This is my second pregnancy, first one ended in miscarrage at 9 weeks. I am spotting light brown today when i wipe, and super nervous. I emailed my dr and he said it is fine, but I am so nervous.
    adalexnaya responded:
    november 23rd!! :)
    bacarr06 responded:
    I as well found out that I was pregnant this week. However I am a little nervous Tuesday I went for blood work and my hcg levels were 140.36 and I went back today (Thursday) and my levels did not double they only went to 251.64 have you had any blood work and what are your levels like? Im trying not to be nervous, but its really hard. I have to go back this Saturday and get blood work again to make sure the levels keep going up.
    ekennedy4908 responded:
    November 20th- Anyone have an ultrasound yet? I'm supposed to have one the 31st. Will that be too early to hear the heartbeat? I should be like 6.5 weeks
    sweets1988 replied to ekennedy4908's response:
    most of the calendars say that at 7weeks a heartbeat should be able to be seen on ultrasound. In my last pregnancy i had my first one done at about 11weeks tho and there was a very clear heart beat of course. Either way, good luck ^_^
    klynshoe replied to ekennedy4908's response:
    I heard my baby's heart beat at only 6 weeks. It was a little difficult to find and a little slow but was definitely there!
    gard1986 replied to adalexnaya's response:
    my edd is november 23rd also. just went to the doctor this past monday and got to hear the heartbeat.
    jennah1982 responded:
    my 2nd child is due 11/22/2011. its funny how more than one person can be due around the same time i kno its possible but its also amazing!!!! :)
    Tintin60 responded:
    My edd is nov 13th and it's my first! its also my husband dads bday and my bbf bday too. I'm supper excited. ill be six weeks 2maro. The family thinks its a boy cause the last 3 gen were born in double years 55, 77, and now 11 :) Good luck yay november!!!

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